[] Dual Wield Aether Fire Strike Sorcerer/Sorceress - Just Another Aether in Disguise

[][Melee] Dual Wield Aether [COLOR=“Red”]Fire Strike Sorceress - Just Another Aether in Disguise[/COLOR]



Last time I was tinkering with Fire Strike that did Cold Damage.
Now, this time is just another Damage in Disguise, Fire Strike will do Aether Damage!
All Elemental damage will be converted to Aether damage.

Core of these builds are The Magelord Rings + Decree of Aldritch
With this concept we can make a lot of variety of Aether Builds.
Melee, Caster, Hybrid, even Shield Builds !
Crate gives us nice options for Damage Conversions. Physical, Aether, Elemental, and I think Chaos needs more gear support too :wink:
In this thread are several examples for melee builds.

Caster builds also works/viable with so many variations !
Here’s example of Aether Caster that do Aether Beam + Aether Meteor with Elemental to Aether Conversion
Not to mention Fully Aether AAR Spellbinder/Druid/Mage Hunter/Sorceress, etc… ^^
I’ll post it on different threads later.

Sorceress Edea will take her fate to be a Melee DW Toon.
Previous, she was a Phoenix Fire Burn Summoner Shooting Air to Ground Missiles

Nevertheless, she still can summon Phoenix in these builds, even twice :smiley:

[][Melee] Dual Wield Aether Fire Strike Sorceress - Phoenix Fire Arcane Currents

For more Aether Damage and Aether RR, you can use Seal of Corruption on Weapon in these builds.

Grimtools : Grimtools Link

[b]Video :

[][Melee] Dual Wield Aether Fire Strike Sorceress - Phoenix Fire Spear of the Heavens

Grimtools : Grimtools Link

Video :
Mad Queen, Grava, Fabius

[][Melee] Dual Wield Aether Fire Strike Sorceress - Aether Meteor (Elemental to Aether + Physical to Aether)

Reckless Power + Mindwarp gives us Physical to Aether conversion, it will increase our Aether Meteor Damage !

Grimtools : Grimtools Link

Video :
Ugdenbog Forest, Alexander, Fabius, Mad Queen, Janaxia

In Closing :

[spoiler]Thanks to

  • Crate that make possible for Elemental to Aether conversion (since Port of Valbury), I hope there’s more support for Elemental to Chaos Conversion ^^
  • Vic Pascua (Zoolander) and Rim so I can make these builds works :slight_smile:

[][Melee] Dual Wield Aether [COLOR=“Red”]Fire Strike Defiler - Just Another Aether in Disguise[/COLOR]



Grimtools, man, want Grimtools

Post Updated :slight_smile:

Nice creative build. I would say that pants don’t match the transmog tho :slight_smile:

Thanks Man :slight_smile:

Do you have any good idea for pants transmog?
Anyone can suggest me for matching the good pants illusions :slight_smile:

Grats man, for a job well done for putting this character into acton. never thought that this is possible. my hands up to u…:wink:

Just one question tho, will it be better if u use the korvaak relic instead of mogdogen for your build?..:confused:

With Korvaak we can replace chaos strike, so we’ll get 1 free component on weapon.
Also the procs can be converted to Aether Damage.
But I prefer Mogdrogen, it has +1 to All Skills, Health, and also Total Speed.
Increasing AS (Attack Speed) will increasing our dps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thread! Managed to assemble the Krieg’s set and I have a level 100 sorc that doesn’t really cut much more than the campaign. So damn hard to get mythical versions of the sets so Krieg’s will get a lot of action…

You’re welcome mate !

Non mythical version actually works too :slight_smile: