[] The Burning Heresy

[RIGHT]I do not tanking with my defense; He who tanking with his defense has forgotten what an interesting build. I tanking with my damage.
I do not healed with my ADCTH; He who heals with his ADCTH has forgotten what a fun gameplay. I healed only with my potions.
I do not play for achievements; He who plays for achievements has forgotten how his video card melts. I play for grandiose fireworks.


  • Grandiose catastrophic AoE.
  • Ultimate clear speed.
  • Meditative gameplay.
  • Enjoy the fiery screen and 10 fps in the Crucible!
  • Over 25 different attacking abilities!
  • Use macros and activate 10 abilities in 3 seconds!
  • Strongest Auramancer. 13 meters of burning!
  • Over 200% resistance reduction with instant activation!
  • Weak enemies fall to ashes from one your sight!
  • Crowds of powerful enemies scatter from one strike!
  • Glass Cannon with a small tanking. Movement is life for you. And death for enemies.
  • Double Jump through the Warp! Maximum speed!
  • There is no main attacking skill. But you do not need it!


The Port + Valdo:

Fun 150-170 waves + extra spawn + 5 meteor showers:

True Gladiator Crucible 100-160 waves + extra spawn:

My macros:

Right button:

  1. Curse of frailty
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Word of Pain
  4. Delay 200 ms
  5. Storm box (just trigger)

Middle button:

  1. Chaos strike #2
  2. Delay 300 ms
  3. Rune of Kalastor

Wheel up:

  1. Word of renewal
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Blood of Dreeg
  4. Delay 100 ms
  5. Kymon’s Wrath Tincture
  6. Stormflame Tincture

Wheel down:

  1. Bloody pox (just trigger)
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Rune of Kalastor
  4. Delay 200 ms
  5. Storm box (just trigger)

OH SHIT buttons:

  1. Slithblood Tincture
  2. Aether Cluster (on panel swap)

Alternative items:

Helm: Mythical Ulzuin’s Headguard / Horns of Ekket’Zul / Gaze of Empyrion

Chest: Mythical Rune Armor of Ignaffar / Mythical Stormweave Armor / Mythical Astral Robes / green with + to Aura of Censure

Gloves: Cindertouch / Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards

Pants: Mythical Runeplates of Ignaffar / Mythical Hellforged Legplates / Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind / green

Shoulders: Mythical Cortosian Scrolls / Mythical Blazeborn Mantle / Embercore Shoulderguard

Belt: Cinderplate Girdle / Mythical Scales of Beronath

Boots: Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards / Mythical Stormtitan Treads / Stormbearers / green

Rings: Elemental Harmony / Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire / Mythical Combustion Band

Amulets: Mythical Tainted Ruby of Gar’dal / Darkblaze Source / Cataclysm’s Catalyst / Runefather’s Gem / Mythical Runed Topaz of Gillad / Heart of Malmouth / Mythical Herald of the Apocalypse

Medals: Mythical Volcanum / Mark of Infernal Misery / Mythical Gildam Arcanum Commendation / Gildam Arcanum Commendation / Mythical Direwolf Crest / green with + to Aura of Censure

Relics: Ignaffar’s Combustion / Belgothian’s Carnage / Blademaster’s Talisman



Bestial genocide:

Gladiator 150-170 + Extra spawn:

Extermination of the Avatar WITHOUT facetanking:

You do play for the ‘break your video card’ achievement though. If I tried even one of your builds them I’d have to buy a new laptop in the next few days. Still, nice build.

Were you able to active Aura of Conviction and Censure at the time in the video or did I miss something? Also where did the 1000+ energy come from?

Correctly guessed who’s the author by thread’s name. :smiley:

if you use autohotkey, do you share the scripts?

Why 10 points in CoF? The duration is plenty even with only a couple of points in it, and it’s not like you’re dealing physical or bleeding damage. The slow also doesn’t really do that much more, in my experience (this is pretty similar to my current deceiver build, though I haven’t really found the MI necessary to make it an actually decent build). Even moving only a couple over to steel resolve would let you hit the Aether resist cap, and you could put some more into storm box for more -da or WoR for more DA. It also lasts 2.6 seconds longer than what it’s macro’d with right now, so no matter what you might want to lose a couple points in it.

Also, while CoF only has a 25% chance to trigger elemental storm it has no cd and a low mana cost. So it’s really easy to just spam it til it one goes off, especially since pretty much everything else is a DoT.

Were you able to active Aura of Conviction and Censure at the time in the video or did I miss something?

What? No Aura of Conviction. Only Censure.

Also where did the 1000+ energy come from?

I drank 2 potions (+hp and energy) for speedrunnig

Why 10 points in CoF?


Very interesting build !
I’ve got almost all gear and DPS is very good. The only problem is I don’t fell safe at all. It’s too glass canon for me.
Do you think you can make a more tanky version of this build ?

Thanks for your time.

What were the other two auras? Can’t recall anything with similar icons.

The crimsonish Censure is an aura from the amulet and the red blade is Solael’s Witchblade. Everything else is a proc.

So 1 is Censure, what is 2 and 3? They’re clearly not procs.

Ah, lol. I haven’t checked the cruci video.
No idea. He doesn’t have it in valbury run so my best bet is it’s something crucible-specific or he changed the build somehow (possibly Ignaffar Armor?)

Flame of Gar’dal for the 3
Ignaffar’s Presence for the 2 ??? (should not cause it’s not the ignaffar chest armor)

It’s on the Crucible video and he didn’t open inventory not even for a split second, so it could very well be.

Yeah I think he switched the armor for crucible. Damn those #lazydevs didn’t bother to make some new icons :stuck_out_tongue:

In fun Crucible I used less tanky gear:

And now I will show you the True Crucible

one of them is maybe the component aura from the chest (Kilrian’s Flame), but looks like I am late to the party (forgot to refresh the website).

The f. happened to your preferences in music :mad: :smiley:

I like the music :slight_smile:

What order do you do the devotion in? I’m newer to GD and having trouble doing it from scratch in Grim Tools. :frowning: