[] Heretic – The Awesome Auracaster

If you do not die, then something is wrong in your game

He was an ardent inquisitor. But a great power corrupts mortals. He fell into temptation with occult artifacts. He desired the powers of witch gods. He became a heretic. Unmasked by the Luminari, he was captured and sent to prison… To the Devil’s Crossroad. Before the Glorious Dawn there was one day…


  • Grandiose AoE.
  • Ultimate clear speed.
  • Stunning fiery beauty (Eternal Shine sends greetings).
  • Meditative gameplay. 1 macros – 3 curses – the crowd is crushed.
  • Over 25 different attacking abilities!
  • Your video card will scream with pain, and the screen will melt from fire.
  • This is not a hipster with two guns!
  • True Auramancer. Enemies are afraid to approach you!
  • True Glass Cannon. So kill everyone faster than they kill you.
  • Movement is life. Stop is death.
  • Jump through the Warp to meet the armies of enemies!
  • Let the Cairn burn in the fire!


The Port:

My macros:

Right button:

  1. Curse of frailty
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Word of Pain
  4. Delay 200 ms
  5. Storm box

Middle button:

  1. Shar’Zul’s Wrath
  2. Delay 400 ms
  3. Rune of Kalastor
  4. Delay 100 ms
  5. Bloody pox (just trigger)

Wheel up:

  1. Word of renewal
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Blood of Dreeg
  4. Kymon’s Wrath Tincture

Alternative items:

Helm: Mythical Ulzuin’s Headguard / Horns of Ekket’Zul / Ravager’s Dreadgaze / Mythical Dread-Mask of Gurgoth

Chest: Mythical Rune Armor of Ignaffar / Mythical Stormweave Armor

Gloves: Cindertouch / Wyrmbone Handguards

Pants: Mythical Runeplates of Ignaffar / Mythical Hellforged Legplates / Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind / green

Shoulders: Mythical Cortosian Scrolls / Mythical Blazeborn Mantle / Embercore Shoulderguard

Belt: Cinderplate Girdle / Mythical Scales of Beronath

Boots: Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards / Mythical Stormtitan Treads / Stormbearers / green

Rings: Elemental Harmony / Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire / Mythical Combustion Band

Amulets: Mythical Tainted Ruby of Gar’dal / Darkblaze Source / Cataclysm’s Catalyst / Runefather’s Gem / Mythical Runed Topaz of Gillad / Heart of Malmouth / Mythical Herald of the Apocalypse / Conduit of Eldritch Whispers

Medals: Mythical Volcanum / Mark of Infernal Misery / Mythical Gildam Arcanum Commendation / Gildam Arcanum Commendation

Relics: Ignaffar’s Combustion / Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm / Eldritch Pact

Alternative gear:

The Immortal Fire Vendigo:

  • 95% vitality to fire vendigo = Immortality in the crowd
  • Additional meteor shower
  • The explosion of chaos
  • Loss of procs from rings and belts
  • Loss of the fiend

Your OA and DA seems a bit low. Does it cause any trouble in your current set-up?

Your build is great!

But how can i use macros in GD?

Let’s be frank, I see your build tagged as (c+) in the Compendium, since I’m making a Deceiver myself may I ask you how do you (or do you think you can) survive Gladiator with such weird skill choices and absurdly low OA/DA?

Does it cause any trouble in your current set-up?

Crits less than I wanted, but Ultos is activated often. Difficult locations are cleaned very quickly.

But how can i use macros in GD?


I ask you how do you (or do you think you can) survive Gladiator

In our casual times, absolutely any build can clear the Gladiator, if you have mythical items, potions and 3-4 defensive towers. My auracaster can do this with 3-5 attempts.

Your DA seems a bit low.

and absurdly low DA?

The importance of DA is overrated :slight_smile:

What is the skill that allows to have these two rays that intersect and revolve around the character?