[]DW Piercing Infiltrator - Piercing Belgo Strikes

Nice, I already analyze your skill points redistribution.
Yup it’s good, the changes are worth for the gains.

Thank you sir, it has more defensive options with your suggestion :wink:

Nice Question here, but what if we change the question, how we counter these Belgo Pierce Master if we play against them?

I used to play PvP with my brother, he use piercing BM, and I counter him with Reflect and Retaliation Build, ofc with High HP :stuck_out_tongue:

Any other nice suggestions ? :smiley:

Don’t think are lot of choices, besides retri pala…in mean warder.
Well, with bad piloting burst and DoT (ranged), pets we just ignore?

Well, Idk if Pets can kill Belgo very fast, since they have Blade Barrier…

Was thinking that since there’s no ZoC pets can’t really do much since agro doesn’t really work between humans.
If pets would be “sticky” in PvP things would be a bit different…

I think I will post my guide to Belgothian Infiltrator. I min-maxed this character to death and have beaten all content with it.

Sir Spanksalot, I have to say, your grimtools link for this one sucks, sorry, my man :slight_smile:

I’ll be the first to admit that 50% of the toons I come up with suck the big one when I first transition them from theory into actual gameplay.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this one sucked too!

One day…one day I’ll be counted as a veteran as well. :smiley:

Btw, I’ve been coming online in steam (not so much for the shoulders, but because I do miss my friends :P)

Updated New Version of DW Piercing Belgothian Infiltrator for v1.0.6.1 on First Page


Full Video : https://youtu.be/Yxiiq6l5wlE

Yes, pets can’t aggro Humans, we can just Shadow Strike to Pets Summoner and Viola…

In FG when we have a lot of Blink Skills, PvP perhaps become interesting :wink: