[] The Burning Heresy

You need to take the Crown and the Ghost, and then remove 1 purple point from the Crossroad.
Then take all the remaining.

Soon there will be a new build version
At last the crucible will be passed :wink:

That is impressive damage. Does the build work without consumables? How big of a dps drop?

Stormflame Tincture - just for fun.
Without a Kymon’s Wrath Tincture, bosses will die 2-3 seconds slower

Well, you have a lot of other consumables too, not just for damage. Like aether crystals and maybe hp/mana regen/resists. Not sure what all of that even is there is so many. But without those, how would the damage be? I assume you wouldnt be able to attack as much and need to kite more without as much sustain.

Without potions for max health and crystals gameplay will be more cautious, but the damage will not decrease.
The port will be passed not for 9 minutes, but for 11.

Note that the new aura will now add another 25% of survivability



Bestial genocide:

Crucible coming soon :wink:

Hi ! i have the Razer Naga Chrome with 12 button on it i want to know how u make ur macro i want to make it but its little bit hard for me or !! tell me i viable to play without the macro ?

For macros I use keymanager.
If you have a mouse, then there must be a special program for it.
No macros can be played, but not so fun and not so fast

Gladiator 150-170 + Extra spawn:

The first one and a half minutes - UNTIL the patch. Further - AFTER.
Feel the difference! :cool:

  • 34 K hp!
  • over 30 shining abilitys
  • less than 10 fps
  • 300% of epic!

Ok thanks for the answer but its possible to u to show me how u use key manager a screenshot or anything can help me cuz i try with my program and loll its impossible lol thanks to you if u can but if u cant its ok dont worry



This build actually looks visually hilarious lol.
Kinda want to make it as a campaign farmer.

[CENTER]For the first time on the screens

Extermination of the Avatar WITHOUT facetanking!


Bizarre Version

  • 30 different attacking abilities in 2 seconds!
  • 5 curses, 2 jumps!
  • -33% cdr: fissure and elemental storm have 1 second of recharge!
  • Absolute madness on the screen!


The top of this build