[] Dual Wield Sun n Moon Sentinel - Cold in Disguise - DW Cold Saboteur

[] Dual Wield [COLOR=“Red”]Sun n Moon Sentinel - Cold in Disguise - DW Cold Saboteur[/COLOR]

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Real Game :



Fire Strike do Cold Damage! is it possible?
Yes, with “Damages in Disguise” nothing impossible.

In this build we make use of Fire to Cold and Pierce to Cold Conversion.

With these conversions, we’ll have Cold Meteor Shower, Cold Flame Touched, Cold Vindictive Flame, and Cold Fire Strike + Cold Damages from Converted Pierce NB Skills ^^

For increasing our damage, Cold RR comes from :

  • Night’s Chill (36%)
  • Rumor (23%)
  • Silver Mark - The Silver Sentinel bonus set (15%)
    Also :
  • Viper (20% Elemental RR)
  • Elemental Storm (32 Flat Elemental RR)

You can invest more to Dual Blades for more dps.

This build has ABB (max), RoS, and also Shimmering Splendor for CC.
Bloodthirster for Lifesteal + Cold Damage PB for healing.

Finally, this toon feels like Seishiro Kunou with his Red and Blue Katana !

Grimtools : Grimtools Link

[b]Video :
Mad Queen
Master of Flesh
Port Valbury
Mourndale - Cinder Wastes


In Closing :

Seishiro Kuki and Tohma Kuki from Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage




i am playing similar build with diff devotions, skill tree and items… so i like your idea, we were talking with jov about this build last night

things you may tweak or consider,

  • this is sabo not infiltrator; you basically have ZERO pierce dmg to convert cold, no pts in dual blades not using sword, no rune of haggard no seal, no aura of conviction… so you may wanna change rings to elemental balance rings since they add more flat cold damage and proc is also gives more aeo clear etc.
    id change gloves to iceskorn they look more promising imo,

  • sentinel set was my first goal to complete whole set after AoM, but tbh helm not worth to use or it might dont know,
    … ill swap helm with +1 demo nblade sparkhoodor w/e blue helm or something diff… i dont think cold dmg dealers need -%15 cold RR anymore from helm.

  • i have tried ABB a lot and SADLYpls GGG buff this shit its not worth putting more than 1pt, its there for lethal assault buff for me. dmg is meh, fburn is meh everything is meh for abb imo. or lets say, you will benefit more from investing other skills.

  • due to low OA of char you need flashbang at least - 200 DA range imo…

  • didnt like that medal idea, korvaak medal is godsent for this char you lack oa + da and medal gives you that and might save you 2pts from shadow strike… consider that as an option imo.

  • 1 pt in temper instead of ulzuins wrath is more valuable imo

  • you dont have any slow and trap resist and freeze resist is low for me to play comforably. you may wanna increase phys res aswell… id suggest thinking sailors guide here and 1 component swap on ring for freeze rescouldnt remember name

  • well i tested torch devotion, is it good ? hell yeah it is… esp %5oa and + crit dmg is nice but sadly blizzard gives similar dmg output, pathing is easier, and more valuable stats for build imo.

  • i am addicted to ghoul for melee builds, proc is just lets you tank all nemesis and hard content before proc runs out : you melt bosses… i am sure you already know it but i would try to fit ghoul into build.

  • you def need more oa + da to play smoothly imo.

conclusion, since we have similar concept with small difference
my final thoughts on sabo, actually demo is: demo is weakest class after expansion to me
no da - no hp - no res - no armor absorb demo offers simply nothing other than unreliable blast shieldwhich is meh without cdr
dmg is awesome, aeo clear is awesome , playstyle is always satisfying to me since i am nblade&arcanist fangay… but its so hard that melee sabo can compete other dw melee builds these days but who cares i am loving it :smiley:

in the end, cold sabo should beat fire sabo ez pz on dmg, but due to OP justice set gives insane hp armor etc, fire sabo tankier, cold sabo more like dps junkie.

gz for build mate

Nice title for this build:) Looks great,good job

I have all items and definitely try with my tri-element sabouter.Thanks;)

Hmm nice to see you back Stoya !
Kinda miss you after a while, last time see you in the forum before AoM release a long time ago, now almost 2018 :smiley:

Thanks so much for your inputs, I really appreciate it !

Actually I still can take Blizzard with Meteor Shower, but I’ll be less on defense.

I totally agree with you about Demolitionist. Inquisitor is far away better :slight_smile:

I use that relic for more HP + Total Speed, also needs for more skill points.

I’ll try Korvaak’s Deception and see about it.

ABB, I got a lot bonus from the gear :smiley:

I’ll try n test your suggestions, thanks :wink:

Thanks and you’re welcome friend !


I tested a variant with korba chest for converting static strike partways to cold, and ravager helm to leverage the high amount of + skills the build desires, as well as elemental balance rings due to the massive amount of flat damage you get from them with full conversion. Eventually it was sitting around 130k tooltip dps but was ultimately underwhelming due to the lack of armor and phys res, basically just a squishier jajaja fire sabo.

just 1 thing unrelated to the build : avoid item filter set to purle :eek:

Actually item filter set to purple is the best way to do it imo. It’s a little risky but when everything around you dies you can toggle filters to check for MIs.
I prefer this as this way I don’t have nonsensical crap cluttering the screen and getting in the way of targeting

Must attack Fabius!!!..But first let me pick up this sweet looking Murder’s Cowl (Priorities :rolleyes:)

GJ on the build Tz, does this mean your obsession with Tome of Arcane Wastes has ended? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build Tz!

i tinkered around with cold sabo for awhile before deciding to go back to fire, was able to stack pretty good damage but felt very squishy. eventually settled with korba trickster for cold dw, for the loss of blastshield and explosivestrike AOE, i ended up with much higher HP,OA/DA,crit dmg, and boss kill speed.

somethings to consider:

-1x chillflame is enough for nearly full conversion on FS, for the other weapon ugdenbog chillstrife is much better even with a crappy roll.

-silver sent helm/haggarad glove are kind of meh, very low pierce dmg to convert, rather have icysckorn talons, and possibly ravager helm. alternatively and more defensive option with 2 pc justice is ok too since flat fire is converted to cold.

-in the same vein, if u are using silver sent shoulders to convert acid, you’ll want to max lethal assault to lvl22, this you can do with kupa pants+icyskorn

-with full conversion, elemental balacne rings give u alot more dmg than alkamos, altho i hate the proc (it hurts my eyes :slight_smile:

-not sure maxing ABB is really worth, feels like underwhelming skill to me, and skillpoints are pretty tight.


I never played Nightblade but was always curious about Nex and Ortus blades, they look pretty cool. Mythical versions seem to be pretty strong, is it possible to build around them?

Yeah, I think Sabo needs more gear that have good defensive stats like armor n physical res.
Ravager helm is nice. I was testing the sentinel sets for this build :slight_smile:

I have a build around them posted here since vanilla days

@They Live
Perhaps when you enter Flames of Valbury, you’ll change your mind :smiley:
Like Chthon said, the filtering is for clearing my screen.
You can take the loot later after your video is done.

Still testing Aether Tome of Arcane Wastes, Aether Obliteration builds feels Cool !
Feels like AAR that can piercing through all enemies :smiley:

Just missing with my old style lately. DW melee was my original playstyle

Thanks friend :slight_smile:

Just missing with my old style lately. DW melee was my original playstyle

And is still a lot of fun. :wink:

Nice build and I strongly agree to set loot filter to minimum blue. When making a video at Flames of Valbury even the normal drops (Vital Essence, Components, etc.) were annoying. :slight_smile:

Thanks for 2c Jajaja :slight_smile:

  • Dual Chillflame is for matching Sun n Moon theme. (Sun from Meteor and Moon from Whirlpool)
    Demolitionist has several Flat Fire Damages for conversion.
    Also for making Cold Meteor Shower.
    If we aiming for only FS conversion, yup you’re right, 1 is enough.

  • Silver sent helm was testing for full Sentinel sets and also aiming Cold RR bonus.
    Justice, ya I think it’s better than Sentinel, it has more armor/health.
    I should try it.

  • Silver sent shoulders to convert acid, nice idea !
    Now, I already change my rings to Elemental balance rings and iceskorn talons gloves. Thanks to Stoya, Chthon, n you that reminds me :slight_smile:

  • ABB, well I just make it 1 point wonder now. Just aiming the LA

Thanks again Jajaja !


It’s hidden place in Build Compendium V

Yeah, DW melee is still a lot of Fun :wink:

Right, sometimes I turn off all item filtering for clearing screens.
So I can see my targets :slight_smile: