[]DW Piercing Trickster - Piercing Through Your Bleeding Heart

Perhaps this is a good signal to add %bleed on belgo or better yet make a trickster pierce/bleed set. No player should ever use Full belgo but AA with Savagery.

items like Nightclaw and the Ravager MI bleeed sword are not enough

I’m all for a new Trickster set. The combo screams piercing/bleeding and yet all we’ve got is a doggo named Korba who requires a megaton of MIs to work properly. He’s a good boi though.

Are you referring to Ravager’s Bite? The axe with Bleed RR? It’s not an MI, it’s similar to Vigar’s Hunger i.e it belonged to some previous incarnation of that moron. The current ravager doesn’t drop either of them, he just drops his inflated yet empty head

Korba needs to be turned to Cold/Frostburn
Cold/Bleed doesn’t make any sense

Pierce/Bleed makes some sense, a new set like fluff suggested would be nice.

No i meant this one http://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8877

Okay, no surprises at devotions.

But I have to ask:
I don´t understand the points in Nidalla´s Justifiable Ends and Oak Skin. You don´t really need the resistances/Armor and I don´t think, Shadow Strike is the main damage source. :confused:

Changed a few things (Devotions, items that I already have): http://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZybPewN

Don´t know, if it´s better or worse or only different.
One more question: What is used on LMB? Savagery or Belogothian´s Strikes?

the sole point of belgo is the ability. wearing it and using savagery feels like waste

Yup Nice Chthon, you really show me that there is available +1 to All Skills relic. Aw I missed it :smiley:

I saw your grimtools, it’s really nice Pierce/Bleed Hybrid, and you take Devouring Swarm for more Bleed RR :wink:
I think you should still take Storm Totem for bounding to Assassin’s Mark :slight_smile:
With a lot of NB WPS Skills active, it’s not a good idea bounding a important skills to one of them right?
Thanks to for capping resistances on grimtools, sometime it’s different between real char and grimtools :stuck_out_tongue:

@actuanpanda, I think Chthon is a Hybrid Lover. See… in world of Cairn, he is such an antagonist, but in the forum, he is a Build Hero :smiley:

Yes I agree for all New Trickster set, adding bleeding to belgo set is nice idea too.
I still missing some parts of Korba, not test it yet.

My apologies Rhylthar, there was electricity problem in my home, I couldn’t turn on my computer.

Nidalla´s Justifiable Ends and Nightfall :
it’s mainly for SS CDR, if I have more spare points, I’ll surely increase it.
I use SS for procs and lifesteal (Nightfall).
They just 1 point wonder.

Oak Skin :
It is for pierce resistance (min/maxing resistances)
If you think you already have enough pierce resistance from oak skin, you can take points from it.
Health Regen and Armor is not bad too, I have 100% armor absoprtion with current setup.

I saw your grimtools, you are really a Bleed Master !
You take Falcon and Devouring Swarm for more Bleed damage don’t you? :smiley:

For LMB in this build we use Savagery for demonstrating Brutallax conversion.
Edit : You can also use Belgo Strike if you want, you’ll have more spare points, something like this
Since this Trickster is more hybrid pierce/bleed, using Savagery seems better. There’s Bleeding damage on Savagery.
Belgo Strike doesn’t has bleed damage.

Using Savagery in this build just for demonstrating use of Myhtical Brutallax conversion.
I agree with you for belgo full sets ability, I use it on an Infiltrator

Does anyone know how this build or a similar is performing these days? I’ve been wanting to level a nightblade and found a mythical brutallax the other day so settled on trickster wanting to use it in a pierce build. I then a couple of nights ago found a mythical butcher of burrwitch and started thinking about bleed.

I don’t know if there is any way to do the two together and be any sort of effective, seems like I might be better off just strictly focusing pierce and sort of forgetting trying to add bleed in? I guess it’s better for RR anyway.

Looks like this build shouldn’t have any trouble completing all main content on ultimate, do you think it can clear challenger to wave 150, possibly gladiator on 150 once fully geared out?

I’m just struggling trying to decide the items and direction I want to take this guy, I was actually thinking some sort of cold before I found those two mythicals, but now I’m really leaning towards pierce/bleed.

Thanks for any input.
PS I have been looking at Rhylthar’s bleed build for ideas as well.

You can focus on Pierce like this Build
And you can aslo make Hybrid Pierce Bleed by taking Huntress like Chthon suggestion

Bleed Trickster will be better if using Bloodrager set
Yeah check Rhylthar’s one for Bleed Trickster, he is Bleed Master :wink:

I don’t play Crucible right now
So I can say no much about it
Afaik, if you see Crit on Vanilla 300K, you’ll see more Crit on Crucible
Imagine how much Crit Damage on Cruci if it can reach 900K on Main Campaign? :smiley:

Speaking of things Chthon suggests

This was what he suggests now for Pierce/Bleed hybrid


That buff to nightclaw:cry: so annoying you have to chose between 2 axes because of nadaan.

Or use brutal+ nightclaw, drop nadaan and get a whetstone or smth, idk

Thanks Both of You, I haven’t testing this Build for a time being
Can’t compare yet what’s the better between full pierce or hybrid
At least Chthon suggestion has give more build diversity to this awesome game :slight_smile:

I’m leaning towards going for something like this focusing on pierce and forgetting about the bleed:

Wouldn’t mind some good green MI pants, but I was trying to be fairly realistic about gear. Also wasn’t sure if I should bond living shadow to savagery or ring of steel, have it on savagery right now.

I would probably switch jackal and messenger over to something like eel and solemn watcher if I end up needing more defense.

Bleed Trickster will be better if using Bloodrager set
Yeah check Rhylthar’s one for Bleed Trickster, he is Bleed Master

Hehe, thank you…and thanks for the answers, missed them somehow and had to take a break for a few weeks (lot of work and illness of son).

Yes, I´m totally into Devouring Swarm and Falcon Swoop (for more Bleed Damage) plus Grasping Vines plus Rend.

@ Chthon:
You want to play safe, right? Because of Primal Bond; if playing more offensive, I would choose Stormcaller´s Pact. And the Medal…why not Direwolf Claw after the upgrade? And put 1 Point in Grasping Vines…not Wendigo Totem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build, will never play it though because no chance on helmet. :wink:

Take a DoT build, CDR build, Trap build or Retaliation build. Any one of these will make quick work of Super Saiyan Honeybadger and you’ll get the helm

And Stormcaller is bad choice on this build imo as 15% of your damage goes “whoosh”
Remember, Armor Piercing applies last after all other “Physical to x” conversions.

My build is untested, I lack Sinister Wendigo Claw. As a matter of fact I don’t think I have more than 1 or 2 Wendigo Claws.

Take a DoT build, CDR build, Trap build or Retaliation build. Any one of these will make quick work of Super Saiyan Honeybadger and you’ll get the helm

Did choose the wrong faction (again).

Did you already read the Lore Note at the end of the new Dungeon? My toon did the wrong thing…

Ah, okay. Makes sense with Stormcaller´s Pact…or:
Stormcaller´s Pact Physical to Lightning, Savagery Lightning to Piercing…not a good trade? This conversion thing makes me crazy. :rolleyes:

And I would trade the pants to Kubacapra Pants if you get some good ones.

Umm, I won’t derail this thread

Post here to explain to me, cause I don’t know what you are talking about. If anything I am more convinced that we made the right choice

Try this for better survivability :
You’ll have more Lifesteal and Resist (1 point in Dryad for overcapping Poison)
I also edit skills points distribution

Ghoul is better for DW Melee, Messenger is for tanky Builds

Yes it’s okay bound Living Shadow to Savagery since it’s activated on Crit :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input, skill changes look good, might change devotions a tiny bit to:

Nice !
I see, you’re aiming for Chance Avoid Projectiles and Melee Attacks
It’s has better defense now :slight_smile: