[] Gladiator Physical Death Knight - Crucible Ready

Thanks for the build, been leveling it up recently and it’s quite fun and sturdy!

But I don’t understand maxing out Spectral Binding and Soul Harvest, we have close to no aether, cold or vitality damage. What am I missing? (saw another build with max Spectral Binding on a no-aether setup, so there’s definitely something I don’t know here) :slight_smile:

glad you find it usefull !

Spectral Binding, why?
because: +OA,+HP,flataether dmg (50% of aether dmg is converted to physical thanks to the two components on weapon / shield), also flat vitality dmg (100% of vitality dmg is converted into physical thanks to the belt) and last but not least, the -%physical RR.

Soul harvest why?
again our conversion applies there, the vitality dmg willbe converted into physical dmg, also dont forget what is written in yellow in the skill description:
“soul harvest affects all attacks and pets while active”, its duration is 5 seconds btw while bone harvest has 3 seconds CD, so it should be up all the time, not to mention bone harvest is also great way to proc devotion cause of its AOE

Thanks for the info!

Spectral Binding I’ve maxed out in the meantime. +OA is very modest at max level, though I suppose every bit helps. And the aether damage seems… very low. 50 aether damage when we already do 8k+ physical? But that HP bonus is massive… I can’t pass that one up.

Soul Harvest I still don’t undestand. Bone Harvest is very useful for spreading the devotion, but Soul Harvest increases our vit damage for 5 seconds, despite the fact that before the belt conversion, we do 600-700 vit damage. (with a 360% bonus) So ramping it up to 425% bonus doesn’t seem like it adds much to the massive physical damage of the build, not so much, at least, to be worth 12 points.

But I see such skills in various builds, so I’m wondering if I’m missing something else. Do you see a big damage difference in game between having and not having the Soul Harvest bonus?

Ok, nvm, I think I got it. I just maxed Soul Harvest out and tested it against the training targets. My DPS goes from 28k to 34k while Soul Harvest is active. So I suppose it’s an order of operations things. It does this, right?

+82 vitality damage
converted to physical -> +82 physical damage
apply all %physical bonuses

We still lose the +% vitality, but the flat damage bonus should be thought of as adding to the base weapon damage.

thats it ^^

Awesome! Thanks for the help! And definitely like this build. More now that I understand it :))

np, glad it could help a bit :wink:

In case someone needs a non-MI setup


That’s not even optimized ^

You can use Judicator rings as well, point being gearing is flexible

Has anyone got any tips for what to level first and how to level the devotions?

I haven’t played since beta and now I have time to play its changed so much.

its physical so gearing wont be an issue, and leveling should be easy overall, blitz will be one of dps boost, ofc dont forget cadence/deadly momentum and the debuff from break moral (war cry) and spectral wrath (spectral binding), adjust the rest accoding to your needs, and how survivability feels, for devotions id grab assassin mark and then aim for oleron first
overall id say its up to you, since its shielded and physical build, the leveling should be really safe and straight forwards, there is just the belt that youll need to make good use of bone harvest and the devotion scales of ulcama

Thank you that really helps :slight_smile:

Do remember in Elite you can farm for Krieg’s set. The set will help you till you get Warborn. Just don’t use Krieg Set’s Gloves and you’d be fine

A tip for newbies: using transmuted forcewave for levelling up until you reach around 50ish and come back for the normal build. It is way much faster, more effective, and more fun. Ofc, there are some changes in devotion but it won’t affect anything because it’s so cheap to undo points.

Stupid Dragon has a guild for levelling up using transmuted forcewave (He did it until lvl 65) so you can check it out.

The build is fun and it’s hard to die :frowning:

Did you put any points into cunning/spirit?

check grimtool, 70 physique, 25 cunning, 10 spirit
as usual put in spirit if needed for gearing, then rest into physique; but since its physical damage focused build, investing in cunning can be worthy; considering you wont need so much DA anymore “readiness” and/or “dranghoul” arent so much needed or BIS now

Just recently came to to GD. Followed this build all the way through to lvl60 in normal. Was easy to follow and was just enough to be challenging yet rewarding too.

thanks for sharing your experience, and im glad it helped you :wink: