[] Beginner's melee 2H Lightning Elementalist

My first shaman character so didn’t really know how awesome Wendigo Totem was yet. Was just experimenting with Grenado, I was curious if the 100% physical to lightning damage conversion combined with the high base damage would make it good for taking down bosses quickly.

But that’s all good feedback, so thanks. I tweaked things a bit and it feels a bit better. I’m considering using a different medal, maybe Mythical Gildam Arcanum.

Just want to say I wish there were more posts like yours. The idea of being able to build something that does not involve already having a fully-decked-out character who has already farmed Nemesis Anesteria for her 0.003% chance-to-drop hood is really excellent. I mean, once I have done that, what is the point of reading a guide? Your guide on the other hand is really original. Hat’s off!
Just curious: Obviously you did not complete the T3 Ultos constellation for its proc because you felt the single point was better off spent elsewhere. Just surprises me, since usually T3 is a big hurdle to meet the prereqs and many people are going for these for their big procs. You already made the investment. Would it be foolish, for example, to instead not complete solemn watcher’s last node (since you don’t really “need” Order) and trade in the reduced reflect and DA for a giant proc? Can I hear your thoughts about that? Thanks!

Thanks for the support.

I won’t have enough blue affinity if I remove even one point from Solemn Watcher, that’s not even mentioning that the last point is pretty much the reason I went for SW to begin with.

No, I don’t share the opinion that T3 constellation is all about procs - stats matter too. Some constellations have amazing stats, some amazing procs, some both and some neither. E.g. proc node in Unknown Soldier is rarely picked and Spear of the Heaven’s proc is also considered to be quite meh.

The reason I haven’t got Hand of Ultos is just I’m short of points. The only place where I could get it without scrapping something serious out of my build is either one point from Revenant or the hp/chaosresist node from Ultos himself. I don’t want to part with revenant’s node since it’s good for farming SoT and I can’t part with 16% chaos resist node from Ultos because I would need to find chaos resist someplace else then. Not impossible though, so if you could manage it then sure, why not.

Hi all,

Noob here. Currently at Twin Falls.
Currently my problem was somehow this build is quite squishy.
I often resort to use potion, when in my previous experience using vitality conjurer, I seldom use one. Is this normal? (I don’t have enough experience using melee build).

Current build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWyn9yN

Thank you.

Is the build link correct? It’s an end-game build full of legendaries.


Lulz, you’re correct XD.

Edited, should be this:

Thank you :rolleyes:

Your problem is out-levelled shoulder, arm, helm and to lesser extent chest armor. Their armor rating is low and that’s why you take way too much damage and feel squishy. This is a very typical newbie mistake to get attached to items due to their good bonuses but ignore armor value.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

EDIT: you also don’t use components while by level 30 you should start already.

Hi Dragon,

Ah, I see.
I’ll try to fix my mistake. And if I stumble upon another problem, I’ll let it be known :smiley:

Thank you.

Could you suggest a devotion route alternative for people who still not purchased DLC/Expansion ? (50 points cap instead of 55)

It’s not just 50 points instead of 55 - without expansion you won’t have many convenient constellations.


This should do, but to be honest I don’t like this setup that much.
The route itself is very similar to the one listed in my first post. Candle -> Eel -> Kraken -> Owl -> Tempest -> whatever -> Spear of the Heavens

Hey Stupid Dragon! Great guide, i wanted to try something new in the game and found ur guide, works fine for me and tons of fun gameplay :slight_smile:
I have a question tho, as i didn’t find it in the guide. What about stats distribution, do i go all in physique or i can spare some on cunning (for 2H rifles, as i use them for weapon switch and kiting fat bosses sometimes). Currently on 35th lvl and i have few good epic rifles.

Not sure to be honest. It depends on whether you could manage to have 1050-ish physique for end game heavy armor pieces as well as 550-ish cunning for your rifle. I think it’s possible, but it’s a tight fit, especially since my devotion setup doesn’t include Hawk. :undecided:
If you forsake heavy armor pants and use light armor instead then you’d need around 900 physique, which would give you some margin to invest into Cunning.

Overall investing points into cunning is inefficient since the damage is like 25% phys 75% lightning, if we don’t take the benefits of using rifle on switch into account.

Thanks for an answer, ur help and ur guides! I’ve figured this out already, as my items aren’t permanent while leveling i was able to wear on those rifles after few levels with minus req. chest and another +cunning ring while i’m investing in stats on Sab. tree. So i’m all on physique atm, not wasting those precious points anywhere else :wink:


Already lvl 74, thanks to Stupid Dragon :smiley:
Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25wOjlZ

My question:
When you suggest we change the build from Primal Strike to Savagery?
My current position is Act 4 on Elite, I already have Eye of The Storm, and it is because I lost Gavel of Justice that I thought to respec to Savagery.
(I still have Arbiter in my stash)

Thank you.

Hi there and tnx for this guide :slight_smile:
I’ve still got the same question: how to allocate stat?
All in physique? some in spirit? (and in that case with ratio?)


It indeed not so lovely, and my char RIP at level 77, act 2 ultimate when got three hero Briarthorn surround it. It was my first hardcore char anyway, so I still had a lot to learn. One which is to not try take post-expansion builds and try to make it work without much of the meat expansion offers.

Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

Just wanted to give GD another try and found this thread linked in the New Player Compendium, I gotta admit it’s a bit confusing to see so many different game version in the thread titles, so is this still a valid beginner build for the current version? Feels like most threads in this forum seem to be for pretty specific high-end builds so I’m looking for something easy to get into the game.

Still a valid beginner-friendly build.
Versions are just this community’s habit, very rarely core idea of a build is nerfed into irrelevance.

Thanks a lot! I’ll give it a shot then.

Would like to say thanks for this guide, especially the leveling section. I’ve actually been using Mournslayer’s 2H Ranged Lightning guide because I prefer guns, but his leveling section is kind of light so I’ve been using yours while going by the rest of Mournslayers guide.