[] Cold Spike Burst Blademaster - Chill the Very Ground of Your Foes

[b]This character has been a fun journey for me, it has been a while since i last played a combo that included Nightblade and especially HC at that.

This is a Cold based Proc Blademaster. Cold damage is somewhat an unprefered and an unusual combination for Blademaster.
This build survives the harshest conditions with tricky play, sheer life leech and burst to rapidly get rid of crowded masses.

Thankfully this is not going to be one of my longer guides :p[/b]

Character with only active buffs.
(I know i have used that transmog in all of my characters and way too much but… It looks so damn glorious)

This is a somewhat tanky Blademaster build with HP on the higher side, definitely high armor and sheer ADCtH as the best and final line of defense.
These kind of builds do need that life leech really badly and we are not going be shy of acquiring that precious leech.


- Weapon choice has some thought to it. I initially wanted to use double Witch Moon’s or at least one Mythical Crescent Moon. While both of them have great bonuses that we’d like to have, they have 0 attack speed bonus for a class combo that survives and derives from attack speed.

Due to being a scepter Mythical Dreadweaver has high %damage on top of attack speed with great chunky HP bonus that we’d desperately need so our weapon selection is utilizing a double equip.
Plus +1 to Soldier is also invaluable due to going 50 deep in both masteries with scarce points to distribute.

- Can’t really do much about pants and boots since existing options aren’t really bright. Craft or use whatever you have to help capping resistances and boost some HP.

- My initial relic choice was Nidalla’s Outbreak but after consideration decided on Mogdrogen’s Ardor for getting as much +points possible to both classes.

- For devotions there is a slight alternative that includes Blizzard instead of Chariot. Tested both, both are great but i do rely on Chariot a lot especially in HC. So i ultimately decided on that but anyone that wishes to have more dps can spec into Blizzard without hindering rest of the devotions.

Anyone who doesn’t care Wayward Soul Proc

- Double Haunted Steel is necessary in HC in my opinion and i use it to rotate in Crucible or against any boss. The value of that shouldn’t be underestimated.
A Coldstone can also be used instead one of the HS for more damage.


- Mad Queen : CLICK

I was still using the Nidalla’s Outbreak and more hp varied rares, current setup should be 4-5 seconds faster if anything else.

- HC Gladiator 140-150 : CLICK

- HC Gladiator 140-150 : CLICK

There were incredibly close calls on both runs and i was about to tap out at 1 or 2 points. I did level and played as HC but i wouldn’t advise anyone with a weak heart to do so.

For bosses this guy doesn’t have any problems with anyone, i’d actually rate this characters power way more outside of crucible. It is definitely a quite strong, fast paced character for farming everything.

I would like to thank Weyu for his invaluable and great suggestions and direction in major parts. He is a veteran player especially knowledged in anything related to Nightblade.

Reserved for…

How and where do you get 57 devotion points?

I didnt say both, i said instead.


Sorry i didnt saw that

Glad to see you finished it, looking good.

One thing that’s curious about this build is that the weapons each give 20 flat RR to War Cry. Grimtools shows it as 40 RR but it could be that it’s just adding the numbers together, seeing how it says “40 RR over 10s.”
But if it actually gives 40 RR then that would be a very strong find, especially with the -3s CD to War Cry on the helm.

You should try to test it to get a conclusive answer for the sake of GD science in the relatively unchartered territory of skill modifiers. :slight_smile:

The stacked duration is erroneously listed as 10s instead of remaining at 5s, but the flat RR should stack consistent with dual wielding Mythical Valepiercer. Of course this is far more effective due to Warcry’s massive AOE, which is why I doubt it’d survive too many more patches.

Great BM build using cold. I just got the last piece for this build and still have no bis green items but am enjoying the speed of killing I can do with this character with not much dying.

Been playing through with this build. So far very fun. Thank you!

Is there a way to see how the skill points are allocated without the gear on?


Thank you!!

I have a question about the life leech. Where does it come from? I dont see any on the gear and dont find it in the skill tree.
As im a total beginner I probably just didnt see it. So it would be nice if someone could point me to it^^
And what does ADCtH stand for?

Haunted steel in both weapons, ability by haunted steel and Ghoul devotion (another 4% from a node and devotion proc itself)

ADCtH = Attack Damage converted to Health

this build was inspriration of my bm build, good job man

Hey everyone, sorry for asking. Is the dagger good for the build?
Might as well ask before leveling up new toon since I’m not altoholic :eek:

Much appreciated.

it seems really really good, no attack speed buff but blade itself is very fast. you got lucky and it definately fit this build imo.

This is my current attempt to copy your build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0wpzE2

In most tries i die 1 time against mad queen, so please assume that I’m just overall bad…
But the avatar of Mogrogen and Kupacabra seems very impossible for me to beat. HOW?

  • Tasty

Use elemental Elemental storm for flat RR seems like a waste for me. Invest those point on other devotions instead as you already get 40 RR from warcry

I was wondering about this too, according to the RR cheat sheet the extra RR on warcry doesn’t stack with elemental storm. Or are we missing something?