[] Gladiator Physical Death Knight - Crucible Ready

I’ll be quick and get to the point since its another shielded physical warborn build, and just few days ago actuanpanda rushed me with his:

Beronath’s Distiction - DW Death Knight

so why posting mine ? no really good reason honestly,
i was playing around with that belt, and got in mind to make that char able to do crucible for once, yeah for once cause i never build a char with a crucible purpose.

Also since it’s physical build, its rookie friendly, easy to level and dont need specific gear to work decently, and as our dear Chthon said

Anyway here it is, right here:


Gear / devotion / skills

Gladiator belt allow us to use some of vitality based skills/devotion, so i picked reaping strike (also dont forget 50% aether converted into physical aswell with X2 seals of might), bone (soul) harvest provides nice dmg + AOE + a good way to proc devotion, about devotion, its pretty classical, we make good use of Toad and youll notice scales of ulcama for change helping a lot on the potential energy issue you could have and survivability with its low CD proc.
I didnt took siphon souls even if i did at first, but the -% health regen felt bad in tricky situation aka the situation where you would need its ADCTH but you sure dont want that downside after.
This devotion set up is what i felt the best, at least to my taste after trying menhir instead of oleron, menhir + oleron (means loosing scales), Ishtak, Vire, ghoul is also easy to pick up…
So its up to you to change it, but the posted one is what i felt the most balanced, going too defensive felt too much dmg lost and ended on less survivability.
Black Matriarch ring is an obvious good choice, but that cronley fits well in the build, i tried both and didnt noticed really much difference between them honestly, all others greens/MIs are here to cap resistances and buff OA/DA.

ps: Break moral and squad tactics at 11/12 cause of relic +skills.


you have multiples AOE source to face those big packs in crucible, place yourself to make best use of bone harvest / siegebreaker, war cry / doom / oleron will crush everything around and blitz for escape / mobility and big source of dmg and heal, you dont need buffs; except for waves involving nemesis, also, mostly cause i suck soloing crucible and i tend to face everything like a dead brain.
About nemesis, the worst is Grava, all others wont cause trouble as themselves; obviously it will be more the good/bad combo that you may have that will be able to annoy you.
Again, your position will be important so your bone harvest/siegebreaker hits everyone, with low CD on overguard, youll just have to be carefull when it wont be up
Anyway for those used to crucible in solo they will have way less issue than me to finish it, even if the build is able to clear the 170 gladiator i wont say you have 100% chance to achieve it (kitting for minutes with hp potion aint considered here), it will mostly depends of the nemesis youll get on that last wave.

in conclusion, im pretty happy with that first attempt at crucible, wasnt sure to get through this and was fun to build in this way for once, also the build would work probably better with occultist (surprised ???) but i just didnt wanted to go that way (again) …
and finaly, a special thank to Superfluff for the usefull advices on this char that sure helped me to go through that crucible mess !

i dont need to save that post

Nice to see you return with new build :wink:

Me = “Textbook: Laziness” :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see it works tbh, I was a little skeptical of how well the S&B setup would fare.
Another great build to add your impressive collection

Since you posted it I won’t bother making a separate thread about it and just suggest these tips for newbies-

-The build is extremely newbie friendly
-Even when lacking BIS Sets like Warborn Set or Markovian Set, one can easily use Krieg Set (w/o the Gloves). Krieg Set is impressive for Physical builds, do remember to use 2x Seal of Might on Krieg setup
-Till you get a good weapon get a bonescythe from Bloodgrove vendor or better yet farm Mutant Bludgeons

Overall good build Thrash :smiley:

thanks guys,
Chthon ill add your tips on 1st post, sure will be usefull

Congrats on the build, and don’t give into Occult cheese:D it stinks up the imagination (what a good joke i made hahaha…ha?)

Nice, but do you really need the heal from Scales though? I’d drop it for Ulo or Targo myself.
And why did you leave Fighting From at 10/12, argg, better get it to 12 already :furious:

so why posting mine ? no really good reason honestly

I don’t really know what’s current public opinion on this, but I think you don’t need a reason to post your build here even if something similar had already been posted if you really want to.

cheese smells good ! well ok, it depends …

scales is a very nice option imo considering the conversion, its another option for defensive devotion, and without it mana issue would happen (unless taking harp),
the low CD on it makes it viable imo, fighting form it at 10 but its just a single point actually.

For mana Prismatic Diamond helps a lot in crucible since everyone and their mom spams ground damage spells everywhere. Defensive wise I think targo is a great match for this build since it has good physical res but not so good armor rating.
It’s easy to reallocate 2 more points to FF for the extra AOE though, leave it at 10/12 is a bit wasting imo.

isn’t it the other way around?

Why? It has 40% physical res but only 2k6 armor rating. Sleep depravation :p?

No i mean comparing to WB phys res since that seems to be the standard these days since…patch 0.4 pre AoM

didnt tought about diamond honestly, one of main reason using scales, beside the proc itself it was to make a use of the belt into the devotion, i must admit with this current set up the build looks a bit too much like all other phys char, at first i didnt wanted to with siegebreaker, neither with warborn, and being honest i want to keep scales for pretty much same reasons (not to mention it works good)

Brand new to the game, I love to DK concept and would like some tips on what to look for on gearing up. What stats for equipment should I focus on and what gems so I be putting into gear?

I am not looking for a super fast leveling experience my first time and I know this might take time. I like the idea of having a health sapping DK!

Thank you

During leveling sticking to the build itself would be hard. S&B is slow for leveling so best bet is to pick up a 2h weapon and use blade arc

By elite you should be able to farm Krieg’s Set in Malmouth area which would help you till you get the gear OP has


Leveling tips for you^

Thank you for the link! Already some good information! I am leveling pretty decently without much difficulty but I will try your suggestion for 2H for sure w/ arc. Thanks again for the assistance.

I’m admittedly a noob but I can’t figure out how to make this devotion setup work. I’m at level 40 and can’t pick up anything else as I’m 1 ascendant (purple) short or 2 order (gold) short.

Go to sadhina in Devil’s crossing she can refund devotion points. If you are unable to do so even at her then you most likely have self sustaining devotions in that case just play on and get more devotion points

Thanks. I figured out a way by taking a thing I didn’t want/wasn’t on there and after getting 2 things after it was able to spec out of it again.