[] Lightning Reflector Vindicator -- Damage Reflection + Lightning Retaliation

[] Lightning Reflector Vindicator – Damage Reflection + Lightning Retaliation

This Build is combination of [COLOR=“DeepSkyBlue”]Damage Reflection and Lightning Retaliation with some helps from other Lightning Spells like Storm Totem, Wind Devil, Storm Box, Elemental Storm, Reckless Tempest, Arcane Bomb, Hand of Ultos[/COLOR]

I tested with Shaman / Inquisitor Exclusive Skills and with different Relics:

Stormcaller’s Pact + Eye of The Storm

Stormcaller’s Pact + Eye of The Storm gives more Lightning and Electrocute Damage, higher dps and faster clearing speed

Video :
Lightning Reflection Vindicator - Stormcaller’s Pact

Grimtools :
Grimtools Link

Aura of Conviction + Citadel

Aura of Conviction gives more OA and Physical Resist
Citadel make our toon tankier with Health, Shield Block, and Damage Reflect :slight_smile:

Video :
Lightning Reflection Vindicator - Aura of Conviction

Grimtools :
Grimtools Link

[b]There are several relic can be used for this build, like Avenger, Menhir’s Bastion, Citadel, [Eye of The Storm](Eye of the Storm), Reckoning or low level Fortress

But if you have the requirement, take the following :

  • Citadel
  • Eye of The Storm
  • Avenger[/b]

Also tested with Warder



Stormtitan Treads offer Stun Resist too, but they also offer Lightning retaliation. How did you overlook that :slight_smile:

Yup it’s nice, but you still can’t reach 80% stun resist.
It will make Iron Maiden dance around you :smiley:

I once, long time ago, make a build on the reflected electrical damage, and I look, nothing has changed since then - the colossal difference between the minimum and maximum damage (to your screenshot from 22 to 100k). This is madness.

Yeah you’re right
Too long range for Electrocute
I hope it will be 80 - 100K, so it has more stable damage

Nice !
How to level this ?

Thank you in advance !

Hey, How is CS with this guy? I made phys CS with MI bulwark and was meh.

Pre AoM i made battery powered warder, lightning cs+storm pact+ avenger relic and was great

Good build Tz
Great job coming up with a non-Soldier Retaliation build

How will Counter Strike work on a vindicator though?

Ah sry man, was just wondering why beronath amulet for redlect and not full set…tired:undecided:

but, maybe he tested it anyway with another char?

Reflection isn’t very powerful though. Even with 400% Reflection I couldn’t do much in base game. So imo he should consider dropping Beronath

Leveling with Storm Totem, Wind Devil, Reckless Tempest + Elemental Storm
It should be easy leveling with Shaman

also check here for great information :

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think Superfluff mean CS with Warder

Here’s the Warder version, it’s unfinished test
I just starve of skill points


yah not on it’s own for sure. But if you have over 100% reflect you really screw resistant bosses who rr you

Yeah 100% Reflect is obviously potent but I was talking about damage potential of reflection. I wanted to try pumping reflection over 400% in vanilla using MIs but I lacked the MIs to do it.

Thanks a lot, i’ll check that !

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Arcanist’s Mirror will give you a lot of reflect damage
Initially I wanna try using Druid
But 3 seconds Mirror is to short :undecided:

Well i’ve done it but is only fun vs high dps targets. Now with 3.3 duration+TD mirror and turion’s reprisal, who knows, a cool retal reflect hybrid

Turrion’s Reprisal seems like nice shield for Mage Hunter, Druid, Battlemage or perhaps Sorceress

Which class combination it’s very suitable for?
I think Warlock has to low HP for reflect/retal build

I’d try a weird Mage hunter first and see what happens. Campaign only mindset to actually have fun with it

Was referring to the myth version :stuck_out_tongue: