[] 5 More Devotion Points

Yes I agree, some builds would become more OP, so just increase the Affinity Requirements for some of the bigger constellations that would make those specific builds OP.

For me as BM for ex (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a6MyxV), i would need just 4 more points to complete Hawk, Unknown Soldier and Oleron. And without having any points in Crossroads ofc.
I dont think +3%OA, +5% AS/280Health and Oleron’s Head and Right Hand (not skill one) would make me OP…far from it.

Or maybe with my Druid (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrEMOjV) I would like to add Tempest to it. Far from OP also. Very Far.

What do you think ? (except the usual people who are going to say its gonna be like having 50k life and 4 weapons with 2 shields and perma 500%mov speed)

I don’t usually call people 12 year old but you, you are exactly how a 12 year old would behave on the internet. It’s amazing really, seeing a living meme at this level.

I voted No because i want 7 points not 5, to make the devotion pattern for my BM the way I dream of it.

=)))) good argument ! next

At least ur honest

If you add an “/s” at the end of your comment he’d still not get that you are being sarcastic

Well to anyone contemplating about voting “yes”. I’d tell you that even with 55 devotion points you can achieve some very borderline broken builds. Adding 5 more devotion points would cause then cause those builds to become full content destroyers.
It doesn’t matter if your (to the people who voted “yes”) BM or Elementalist or Trickster can achieve a dream devotion setup with 5 additional points, balancing doesn’t work that way. 5 more devotion points would throw the entire game off balance and that is fact, not an opinion.

So from a balancing perspective this will never be implemented unless they nerf every devotion on the map to do so (and no increasing affinity requirements doesn’t make sense to me at this point as it will also penalize the weaker builds.)

-Try and provide arguments that don’t just pertain to your characters.

-Optimising a character’s devotion is about carefully picking constellations or nodes and occasionally making sacrifices because sometimes, you can’t get everything you want and you have to roll with it.

-Therefore, I think 55 points is good at the moment.

-Adding in here too but they’re not going to add points in and then try to rebalance affinities when they’ve been balancing constellations based on their current affinities for literally months or even a few years now.

I suggest you go out and learn how to mod the game for all these changes you want the devs to make. It would keep you occupied and save us from your constant supposed improvement to the game suggestions. :smiley:

Hey have powbam and Bitcharos ever had a face-off?
I don’t think I’ve ever seen powbam show up in any of this guy’s threads

^ This. Just learn about modding and you can change anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been kinda on the downlow lately I suppose. I suppose if I ever see him say something monumentally stupid that might rouse me. We’ll see.

Hope you’re doing okay mate

(I hope I didn’t misinterpret your comment)

Hmm, interestingHave you tried the Primal Strike poll?

Oh naw… I’m all good. Still here. I don’t really get depressed or anything if that’s what ya mean, and if I do I’m the type that bounces back naturally.

Just been phasing off posting a lot these days.

That’s good to hear. Yeah that’s what I meant and about that other thing fluff already said it before I could

I don’t think so. If a topic doesn’t interest me much I usually don’t even look and usually nitpicking over most skills doesn’t hold much interest for me (most times). I’m usually happy enough however they wind up.

Just checking in and saying why this would suck, before I go to sleep.

Umm, meteor hourglass spear? Hourglass tree obelisk? Hourglass spear tree obelisk? Honestly adding just 5 points to max devos will just make the strongest builds broken. Casters can already have 2 of spear/hourglass/dying god/tree/obelisk/meteor. Adding one more would make them braindead even in crucible. Hell, poison casters can now join in cause they’ll be able to have tainted eruption plus hourglass without sacrificing something like manticore.

Then lower affinity req for just some constellations, like oleron and unknown soldier. Or maybe make some small constellations give higher affinity bonuses.

Our classes “deserve” to get more devotion points?
Well i “deserve” to work less but, you see, these are two things that are not going to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Part of what makes devotion so interesting to me is that you’re forced to make tough choices, especially now that with 55 points most builds can potentially get two tier 3 constellation but not without sacrificing tier 2 constellations.

Adding more points would just take depth out of the devotion system. I don’t see the point of having more points to spend unless they release new content that warrants more powerful setups.