[] Herald of The Lightning Storm - Dual Wield / Caster Elementalist - All Nemesis Down

[] Herald of The Lightning Storm - Dual Wield / Caster Elementalist - All Nemesis Down

[i][b]This is Hybrid DW Melee / Caster Lightning Electrocute Elementalist
Supported with 5 Sources of Damage Resistance Reduction and High OA + DA Shred + High Crit Damage,
make it A Slowly But Sure Killer with Dual Playstyle as Melee and Caster
Also converts some of Demolitionist Fire Damage with Cindertouch to add more Main Primary Damage as Herald of The Lightning Storm :slight_smile:

It has Huge Health Regen : Up to 2K Health Regeneration on procs active + Blast Shield,
Make this toon can do Crit Electrocute DoTs while still maintenance it’s HP
There’s also Bloodthirster for Lifesteal Mode :wink:

Video :
All Nemesis

Grimtools :
Grimtools Link

If you want feel more tanky, you can allocate points to Wendigo Totem for more Healing
For more Run Speed, try crafting Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Haste or Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Featherstep

In Closing

[spoiler][b][i]- This Build is DoTs Damage Dealer with mixing Playstyle

  • It’s not supposed to be Facetanking Everything Build, you need to know your Enemies
  • Combining Melee / Caster Playstle is Fun :slight_smile:
  • Thanks to Zoolander for reminds me about Lightning Elementalist[/i][/b][/spoiler]

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[] The Lightning Templar - Lightning Fire Strike Elementalist - All Nemesis Down

Video :
All Nemesis - Lightning Templar Elementalist

Grimtools (Press Weapon Swap for Shield Version) :
Grimtools Link

Check First Post for Lightning Savagery Elementalist

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Added In Game stats pics with Weapon Swap

Hey TZ Tz,

Another nice build as always.
Interesting the hybrid melee / caster combo. I should give that a try myself sometime.

On a side note, your build has spurred me into developing my next toon using Mythical Stormheart.
I’ve theory crafted two possible options (see links below) which are identical in terms of gear. At a glance, it’s hard to determine which would be the better contender but I’m leaning more towards the Purifier.

Elementalist: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvqoOm2

Purifier: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlkKG52

Please critique and provide any feedback you may have.
Note the devotions are not ideal and is still a work in progress.

Anyhow, keep up the good work.


I already saw your grimtools
One that Savagery wins over Fire Strike is Savagery has more Attack Speed, OA/DA and Health Regen
Stormheart unfortunately has low AS, but you did a good job using Fury and Alacrity to boost it :wink:

Elementalist still wins, it has more RR and Lightning support
Wind Devil’s Raging Tempest stack with Thermite Mine
Shaman also has Storm Totem and Stormcaller’s Pact

Storm Box of Elgoloth has nice Electrocute Damage and DA Shred, but I prefer Wind Devil-Storm Totem for this build
Also Elementalist has more Crit Damage compare to Purifier (Thanks to Stormcaller’s Pact)

You should take one Inquisitor Exclusive Skills if you can manage spare skills points needed
Aura of Conviction is better in term of defense (Physical Resist), and sweet OA too
Aura of Censure has nice Elemental RR, and some parts of the Fire Element will be converted to Lightning-Electrocute
I hope Crate will increase Cindertouch conversion to 50-70% :smiley:

I’ll try Elementalist Lightning Fire Strike version
Need to test it first

Cheers :slight_smile:

Can u try Elementalist Fire Fire strike too…:smiley:

great build mate!! no one does it better than you… you are a GD genius…:cool:

Thanks for mentioning me in ur spoiler…

Thanks :slight_smile:
You’re too exaggerate, I’m just newbie here
Yeah I need to mentioned you
Thanks to you for waking me up about my 1 years old DW Elementalist :smiley:
Btw just did the Lightning FS Elementalist on 2nd Post
Fire FS Elementalist need to be tested first (I’ll try it if I have time later)

Here’s The Lightning Templar Elementalist
It was did on v1.0.4.0 and using no MIs at all :wink:
Devotion is without Spear of the Heavens and Giant’s Blood, and a little bit unusual (I take a Constellation for Flashbang substitute, so it still can do nice crit without Flashbang)
Try guessing the gear/weapons :smiley:

Cheers ^^

You are too modest mate, this game is made for u, no ill take it back " this game is born for u to own it"…:wink:

Thanks for doing my request, have to see whats store on the gears you have to make…

as always, keep up making unique builds, am one of ur fan now,…:smiley:

Yes still in testing, but currently I’ve limited time.
My friends here asking me to playing Dota2
I’ll let you know if it works well.
Btw nice Cold Infiltrator you have there :slight_smile:

Updated Pics and Grimtools for Lightning Templar on 2nd Post

So far so good, its doing well, i will just complete my factions and ill show you the video for all the nemesis i will encounter, i firmly made this built for lokarr and see how good he does against his butt…lol

Nice, I hope Lokarr won’t suck your energy regen :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw Fire Fire Strike is suitable with Sorceress
Sorceress has better synergy for Fire Burn Damage
Druid Fire Strike I tried become Fire Lightning Build, and come up with Pistol (it’s viable though)
So I change it to another “unique” build form

For Fire Fire Strike, I’ll try with Sorceress later, since it better synergies and Arcanist now provides Attack Speed Bonus :wink:


I’m trying to copy this for my dual wield electrocution elementalist but can’t work out the order of devotions? Could you assist?


It is supereasy, did you give it a try even? You only need one temporary devotion (hawk) before you finish Behemot

YES! I tried. Easy when you know how. :stuck_out_tongue:

it is straightforward. Get the devos that require blue, then the ones that require yellow. Then viper, then hawk, then rhowans crown, then behemot, remove hawk, and finish with tempest and tree

super, cheers thanks.

what did you try with btw?

This chap: Electrocution-based, with Mythical Sparkbolt Arbalest

Not quite balanced yet and I haven’t tested it against bosses but looks ok. Before I was dying too much! And I could do with more of the LD set.

Any advice?

I meant, how did you try to workout the devotion path that you asked about?