[] Beginner's ranged Tactician

I noticed. But animation is also much longer (which was extremely irritating when I tried kiting). I don’t know exact number, but just from the feeling of playing the game – even for facetank shooting style it would somewhat reduce attack speed. When kiting it’s like ~0.5 second self-root, which got me killed in my first tries of Crucible early on.
Maybe it’s better with 2h weapon, but for DW I definitely wouldn’t use it.

With DW, it’s fired 4 times. So a small delay is made up for with the fact is fires 4 times. With 2h, it fires twice, but the animation is the same with both, as the DW version fires both weapons at the same time twice, and the 2hers fire 1 weapon twice in a row.

Yes I had this same issue with the other gunner tactician who stated it was a dps loss, has anyone done any real testing?

Get chilled to 8/10 storm to 7/10! I don’t have access to test this. 80% WD x4 seems quite strong even with slight AS loss, surely better than auto attack cadence 2/3? Then again maybe not, as it slows down Cadence strikes which is much of the damage… Storms 33% x4 AoE at 7/10 seems ok as well. I remember having issue with melee build taking MA having too slow cast time, for ranged its none though right?

For leveling you taken falcon swoop, I was thinking going twin fangs instead?

For once on this forum I can say I have found better gear than the listed greens! I have a commandos(cadence) rylok crest of attack and some other better greens and Doom relic.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28aLrKV - I have several different devotion trees I want to try, I think I’ll try this one first. Thoughts? Also an all out defensive one with OoM, ToL, Ishtak, LoE. I don’t know if Olerons/Unknown is worth it without procs tbh.

Falcon is a physical damage devotion so is an overall better boost to DPS.

Your devotion build is damn strange. You made a point going Hourglass, but I can’t think of anything that requires the reset in this build. Menhir’s Will comes to mind, but it doesn’t work with DW. And without efficient use of HG I see no point going that way, missing plenty of %phys and %pierce bonuses.

The problem with defensive devotion setup is that it requires such build and gear so that %damage bonuses from devotions could be safely ignored, otherwise the loss in offense will outweight the gain in defense.

well i didn’t get Aeon for the proc, thats just extra for things like fighting spirit, deadly aim, Ghoul and hungering void. I got it for the nodes.

With acid spray and Assassins mark, Twin fangs with peirce damage is still dps loss? It fires x3 more than falcon and heals at least. and you need to be right on top of boss to shotgun falcon. I use to love falcon but it got heavily nerfed.

We were talking about levelling though? Stacking %damage is much better early on than stacking RR procs, especially since unlike skills RR procs require exp. That’s the thing about both of your setups - they assume %damage is already stacked to 1500-2000% via gear.

I can believe Twin Fang might be better than Falcon Swoop later on, but Bat has no %phys and %pierce and is not a purple affinity constellation (hence delaying other %pierce and %phys bonuses as well).

My build doesn’t have purple constellations where I still use acid spray so i need some green/red where twin fangs is needed.Twin fangs could be removed later for hydra too.

Your build has more flat pierce and %physical/pierce.

For leveling, honestly I don’t think it matters, its pretty fast either way. Now that I reread the OP i see build is only leveling, my mistake. I guess I think more at L100 and farming stage. Another thing is i don’t mind been slower If i can survive, 0 deaths is key to my characters.

It’s not levelling only, it’s a perfectly viable build for farming Ultimate in crap gear.

I play hardcore, but heavily offensive constellations and defensive gear is just what works well for me.

Can this build speed farm challenger crucible, relatively safely?

This exact setup? No idea, I don’t play Crucible besides bootstrapping new chars.

JoV completed Gladiator before but it was back when you could still bind Oleron to Whirling Blades :rolleyes:

Just looking for some build variation for crucible farming, I only have 1 solid farmer currently getting bored farming on only 1 character!. But yeah crucible is pretty boring but so much more rewarding. :furious:

Looking at this build as i have the 2 weapons already and some decent greens for this build. And i have played similar build before and was pretty good. My guess survivability would be low. 12k HP is pretty low without DAbsorb% from my experience. Why i sacrificed some offense for some defensive stuff like ghoul, and capped slow/trap/freeze resist with aeon, less reflect etc…

I was able to do Gladiator to 150 with fairly close to the same setup. I’m not sure if the resists are high enough or not, for this gear setup. Looking back at the resists, it should be capable.

How many legendaries do you get per how much time? I consistently get 3-4 legendaries per SoT run which is 20-25 minutes with this build, depending if I get Moosi or not (which is trivial with this build as well). And that’s a build without movement skills.

I have 30%+ phys resist, close to 3k DA and armor though as well as inquisitor seal though. CC resists can be done by using a different belt (Stoneplate Girdle) as for stun resist I already have it capped because of Overseer helm.

12k hp is low? Well, idk, I’d say it’s better than it could had been. To me HP is just an arbitrary number to prevent burst, what matters is one’s ability to keep the positive balance between hp gain and hp loss.

I open x4 aspirant chests in 1 wave of blessing, wave 130-150. Takes 30mins, That’s 4 guaranteed legendaries but good chance of blueprints also. Normally get 6-7 legendaries and a few blueprints. I’ve run quite a few challenge dungeons as well but have no luck. I get sometimes only 1 legendary, other times 4. It also gives me MI’s which can be awesome, all my good MI’s have come from crucible. It takes a further 10mins+ just to sort all the loot!

Updated with 2H ranged setup using faction rifle.

Why even go purple when also using kraken? I could understand it when it was DW for all the flat modifers but seems like blue/red is better for 2H.

I’m also wondering if maniticore is really worth it for either, considering build is like 2/1 physical and can use break morale with warcry with -duration helm, either green drop or lucky warborn. Going blue/red more OA/DA/Huge Crit Damage/AS/Lifesteal with only a minor hit to flat and damage % which doesn’t matter nearly as much?

I wanted to say thanks to OP for the very newb friendly build! Looking forward to trying it and learned a lot.

Gave it a try.

Build 1: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EOrpnZ
Dummy kill time: 1:36 (best of 5 is 1:30)

Build 2: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvqQpJ2
Dummy kill time: 1: around 1:50 (best of 5 is 1:46)

Sure Hungering Void is only level 7, but it doesn’t scale all that well. Another thing to note is that I changed boots to Formidable in build 2, which is an extra benefit to it’s kill times. This is also a super critty setup disregarding a compromise on defense and utility (no Ghoul, no Revenant, no HG). In short - not worth it, just as I thought.

Just wanted to post a thank you. I’m relatively new to the game and am having a blast with this build.

Forgive me if i’ve missed it, is there any particular preference between Kymon’s Chosen or Order of Death’s Vigil as faction choices?

None. I’m in DV just for fun.