[] "Semi-Budget" In Your Face DW Gunslinger Purifier, non-Meteor/Fissure

Do you enjoy shooting things the face from point-blank range? Dual pistols Gunslinger-style? And taking out everything else nearby with collateral damage? Then read on!

DW gunslinger builds seem a step down in terms of raw power in GD, though that might just be my inexpert impression on their feasibility. I’ve always found them to be very “glass cannony” builds, especially those that used one or both of Fissure and Meteor Shower. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this build (which uses neither) kicking arse and taking names through Malmouth on Ultimate, though my “highest damage taken” is the 10500 that my health ball held when being 1-shot killed by the boss in Ultimate Cinder Wastes. This big hit suggests I haven’t found all the answers yet, but the build seems very strong (at least to me) for all but the very toughest fights. The other issue is I’m very far from having all the legendary gear necessary for a “true” top-end build, as my average item level of 77 will attest. I suspect better gear is the answer, so the quest is on.

Grimtools: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoW8doZ
Yes, Aether resistance is a problem child, but Steel Resolve helps.

Essentially the build centers around the now-familiar concept of standing on an over-levelled Inquisitor Seal and blasting away, moving only to avoid ground effects or big hits. This wasn’t “familiar” when I started using it, so it was a nice surprise seeing how effective it was when I started using it towards the end of Elite. I definitely recommend it over the runes for DW guns.

Everything else proc’s off % chance on attack or critical hit - level 50 Voidsteel Gauntlets (mythical don’t have the Witchblaze special ability), Elemental Harmony Rings, Ulzin’s Pyroclasm relic and Pyroclasm Mark medal. Damage from the weapons comes mostly critical hits from Deadly Aim, Arcane Empowerment, high OA, enemy DA de-buff from Flashbang, enemy RR from Aura of Censure (%RR) and Elemental Storm (flat RR debuff). You won’t really need the debuffs until late-Elite/Ultimate.

Gear highlights: 2 Mythical Inquisitor pistols (with ADCtH components), Voidsteel Gauntlets (level 50), crafted Mythical Elemental Harmony rings, Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm, Mythical Pyroclasm Mark, 3 parts Mythical Sharpshooter’s set (room for improvement). The shoulders were a dual-affix MI drop from Elite difficulty Malmouth that fix my resists and happen to have a decent amount of health on them, and the boots are crafted “Enchanted Heavy Boots” (use all scrap for this and just keep the best pair).

The build was initially based on wielding dual Havocs (since I had a pair from the pre-expac), but I’ve not found the Mythical version yet and therefore currently have different guns at level 100 (Mythical Arcanum Sigilis and Mythical Anderos’ Amplifier) kitted out with ADCtH components. As it stands the guns are at 3.18 attacks/second, but I can see myself cutting the Amplifier for a Mythical Havoc later (unless I find another Arcanum Sigilis first).

The set I equip is the Mythical Sharpshooter’s set without the rifle which seems to do the trick, but I can appreciate that Ulzuin’s purple set has a nice proc that works in a similar vein to the rest of the build (ie circle of elemental damage around a toon that doesn’t move) though this would move the toon to a rifle-base rather than DW gunslinger (ironically the rifle is the only part of the Mythical Ulzuin’s set I’ve found - lol).

This build has gone through so many changes while I worked out what was effective and what wasn’t. Being new to the Inquisitor class I had to try out all the skills at some point and right now I’d struggle to give a proper skill levelling guide other than the broad outline that follows:

Start with Inquisitor and a point in Ranged Expertise to get DW for free immediately. Spread the first 27 points in Ranged Expertise and Bursting Round as you choose. At level 10 unlock Demolitionist and max the mastery and the Fire Strike line along the way (ignoring Static Strike). Basically Brimstone is the target and just blowing things up with dual pistols is pretty effective through Normal/Veteran, kiting the troublesome bosses. If you feel the need for the heal from Word of Renewal on the Inquisitor tree by all means get it as you go. At least 1 point in Flame Touched will be needed when you unlock Chariot’s Wayward Soul.

Then work on maxing (in no particular order) Ranged Expertise, Bursting Round and Deadly Aim before moving on to Inquisitor Seal (you’ll want to over-level the whole lot) and then pushing onto Aura of Censure into Ultimate. Once you have Inquisitor Seal at decent levels you can stop kiting very nearly everything and just facetank whatever is in front of you - this included Ultimate Loghorrean though I did retreat when he spawned a large number of adds “just in case”.

The screen does get VERY busy so keep checking for enemy ground effects and be aware of what mobs can kill you if they all hit you simultaneously, as this is basically the only way that the toon can be killed by anything without a purple name or player error. Keep putting down new Seals and just drink those Elixirs of Spirit. Try stand on the “rear” edge of the Seal so that enemies are standing on the “front” edge and therefore are hit by Rebuke (+30% damage to Aetherial, Cthonic and Eldritch races, which stacks nicely with the RR).

The huge attack speed bonus from the level 50 Havoc will see you hit the 4 attacks/second cap very easily if you have a pair - not sure how the Mythical version performs as it doesn’t have the special ability and I’ve not actually found one (as a level 82 item it seems a lot harder to find than level 94 gear). Toon survival is driven by damage absorption from over-levelled Inquisitor Seal, Ishtak constellation and Blast Shield, ADCtH on the guns, as well as heals from Word of Renewal and the Chariot and Behemoth constellations. Health isn’t super-high so make sure you’ve got the right resistance package for the game area you are in - that 10k 1-shot was when I foolishly only had 30% chaos resist in an ultimate void rift vs a level 106 boss, so entirely my fault.

Devotion path (OA base, then defence & damage absorption, then RR, then % health):
Eldritch - Spider (mainly for the slower attack retaliation)
Remove Eldritch
Harpy or Empty Throne (or perhaps Harpy early, Empty Throne respec later)
Remove Ascendant
Chariot of the Dead (bind to Flame Touched)
Chaos - Hydra
Remove Chaos and Spider
Tortoise (bind to Vindictive Flame)
Ishtak (bind to Deadly Aim)
Behemoth (to Giant’s Blood - bind to Aura of Censure)
Rhowan’s Crown (to Elemental Storm - bind to Fire Strike)
Scales of Ulcama (1st point)
Remove 16% Vitality Resist node on Chariot
Lion (1st Point)

For Attributes I went 1:1 Fortitude:Cunning until level 25 or so, then the rest went into Fortitude. I guess late game when OA is 2600+ you can respec all into Fortitude.


Just wanted to thank you for the post. I too am using this Sharpshooter’s Set on my poison based Pyromancer. Just started into the expansion after killing Log on Ultimate. She seems to be doing fine so far. The new greens really help in filling out the resistance needs.

Thanks for the reply, Evok. A poison-based Pyro sounds … unusual! I kinda figured all Demolitionist builds were mainly fire, but I’m just a n00b. :smiley:

You also dual wielding pistols? Glad to hear someone else uses the Sharpshooter set - everything else in the forum is full mythical legendary sets and I’m nowhere near completing any of the original set, never mind the Mythical ones.

Not using pistols. I have a Mythical Silverbolt that I’m using with this guy. Thinking I may have to switch him over to fire tho. Although I’m making progress in the new content, it’s pretty grindy. Especially compared to some of the other classes I run. I’m waiting to see if I can get some set pieces that would boost the class.

Whoa. Thanks for the post, it was exactly what I looked for.
I just hit 94 with my DW Purifier and tried to build optimal itemization plan, but it is not so easy to make decent DPS and keep all res capped, and also invest something into health\DA for not being a glasscannon.
Also, you say that aether res is a problem… Acually it is not! I’ve checked your grimtools - and for some strange reason there is no augments in any item! I enhanced your items with augments, check this calc http://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQ9XdpN
As you can see, now all res are capped or overcapped, plus great amount of extra damage plus some extra DA.

Do you have any suggestions for a 2h build by chance? This sounds really fun, but I’ve never really been a fan of dw pistols, always preferred the rifles in this game.

@Scarecrow. Wow! Great post - thanks for the augment improvements to the build. I’m actually completely in the dark as to where to get any of them, and for the reason I’ll explain.

I don’t use augments on any gear because I like to share my gear around among my toons until I find the right gear for each. For eg I have a single Marauder’s set that has been used by at least 4 toons, and a friend of mine wants to borrow it. :slight_smile: I don’t have 8 hours per day to play this game, so finding high-end gear (particularly Legendary items) is something I treasure because I probably won’t find that item again for a long time. Adding an augment immediately makes the item soulbound, and therefore no other toon can equip it. I made that mistake in the original game with the Valiance jewellery set, adding an augment to the pendant for what at the time was one of only two toons I had ever created. I’ve found the set rings over and over since then, but never a second pendant. Okay, it’s not an all-powerful set so it’s not like I burst into tears every time I see the thing lying in my stash, but now unless I have a second copy of the item I just don’t even consider augmenting it. :slight_smile:

This is not to take away from your suggestions tho, which would be a good guide for other players, and thank you very much for taking the trouble to improve the build. :cool:

I have brought in a Purified Salt onto the second gun, so that I can get 20% Aether resist, and Steel Resolve provides another temporary 25% or so at the level I’ve pegged it. I’m at Ultimate Crown Hill, so I figure I need to work on that a bit more for the final part of the content, but the character hasn’t died since that boss in Cinder Wastes even with all the Aether damage flying around (and the toon has only died on 1 other occasion during the expansion content, to Ekket-Zul when I managed to somehow step off the Seal onto his Earthquake effect and took 9k to the face when he was down to 5% of his health).

What I have been playing with since the OP is 4 devotion points that I consider ‘spare’. These are the 3 in Behemoth, and the one in Lion. These essentially provide 300 health + 4% health + 8 DA, and a nice heal. I’ve often wondered whether the second heal was necessary, especially since Targo the Builder gives 300 health +10% health plus 40 DA for the same number of points. Alternatively the bottom “line” of Menhir provides a massive upgrade to armour (and leave that point in Lion). I’ve not missed the heal, found a level 94 Ascendant Shoulders with health and resists to replace my level 55 one (which had about 600 more armour or something), and am finding that having an extra 1500 health from this gear/devotion setup and the improved DA sees me tanking melee far more comfortably than before. So I think the build can be improved further just with slightly better gear and perhaps some tweaks in devotion point allocation. I’ve also been messing around with skill points, which has helped “comfort levels” too at the cost of about 2k sheet DPS (which doesn’t seem relevant as the sheet DPS goes above 50k on the Seal with Deadly Aim active). I will post an update when I settle on a proper skill and devotion allocation.

The core stays the same though - the damage absorption (Ishtak’s Nature’s Guardians, Seal, Blast Shield, Prismatic Diamond) seems to laugh at most ground effects other than the “Aetherial Torrent” and I reckon that’s just down to a relative lack of resistances. Some enemies make the right hand side of the screen light up with poison, bleed and vitality burn effects and my health doesn’t drop while I’m on the Seal even in the absence of enemies to shoot for the ADCtH. I love being surrounded by those huge Chthonic monsters, shooting them in the face at point blank range and ignoring their damage. :smiley:

If you can get it I’d say the Ulzuin’s Avatar legendary set is probably the best fit for gear. It comes with a rifle and the full set bonus is a short-range AoE that deals a lot of fire and lightning damage around the toon - which is exactly what we want since we’re standing still and face-tanking melee. It’s a 5 part set that replaces the guns, Sharpshooter set, shoulders and the amulet, and there is a Mythical version of the set. Perhaps the build can be tweaked a little for more lightning damage which is a feature of the set items and bonus, maybe with a few points in the Tempest constellation and maybe even use Lightning Spread and Static Strike (though this might spread you too thin for skill points unless you compromise and cut Aura of Censure and leave Inquisitor mastery at 40).

Otherwise, maybe just use a Mythical Silverbolt? I love that thing… Although I see (belatedly) that The Desolator is a blueprint from Malmouth Resistance, with +2 Demolitionist skills, adds +3, 1m radius and 40% weapon damage to Bursting Round and an extra -100 to enemy DA and -100% skill cost to Flashbang. Is this not the perfect gun?

I think there is a fair amount of scope for the build with all the damage absorption and ADCth - I just happen to like DW pistols from a “role play” perspective. :slight_smile:

Hey, just wanted to drop a line to @LordThundyr and let ya know how much I’ve been enjoying this build as I level. I had a lightning DW Vindicator that once I hit late normal/elite began to struggle with, while this build(aside from a couple bosses) has been pleasant so far as I near the end of normal.

Thanks mate.