[] Ulzuin's Aegis, a (kind of) tanky Purifier

Nope, currently not playing this guy to level up my Deceiver, don’t think it’ll make any difference though :thinking:

It’s WHOLE 1 point, make HUGE difference :smiley:
Nice Justicar setup, btw, I have similar one with dw.

Seriously that set is amazing, basically duct taping it to any fire based build and it’ll work wonder.

Added Gladiator video, this time with Censure instead of Conviction. Clear time is about ~5min which is more comparable to Fluff’s setup but without all the shiny MIs :smiley:

After all the shits Censure has been getting recently I think for this build Censure is clearly a better choice.

I have a few questions

Why are you using harp devotion, do you think you need mana? And why are you not using seal of the void?

Without harp I will need to use potion frequently, it’s not that I was starving for energy but it’s too annoying for my taste. Beside that the damage bonus and being able to cap freeze and slow resistance are not too bad either. Chariot is also available and I think it’s a solid choice too.

Seal of the void looks interesting since I still have a huge WPS gap to fill, didn’t think about it until you mentioned to be honest, will try it out soon. I put Resonance on the shield for CC resist, if you don’t do crucible just put something else you see fit there.

I was leveling a purifier myself and was about to change devotion while still with two pistols, the energy cost was that bad. Luckily I didn’t - and decided to check - with one pistol it is not even nearly as bad. With some 15 regen my mana is stable whatever I do, and I’m sure it will remain so in cruci with energy absorption from revenant.


Incorruptible of attack can be dumped for myth entropic coil for less rares, at the cost of aether and chaos overcap.

I think Revenant helped in your case, I have one free point at Typhos, may try to see how it goes :rolleyes:

Really cool defensive build, nice and safe game. Overcap of resists is zuuuper :slight_smile:

Perhaps stable mana with revenant is an exagerration, though only slight one. I leveled to 100, cleared SoT, BoC, Valburry, act 4 and 5 and in all that time there were two situations when I had to use a potion. Not all mobs use spells and inquisitor support skills are expensive. However with two pistols and exactly same devotion just prior to that I was using them almost on cooldown.

So its not exactly reliable but a solution.

Updated the alternative setup with new items and a slightly modified devotion route. 2x Reign of Ice and Fire is much better offensively but we had to sacrifice a bit of overcapped Chaos and Aether resistance, OVERCAPPED, our defense is that good hehe.
Elemental Balance is a good choice too, but I’m too tired to craft them atm, I’m a lazy man.
Added Lokarr videos, kill time is 1min, compared to the 1m30s of the original setup.

I forgot to mention one more reason why I chose Harp, since I farm Lokarr as a Crucible alternative it also helps a bit against the annoying rocks :smiley:

Thank you, playing with the build for a while and I think that a bit more offensive minded approach is actually better though :). Sadly it kinda ruined the original theme of the build, Ulzuin just sucks compared to Justicar no matter what.

Sorry, but what is that exactly, slow resistance?

I have finished my own setup now, with 20 mana regen, ghoul, magi, hydra, revenant, and no harp, scythe or phoenix.


There is something I do not understand about it, grimtools displays 200% attack speed, but in game it is 184%, 194% with justice proc. My rolls on items aren’t that much below average and the bonus from aegis set seem to work.

It’s the freeze resistance, not too much though since it’s only up half of the time.
I replaced the Invoker rings with 2x Reign of Ice and Fire and Korvaak with Ignafar relic. Clear time is now about 20m with 2 buffs and banner, 140-150 only need about 5min. I think you should be more offensive, with Ghoul we don’t really need Haunted Steel’s burst heal :smiley:

Haunted steel feels good because of Bloodthirster which allows to just stand dumb ignoring ground damage and everything

The thing about HS is that unless you’re playing a vitality build, you’re sacrificing your DPS for lifesteal, which in turn makes your lifesteal less efficient. I always try to keep my lifesteal around 10% and focus more on DPS instead, but that’s just personal choice I guess, congratz on the build :smiley:

Edit: Holy shit I misread the Harp procs, it only reduces slow and entrapment duration, turns out I didn’t need to cap freeze to survive all this time lmao. It’s quite embarassing though…

I tested seal of resonance instead of haunted steel and the difference in DPS is noticeable, I would have thought it should be minor at that point. But it makes facetanking less safe too.

Actually its a litte odd that Justice set has a better synergy with the ranged builds… I always look on Justice: “its a set for a melee fight”, and Ulzuins for a ranged. But what a heck if Justice better for both melee\ranged it makes Ulzuins set useless. But did you check how goes burn damage in both sets? I think Ulzuins must be better at least in DoT burn damage modifiers?:eek:

It’s the same with Light Defender vs Ultos, where it seems like everything that can be done with Ultos can be done with Light Defender, sometimes even better, but not vice versa.
I have a feeling that 4-piece sets are usually better than 5-piece ones, fewer pieces = more flexibility. In Justicar and LD’s cases they even get bonus points for being heavy armor and featuring no weapons!

For your suggestion, I think Hellborne Ulzuin should work great in term of DPS, but to clear Gladiator we would need some insane MIs to cover the lack of defense. If I wanted DOT I think I’ll just stick with Infernal Knight and throw molotov’s all day.

Btw, added Kuba video, kill time is about 30s if being r̶e̶c̶k̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ brave enough.

Off topics, but what happened to Berserk? I’m too tired of waiting for new chapters and haven’t been following the series for nearly a year now :eek:. One of my all time favorite sadly.

Great job!
Shooter builds is what we need.
Added to my compilation.