[]Tears of Fire - (Mortar Trap/Immortal Purifier/170 Cruicible)

Uploaded video of a ravager kill so you all can see how the fight goes. I ended up dropping “the big one” since I dont really need the extra AOE dps and instead picked up stormbox for more OA shred. Now i’m able to crit him and didn’t have to sacrifice any DA so I can still tank him. Check out the video in the original post.

Two videos added, one i’m trying not to use potions, so I move around slightly. Second video I 100% facetank, have to use a few life potions.

I am not quite sure how to levelup with this build. I was able to finish first difficulty, but it was quite hard. It is very critical to have more than 1 mortar to fight, but I couldn’t find any items with +1, so I am disappointed. I guess build is awesome if you have some items, but it is so painful to finish the game with this build.

Craft “Conflagration” relic, lvl requirement 35, cheap to make and gives +1 demo skills to get that second mortar trap.

I used to have mortar traps (can set 5-6) build from some controversial Korean dude (he was mean to a lot of Koreans), now I think i gonna give this build for Crucible. Problem is how though :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated build for

Good buffs to the build with aura of censure. Allows us to get more offensive devotion as light of emp is no longer needed.

but with that light of emp, I can barely reach 5100 DA. anyway, thank you for this build. I gonna chew some bubble gum and kick some butts.

i did similar setting (no barbaros pants though) and managed to do it solo 150-170. Thank you!

my DA is 5101 though

Your welcome. Congrats on the completion, yeah its pretty easy with this build. Also, just as a tip for everyone, pet attack works with mortar traps to get it to focus fire. Helps to quickly focus and kill bosses.

I noticed that you can remove one point in Mortar Pod in the version and the skill is still at its maximum.

Hi, as you can see, I am a big fan of your build, (still using your build though). it would be a shame if this build does not get attention in Korean GD community. I already showed my clear video to that community, but only putting your build link. your build inspired my current WitchHunter Dreeg build too. so, can I translate this build into Korean with adding my experience, after I finish with my personal Dreeg experiments. do not worry, i won’t say it is mine. i will make sure it is all your hard work.

by the way What is BiS? sorry for my weak abbreviation/

Sure go ahead and post to the Korean community.

I’d say BiS is something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jOkXlV
You may need to adjust gear a bit to get your resists maxed. But with such high DA, its not really not necessary to cap/overcap all resists. For example, without max poison resist or peirce resist doesnt really matter. Fabious/Iron Maiden cannot really hurt you (you may not even realize they are there). The only strong poison mob is the Sentinal. As long as you dont stand in his poison crystal, his other attacks shouldnt really hurt.

thx for accepting my suggestion about translating. I just failed my Dreeg experiment at Crucible 170 by some bad luck. i gonna another last shot to Dreeg, after that… time to translate ur build.


in my Dreeg experiments, I thanked and mentioned your build because my Dreeg was inspired by your build - teaching me about DA

I translated your build in Korean with some personal experience when i followed your build.


i will post what i said in personal comment soon. for now… i need relax for a moment

by the way, this is my current GT that which barely managed cover 5123 DA but still can do solo crucible


Great job with the build, man!

Not only your initial build is great and rightfully took place in my compilation, but you also inspired me to make a defiler for 150-170 - a dream I had for a while.

Thank you!

Fire based RE+Mortar Trap is what you should aim for imo. A lot more defensive setup than the guide I got here of course if you want to farm 170.
Otherwise it’s some weird Trap user using Gargabol’s MI

when I read your comment I had to think of “lost in translation”, cause I couldn’t follow at all, though I dislike that racist movie lots.

Well I told him to go for Ravenous Earth based around Fire damage type with Mortar Trap as the support skill. I also mentioned I have a guide around the idea I suggested him but if he wanted success then he’d have to take a much more defensive approach to things

Of course he ended up taking a different and much more creative approach at the end. But that’s another story

thanks for elaborating. I will check out your build. But which approach did he end up with?

Used Beronath Sword to convert all of Mortar Trap’s damage to Physical to make use of the Physical Resistance Reduction of Spectral Wrath