[] 2H Firewave Commando - The Gift of Korvaak

They don’t stack.

Just hold the phone for a second. Hold the phone.


What’s the prob? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’ve completed expansion with 3 old characters since day 1 of its release, fully leveled 1 more, and currently level 82 with another one at the beginning of Ultimate, I spend more time on Grimtools learning item properties and theorycrafting for friends than grown man should. How did I never see or heard about those consumables?

I randomly opened this thread and stumbled upon it. How long has this conspiracy been going on? :slight_smile:

Im new to the game…does the devotions have 56 points? if so where does the 56th come from?

55 devotion points is the maximum. Where do you see 56?

Just wanted to say thanks for this build. I got an unexpected Worldeater and started to level a guy to use it. :slight_smile: I stumbled upon your build and decided to make something reasonably close to it.

It’s very cool. Damage is amazing, and survivability is decent.

Been looking for a new Commando build so thought I might give this a go. I don’t have World Eater but do have Infernal brimstone, so will try that. Your leveling guide doesn’t seem to show when to add points into such skills as Thermite mine, Flashbang and Military Conditioning.