[] Silver Sentinel Infiltrator - Chilling Enemies to The Bones!

It’s my first try to introduce a build , so don’t beat me hard for some mistakes, because English is not my native language :stuck_out_tongue:
First of all, link to build:


Gameplay Tips:

  1. Shoot with ABB (Acid Spray RR), in my case on LMB
  2. Throw Nidalla Final Strike (Rumors RR), RMB
  3. Place Rune of Hagarrad if you see group of Hulks or Chtonians
  4. Repeat if necessary


  • Nice DPS, even Ultimate AoM content melts in seconds, except Titans or Ugdenbog Golems, but they die pretty fast too.
  • 35% dodge / reflect projectiles
  • about 30% physical resistance
  • 85% conversion from pierce to cold damage
  • two active heal skills
  • about 3k effective DA, after debuffs from Rumor and Veil of Shadow
  • no double rare god-like green items required for capping main resistances, but if you want more HP, you can try…I’m too lazy to farm such things.


  • low HP regen, all Dots hits very hard on Ultimate
  • Problems with Mad Queen and Fabius due their high projectile deflect chance (No hits from ABB -> No Lethal Assault -> Huge DPS loss)
  • a bit squishy for farming Gladiator (but Challenger is acceptable)
  • over9000+ frostburn damage per second is not about this build:(

I’m done here, so…any suggestions, guys?

This is the very first build (well something similar) i made after aom was released. I think silver sentinel is good for an epic, with armor buffs is even better ��

edit : i prefer mithycal undying oath for medal (flat cold dmg and some useful stats) and i’m not sure why you maxed nightblade tree, you could stop at 32

edit 2 : devotion wise i would pick rohwan crown over manticore and ignoring both chariot of the dead and behemot is never a good idea.

I really don’t like proc from Crown constellation because of it graphical effect, and it resist reduction abilty only for short time.

Nice build, really nice.

Inquisitor seal is probably a better choice than maxing the Nightblade mastery.

Yeah that is a must for almost every inquis build

nice build;)
If I build it I do

this is my build with runbinder set


  • more dps
  • 21%(39%) Phys resist
  • 32%/48% dodge/reflect
  • more HP regen up to 700
  • 15% (100% with ghoul) Life Steal
  • 450 more Armor
  • more attack speed
  • normal mobs die fast from auras
  • realy good farming clear speed
  • can mostly facetank Kuba now (exept Breath in 1. Phase - use Blade Spirit or move), move a little bit from seal to seal to avoid standing in to many bloodpools
  • Fabius no problems

you should use all 3 WPS skills, they are realy good (high weapon damage)

  • 39% phys resist only when ghoul procs? 700 hp/sec only when Giant blood procs? with 30 sec CD? huh
  • more reflect in seal, ok. I have no free skillpoints and no item support (+skills) for seal , IMHO 200 absosrb and 166 hp regen vs 103 is not big difference:) Investing in Rune of Hagarrad more preferrable for me because of croud control and insane shotgun damage (for big mobs)
  • Elemental Storm much worse RR for me, than Acid Spray, because of it stationary effect and 2 sec debuff duration
  • more armor and attack speed, ok
  • lifesteal is good, but most dangerous enemies immune to it;)
  • normal mobs melts fast anyway
  • Silver Sentinel set has 60% (10% from armor and 50% from proc) multiplicative bonus vs chtonians, I killed Grava after nerf in 25 sec (need some kiting, of course)
  • 2400 DA vs 2895 DA, and lower OA

so, your build has pros and cons in compare. Unfortunately i haven’t full Runebinder set to test

  • seal is realy nice, mutch better as it looks on paper, the Absorption is not per sec; it counts for all hits and dots
  • yes i love rune of haggarad to
  • gouhl 6s duration --> max 25% uptime (23,7s CD)
  • Giant blood 10s duration --> 42% uptime (23,7s CD)
  • i have 2512+200 DA

no matter both sets/ skillung working good :slight_smile: