[] DW Cold Melee Infiltrator: Icy Blades of Death Beckon (all content viable except Ravager)

i leveled infiltrator first char after AoM, dual wield shadow strike + rune of haggard was super fast and comfortable leveling for me… since you have 1million cold RR and tons greens and blues to lvl with… 1 malkadar wep is easy to farm on elite + 1 lox dagger then you switch faction for ulti.
shadow strike to pack + ring of steel + ice trap => go next pack

not : i always loved melee chars in GD but cant resist myself to try cold pblades build after i got assassin ugdenbog dagger, having fun with cold pb infiltrator atm

So kymons on elite and switch to deaths vigil on ultimate?

So how does your build looks now? And how did it look 1-50 sort of…

Edit: What you mean with ‘ice trap’?

Probably Rune of haggard.

i lvld with maxd amarasta lethal assault with dual wield, and shadowstrike around… till lvl 60s then got some inq stuff…

if you wanna lvl super fast word of pain + elemental storm + rune of haggard lvls faster early*

here my pb infiltrator : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MMenm2

helm; can bewas clairvoyant i got ravager helm today and testing out not sure which is better, aslo dont have myth clairvoyant yet

amulet; i was using mageslayer which was awesome now testing peerless eye, not completely sold out yet, i guess mageslayer was a bit better esp on energy regen side with - 10 more RR… gonna test more

gloves: iceskorn might perform better has to be tested but dont have myth one…

cast speed: can be maxed with some tweaks, or just X of kings boots or pants, tho i dont have and didnt bother.

haunted steel on wep, its kinda there for crucible you dont need it for vanilla and its still questionable for crucible tho… i switch to ghoulish hunger + giants blood together for crucible or just ghoulish…i dont play crucible but char tested and its cakewalk

devotions, well its cold caster or cold based char, testing new devotions around got 2 pts on jackal to compansate lack of eldritch mirror piece on helm, got last pt for energy regen and such… you can tweak devotions around

OA + high crit damage
, OA goes upto 3950-4k with inspiration proc which is not shown on char screen insane + crit aswell… needless to mention -250,350 OA shred from rune of haggard and even further gaze of beronath, seal of ann proc bla bla… this char crits and hits so hard period.

can kill grava under 10 sec with zero issues no pots no blade barrier no kiting aswell… last 20 runs my hp didnt even move anyway…

Just made an Infiltrator as it seems like an awesome build just down my alley (nightblade and dual wield).

I haven’t gotten any good loxmere or ugdenbog daggers with attack speed yet, but I have a spectral longsword lying around which may fit this build untill something better drops.

What do you think?

Yeah that’s just fine.
2 of those or similar are already suitable for endgame, better ones would just improve your kill times but you can already get great DPS with weapons like that.

Good luck.

Ok, so pr Zantai: “Daggers don’t roll Magic Attack Speed suffixes, they haven’t in many years.”

What is the best possible combination of affix/suffix Ugdenbog chillstrife can get?

By magic he means the yellow affixes, there are like 8-10 green suffixes that have some sort of AS on them, some with higher values than others.

For damage the good ones are Frostborn (or Glacial is decent too) + Shattering but getting that is as good as impossible.
I’d just settle for suffix only so you have a bigger chance of hitting a useful affix since there are several good ones.
Shattering for one is great, but Voracity gives 6-8% leech on top of AS so it’s great to have since you can replace Haunted Steel with Coldstone.
And then some other suffixes like Fury can give a lot of AS too.

Some of the magic class prefixes aren’t that bad either, they can give a small amount of OA or like 5% Physique which turns into a decent chunk of life.

Caster weapons have a caster affix bias, so it’s much easier to just get a Spectral Longsword or Malkadarr one with Chilled of Alacrity.
Or you can go double Nex which makes you almost immortal and it sends out healing projectiles even when you’re stunned.

Lots of choices so there’s no explicit need to farm the Chillstrifes unless you’re really dedicated.

You reminded me… I better go put a spoiler warning on one of my videos…

Also, cool look.

Oh, stupid me. I didn’t notice the “magic”-part.

I guess I’ll just pay Larria and Janaxia a visit when i do my normal farming route, and hope the stars align.

Thanks again!

Hi Weyu. Build looks solid. I’m thinking about running the build because of Loxmere frostblade that just dropped for me from crucible.
However, is this dagger good for the build? Not sure if it could roll attack speed then it would’ve been perfect.

Much appreciated.

That’s a solid weapon, I’m jealous. :slight_smile:
The proc is good and adds a decent chunk of single target and also AoE clear.
The Ugdenbog Chillstrifes are slightly better for this build but yours is definitely a weapon viable for endgame too.

In the latest patch you can now roll yellow affixes with flat damage or attack speed on daggers, which significantly increases the chance of getting a good one.
I haven’t done any farming for those yet since I was working on a different char before new year’s, but I’m sure it’s easier than ever to get top weapons for builds like this.

Now we just need a patch that makes them viable for Glad 170. :wink:

Finally got to lvl 94 yesterday and could equip my lvl 94 items.
Maybe the most enjoyable build i have tried thus far. Don’t have all the bis items yet (alkamos rings, beronath neck etc), but the damage is pretty impressive regardless.

^Cool, glad to hear it.
Don’t dump the blue Alkamos rings while you’re farming by the way.
They’re pretty much as good as the purple ones. The proc on the blues don’t have the reduced enemy damage but the set bonus has 5% OA which is nothing to sneeze at.

I have one of the blue ones from pre AOM (lvl 65)., but I haven’t found anything other than a Soulrend in about 20-25 runs.

Something usable will drop eventually i guess :slight_smile:

Hi Weyu. Thanks for the input on the dagger. I decided to roll a cold BM variation with your suggestion in first page since I’m already burntout with inq seal placement playstyle :stuck_out_tongue:
I got few questions though…

  1. Is cadence necessary even with beronath fury and ABB lethal assault?
  2. What’s the standard rotation? Is it keeping beronath and lethal assault proc then cadence all the way? What about Nidalla final strike?
  3. Is nidalla the best relic for cold BM? What about nemesis or mogdrogen’s ardor?

With all being said.
Suggestion to improve my build are welcome. Here’s the grimtool https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mkPbmZ

  1. You either go with Cadence + ABB or Beronath’s Fury + ABB, not both.
  2. On BMs I usually go SS/Blitz -> Ring of Steel -> ABB -> default attack replacer
  3. All 3 are good. Nemesis has flat damage, Nidalla’s gives higher % bonuses and crit damage and Mog’s is always great on these 50/50 builds but the skill can be hard on your energy sustainability.

Your damage is already quite good in that build but I’d dump those boots/pants and try to get better OA/DA with good greens.
In this kind of build high Phys -> Cold conversion is hard to get so you might benefit from maxing Discord and putting some extra points in DA.
When you’ve got everything set up you should test your times on the dummy if you want to get the most out of your build.

Thanks for the input!
Getting there slowly minus the legendary rings :frowning: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOgD7eN
In your personal opinion. Is cadence generally still the way to go even with 5 wps skill? Or is dummy test needed to compare it with beronath’s fury?

Edit: I’ve tried play around with discord and the result is lower overall cold damage on cadence than without the transmuter :confused:

In builds like this you should aim for a decent amount of +1 skill items so you can get the WPS to 20-25% chance with only 1 or 2 point investment.
That way you get most of the effect at little cost so it’s worthwhile even with Cadence.

Which build is better depends a lot on your items (+skill bonuses, attack speed) since they make a big difference with Cadence.
I think that the Cadence version will probably be slightly better if your items are still weak because of the huge bonuses in the skill, but with great gear Beronath’s probably outperforms it.