[] Dual Wield Sun n Moon Sentinel - Cold in Disguise - DW Cold Saboteur

Tested with Elemental Balance Rings, has nice dps and AoE.
Also the rings are Blue and Craftable
So it has 6 Blues without MIs :smiley:

I tried Blizzard, it activate on Critical Attack.
Imo, Meteor is better than Blizzard, Meteor Shower activate on Attack, has more OA and Crit Damage, also nice AoE Damage (we convert almost all Fire to Cold)
Blizzard version is not posting/updated yet in the first thread.
I’m also not testing Justicar Set yet.

Purifier (Demo/Inquistior) perhaps I’ll try to post it when I have sparetime later. (Still making the DW Sorceress)
Inquisitor unfortunately doesn’t have Attack Speed boosting for melee.
Fire Burn Purifier looks nice :slight_smile:

I was hype thinking that we can get 100% Fire to Cold conversion with just 1 Mythical Chillflame Evoker
Unfortunately I was misreading Zantai’s note for here :smiley:

At least now FS has 100% conversion.
We can use just 1 weapon for FS Conversion and other weapon for cold damage (ie : Cold MIs based weapon)

But if we still want get Full Fire to Cold conversion outside FS (ie : Meteor Shower, Phoenix, etc), we still need to Dual Wield it.