[] Nightmare's Vitality Cabalist New Player Starter Build

yeah Nuclear Physics is kindergarden physics for me :stuck_out_tongue:

What is interesting is Ritualist and perhaps even Vitality caster Archon? You mentioned you wanted to try make budget beginner archon, you think vitality caster archon could work? Transmuted storm totem, wines and guardians perhaps

It will lack the punch probably.Archon idea was spin to win,but is my next stop.Later this night will write beginners guide for Vindicator totemist and also Thunderous Strike version.

I have the intention to post new guide every week,so at that point I will try some more ideas.I can maker a thread with Cabalist or other Dark One builds,also Apostate with Krieg set or some other stuff:p

Is the vindicator like my old lightning vindicator but more storm totem focused? I can send you my guide if you want/ need to steal some text and ideas

Or will you just smack on Light defender set, double rare MI off-hand and janaxia dagger and call it “Top starter build” “best beginner build ever” “easy to play farmer”

Did I hear Beginner Apostate? Squeee


Anyway, Pet Shaman is ready for Vindicator :cool:

(And yes, I will also take that Cabalist)

:):smiley: hehe:p

I decided to make a go with updating this guide anyway, I am like 50% done.
You will find the updated guide in my collection here in a couple of days: Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

Here is a preview of a basic build that is cabable of farming Dark one set https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E1WEP2 which is the goal of the guide

LoL,I made a Dark One Cabalist and was about to stick it in my Opressor guide :roll_eyes: But just link,not guide.

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Ok I will steal it for my guide then :wink:

No problem,I will soon,today to start to update my guides.Also SoT video.

I will make new Dark One guide with a twist,hint is Sentinel :grinning:

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Acid sentinel? Nice, I am almost done with doing pdf version of my Acid Perdition set Sentil as well so I will probably steal your Sentinel guide too :wink:

Hey,I was about to ask for link to Perdition Sentinel,you had.

Yup is Acid Sentinel,not vitality,it has almost 190 energy regen,that’s good for caster.It is very suitable for farming aether crystals,no doubt.

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Ultimate aether crystal farmer tag incoming!
Ok I will PM you my GT links later

Done with the updated guide:

¤¤¤ Vitality Caster Cabalist (update of Nightmare’s cabalist) ¤¤¤

Special thanks to @Nery for Dark One’s set build and video.

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Very nice guide.Like the devotions,you manage to get nice physical resistances on the way from Jackal and Lotus.

Also very good skill and mechanics explanations.

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Yeah I just wanted to make sure the build is tanky as f**k but with caster-off hand and buffed Turtle devotion that proc can become a very viable life-saver too especially for your Oppressor variant that should have like 35% cdr

@medea_fleecestealer I have updated this guide for FG. Perhaps you could edit the first post in this thread with an inclusion of my update:

Updated version of this guide for Forgotten Gods (by malawiglenn)

[Updated version of this guide for Forgotten Gods (by malawiglenn)](https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/collection-of-malawiglenns-beginner-friendly-builds/82353/103 )


Stupid 10 requirement.

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Yup,the updated version is gonna help more players getting into the game.Btw I would expect from you to ask for change of ownership,but you’re modest :wink:

I can’t own everything lol * megalomania *

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The updated version of this seems to have been removed.

Does anyone have an updated list of recommended Devotions? The one listed in this guide doesn’t meet affinity requirements once it gets to the remove Crane part.