[] Full Aether AAR Druid - CDR Aether Storm Totem, CT, Devastation - Green Rainy Meteors

[] Full Aether AAR Druid - CDR Aether Storm Totem, CT, Devastation - Green Rainy Meteors



[b]Full Aether Caster Concepts that gives you Almost Full Aether Spells :

  • Full Aether AAR (Totally Aether Beam)
  • Full Aether CT (Totally Aether Callidor’s Tempest)
  • Full Aether Devastation (Totally Aether Gren Rainy Meteors)
  • Aether Storm Totem (Full Aether Totem + Electrocute)
  • Full Aether Spear of the Heavens (Full Aether Spear + Electrocute)

All with CDR :slight_smile:
Give you a lot of AoE Spells :wink:

Converting all Elemental Damage to Aether Damage by using The Magelord Rings and Decree of Aldritch
You can also use Non Mythical version for Aether Conversion

This is a Tanky Caster with Giant’s Blood + Tree of Life + Wendigo Totem + CDR Mirror + Nullification + Mogdrogen’s Pact

Video :
Mad Queen

Grimtools : Grimtools Link

For Helm, you can use Outcast’s Hood, non mythical Outcast’s Secret, Iskandra’s Hood, Clairvoyant’s Hat, or Maw of Despair
Using this One also gives you Nice Crit Damage, Armor, and OA (Complete Set Bonus)

Full Aether AAR Spellbinder and Mage Hunter --> Click Here

Cheers ^^



Finally a druid build! Been working on one myself but going to give this a try instead, looking good, thank you.

Cool build! Interesting to see a successful build with practically zero resist reduction; I was under the impression that stacking as much as possible was absolutely necessary but with so many strong Aether damage sources magnified by CDR I can see how you can still DPS down nemeses. Good stuff =)

You’re welcome mate :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:
Well actually there’s a little “hidden” resist reduction in this build
It’s not zero after all :smiley:

Really nice build with no MI but can you try setup with 20/12 in maiven sphere 2% damage should increase dps significantly ?

Yes total damage increase is nice, more damage absorption
You can do it, take some points from another skills
Nice suggestion :slight_smile:

Hey there Mr. Tz,

im sorry for bothering you
i just have a little question and i hope that is ok.

im kind of a “new” grim dawn player and actually wanna play a build you created, infact that i didnt own the ashes of malmouth dlc (because for now i cant afford it) i actually didnt know if it is possible to play this build.

So i would like to know if it is possible to play this build without ashes of malmoth and if you could give me some kind of a lvl guide for this build (because i dont know which skills i have to learn first)



If you don’t have AoM dlc, unfortunately you can’t use AoM exclusive gear
The Magelord Rings, one of the key item for conversion used in this build are AoM content

But you still can use dual Decree of Aldritch with Direwolf Crest or Blademaster’s Talisman
This should give you nice Elemental to Aether Conversion

For gear you can use non mythical version, it still works

Devotion points will be limited to 50, with AoM we’ll get 55
And you’ll missed some of AoM Devo Constellations

For lvl 85 Druid pre AoM you can check here
It’s fun Elemental builds

Leveling, you can use Storm Totem + Wind Devil + Stormcaller’s Pact
OFF (Olexra’s Flash Freeze for freezing mobs)
TSS + Star Pact also nice
There are several ways for leveling, try and learn the one that you feel fun :slight_smile:

thx for your response, actually… i have AoM now xD

gonna stay on this build because its freaking awesome :slight_smile: but for lvling its still kinda hard to figure out what to do best, or which of your skills to learn first :slight_smile:

my first class choice is arcane, didnt choosed shaman yet, because i tryed to get to the end of the arcane tree first, didnt seems so good because im kind of a glas cannon now

edit: just for my understanding, did i have to kill the witch on ultimate to get the helmet you have equipped in this build?

Great if you have AoM now :slight_smile:

It’s okay if you take Arcanist first, just don’t forget to take Mogdrogen’s Pact line for more health

Post your current char grimtools, just upload it via www.grimtools.com
Then copy and share the link here, I’ll try to help you

Yes helm is from Anasteria, you need to be enemy with her in Ultimate, but you’ll miss some nice Augments
Almost of my char are friendly with Outcast, I didn’t farm it
You can trade it with some friends who plays Crucible
Non mythical or epic version also works

You can use Outcast’s Hood, non mythical Outcast’s Secret, Iskandra’s Hood, Clairvoyant’s Hat, or Maw of Despair

Non mythical Iskandra Set’s or Clairvoyant Sets can be used too for gear :slight_smile:

thx again for your reply and thank you for helping out.

so we could farm this helmet on crucible too? thought it only drop from her dungeon.

i have to make a double post im sry, its because im not allowed to post links until i reached 3 posts

here is my grimtools link (in case you wonder, i only put 1 point in every arcane skill to get as fast as possible to the last skills)


  1. Something like this will make you play glass canon style if you want try AAR early :

Two ectoplasm on rings + Mental Alacrity + IEE + Mogdrogen’s Pact should be enough to maintains energy regen for AAR
Mirror is 12/12, we’ll use it frequently + Tonic of Mending

  1. This time we’re using Storm Totem and Wind Devil for leveling + CDR from Star Pact :

Go to Pine Barrens - Tyrants Hold for leveling
It’s fun leveling with Storm Totem, you’re playing kiting caster playstyle

Mirror and Nullification for safety buttons
Nullification can clear bad AoE taken by your toon, also can clear reflect arcanist mobs :slight_smile:

For Builds that include Shaman mastery, usually I leveling with Savagery or Storm Totem + Stormcaller’s Pact
Since AoM, Wind Devil’s Raging Tempest Elemental RR stacks with Elemental Storm
So this wonderful change should make leveling easier
Not to mention they buff Storm Totem for early stage
Storm Totem + Wind Devil + Star Pact/Stormcaller’s Pact is fun way for leveling in Grim Dawn :wink:

Edit : Please check the Devotion Tab, I change the devotion from your original grimtools
Both grimtools above has different devo setup

thx for your reply (again :D)

still have to learn the shortcuts for the skills (playing on a diffrent language)

didnt thought i have to use a different skill build for leveling :slight_smile:

thx for your help so far, i only have 1 question left :slight_smile:

am i allowed to send you an pm when i have questions left about this build? i dont wanna spam this thread, other users could be upset about it

It’s okay if you reply via this thread, so I can see it when I back to the forum.
Or perhaps our other friend can help you too :slight_smile:


Thank you for this build - just started Elite with this build and it’s been a lot of fun. Im wondering when it will be necessary for me to start putting points into Wendigo totem? Should I max out all the Shaman skills before getting into the main Arcanist spells?

Yeah, You could take Stormcaller’s Pact if you want to leveling with Storm Totem - Wind Devil style

When you reach Shaman Stormcaller’s Pact, Storm Totem + Wind Devil + Reckles Tempest + Elemental Storm will make leveling fun and easier

Remember you can refund and change skills points anytime in the city :slight_smile:

Hello sir… does this build really need the outcast’s secret? been farming anasteria for quite sometime but she only drops an outcast hood… lol :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: