[]DW Piercing Infiltrator - Piercing Belgo Strikes

[][Melee] Dual Wield Piercing Belgothian Infiltrator - Piercing Belgothian’s Strikes - Belgothian Assassin



Full Video : https://youtu.be/Yxiiq6l5wlE

Like Jajaja said :

Infiltrator has no Auto Attack Replacer like Fire Strike, Cadence or Savagery.
Fortunately we have Belgothian’s Strike as our Infiltrator’s default weapon attack + we have spare skills points :slight_smile:

[] :

[spoiler]Use setup below if you don’t have this gloves
Since the glove will give us Flat RR to Nightblade Ring of Steel.
If you have the glove, use the updated v1.0.6.1 version above instead.

Infiltrator has nice synergy for Piercing build.
Both Mastery provide Pierce RR, and many skills that gives pierce damage.
All Nightblade WPS that I used in this build give Pierce Damage bonus + Inquisitor’s Aura of Conviction and Arcane Empowerment.

Shadow Dance + Inquisitor Seal + Null Field make this one can facetank Mad Queen.
Bonus Damage to Humans open possibility for Fabius fast kill.

For Devotion, I don’t take Oleron’s Blind Fury, but I go to Manticore for extra Flat RR.
Spider + Veil of Shadow for slowing trash.
Ghoul for more and more lifesteal.

Grimtools : Grimtools Link

Video : Mad Queen, Fabius, Master of Flesh

This one is another setup without Word of Pain.
I take Anatomy of Murder 12/12 (more cunning, damage to human, and bleeding damage) and more points to Arcane Empowerment (more piercing and crit damage).
Anatomy of Murder + Assassin constellation make Fabius fast kill.
You can also spare points to CC skills like Blade Trap or RoS.

Grimtools : Grimtools Link

Video : Mad Queen, Fabius[/spoiler]



Grimtools can be funny, I was trying to see how much Life Steal you have on that build and it was written 99% :smiley:

Ghoulish hunger

Nice build, as always. :slight_smile:

But I have to ask this:
Why do you always take Nidalla´s Justifiable Ends? Crit? CDR? :confused:

Yeah but I did not remember it was 85% Life Steal. Thought it was 30% or so.

I assume for both. Specially when you have several +1 to Nightblade skills.

Yeah :smiley:

  • Ghoulish Hunger = 85%
  • 2x Seal of Blades = 10%
  • Ghoul = 4%

And what is also funny? Grimtools OA and real char OA almost match, only different 1 point.
Grimtools 3403 OA, char 3402 OA.
Energy in Grimtools 2594, and real char OA 2549 ^^

Norzan right, with +4 to NB Skills, it’s just 1 point wonder.
CDR and Crit = nice extra damage + lifesteal (only 2 points investment to Nidalla´s Justifiable Ends and Nightfall)
Belgothian’s Shears also only 1 point, make it 15/8 :slight_smile:

Hi Dudes,

I’m playing self found HC.
So for lvling, word of pain with mistborn relic…
Is this a good option?
Any more/better advise?


Hmm, you’re on HC, so survivability is priority.
Defense :
From NB you need to take Pneumatic Burst, Veil of Shadow, and Blade Barrier.
Ring of Steel or Blade Trap could be as CC.
From Inquisitor, take Word of Renewal and Inquistor Seal.
With PB and Word of Renewal, you’ll have double heal :slight_smile:

lvling can using ABB, SS, and Night’s Chill for RR (Cold Damage)
If you want go piercing from earlier, you can take Dual Blades line and aiming for Inquistor Aura of Conviction.
Since you’ll need more skill points, just take Night’s Chill for Pierce RR.
Word of Pain you can take later. Aura of Conviction is better in term of survivability.

Infiltrator has lower Attack Speed for melee.
You can lvling with ranged and using Inquistor ranged wps.

Also spare points to deadly aim, it will increase dps and help for clearing speed :slight_smile:

Hey TZ Tz,

Nice build dude! Have a Belgo build myself although I went the old Blademaster route.

I considered an infiltrator variant early on but doing so lacks sweet armor - valuable when face tanking and what not. I may give Infiltrator variant a go soon just to compare (and for the fun of it). I got lucky with Angrim a few times so managed some nice rolls on greens for extra armor.

Grimtools Link: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0J6X9N
Build is still in progress and am lacking a few ideal items, those being Bladetwister Signet and Myth. Belgo Sigil. Damn elusive those rings.
(Note: Poison res is actually capped in game. Decent boots and medal should see chaos res capped as well).

Bonuses from Angrim (not shown in Grimtools):
Hands: +7% armor
Boots: +6% armor
Medal (not ideal but still looking - ideal: Rylok crest): +5% armor.
In game armor is just over 3k. Can push 3.2k with augments. In game DA hits around 2.7k

Nice work again.
I see you’ve been posting furiously on the GD forums and YouTube. Obviously have time to spare.

Look forward to more builds from you.


Hi Bevdogg,

Nice to see you again :slight_smile:
With Grim Dawn I have friends all over the world :slight_smile:

I already saw ypur grimtools, you may consider to put points into Amarasta’s Quick Cut. It’s nice WPS.

For Blademaster you can check Fluff’s here

Also for interesting devotion tree, you can see devotion path by MrTek here.
Take both Manticore and Oleron :slight_smile:

In case anyone looks at the grimtools links for this build, the devotion does not work. You can’t get that setup with the 55 points because there is not enough Eldritch points. You will need to spend a point on the Eldritch in the center circle and then lose one of the points in the Manticore in order to use something as close to this setup as possible.

If I am missing something, someone please let me know. I was unable to recreate the setup from the post using the same grimtools editor after clearing all the points.

@Tz Tz: Awesome post. I think you may have beaten n00b mad_lee to the punch here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really like the decision to not get lethal assault. I would personally have taken 2x bladetwisters and chilling grips of hagarrad for ~75% cold --> pierce conversion, and would also have used undying oath for better uptime on PB and moar flat damage.

However, your build seems very viable to me.

Some suggestions: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9QrbxV

Ptir, x1x1x1x2, and fluff have shown that shadow dance is just too good a skill to not hard cap - even at ultimate levels. Also, with 2 skill points you can get an easy 30% fumble from RoS. I chose to take 2 points from PB, 1 point from both nightfall and phantasmal armor, and 2 more points from Night’s chill.

You lose 1% total speed, 2% pierce RR, a little bit of armor and lifesteal to gain…
i. 30% fumble
ii. 28 DA and 2% dodge

@Bevdogg: Another great devotion setup to consider if armor is what you’re looking for is JoV’s - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67380

Snagging the bottom 3 nodes of obelisk is <3.

@ Sir Plufflelump: I don’t think there’s any issue here. I was able to recreate the setup in my first try.

  1. Eldritch crossroad
  2. Spider
  3. Chaos crossroad
  4. Ghoul, manticore --> Refund eldritch crossroad
  5. Yellow crossroad
  6. Throne, hound, assassin’s blade, harpy
  7. Blades of nadaan, Assassin
  8. Unknown soldier

If BM and ifiltrator would fight which one would win?

Whoever crits first. MP duels are not balanced,

PS: BM rulz :slight_smile:

Ok, let’s say you get one million extra life.:smiley:
So that the first lucky one doesn’t do it, but you get into some good old cuttin.

I’d say BM - war cry = gg

Also, internal trauma is barely reduced due to phys res being hard to come by. This can easily be done if you use JoV’s warborn BM.

Besides, the BM could just kite away from seal to negate one of the biggest defense tools available to the inqui.

One million Hp is not a lot when you crit with execution.

I guess who crits more often (BM) and who will be more licky with WPS procs.

BM has much better WPS with 2x slicers and will also have higher %change to crit in the first 8 seconds of the fight especially with a MA proc in there, which will happen.

So my bet is Belgo unless he is unlucky which is easy to happen at 1 mil HP.

You also need to establish how much you can cap pierce res. I’m guessing leave it at 80% for both to make it fair for the advantages that infiltrator has via Death sentence. What matters really is who crits more.

It would be a shit show really :slight_smile:

Your stun res is 80% so if you are lucky you can cheese with Shears porc + execution without being toughed no matter what combo you have