[] The Great Tactician - Physical IT Strong Box - Facetank All Nemesis - John Bourbon Clones

Second spoiler from the bottom.

that is shady at best. but thanks!. tired of keep dying so gonna go with this.

Well that’s only Six Shades of Agreyias Oaks :smiley:

Greetings - Those considering this build, it is the tankiest build I’ve made (3200 hrs on Grim Dawn and new build crazy) and almost impossible to die (take a look at the constellation setup and you will see way) and with decent dps. Rather easily killed John, Mad Queen and any faction hero’s along the way. Just Bad Ass.

The only down side is that it is a little weak with the damage but it does the job:)

If you want to face tank everyone and almost never retreat, this is the one for you.

Thank you for taking the time to post this build.:smiley:

Hi tdurden,

Glad that you like this build, you’re most welcome :slight_smile:

Tz Tz,

On your build, you have 1 skill point unused. Where would you put it? Thanks. I like your build.

Does it change anything for

MY APOLOGIES. I meant Tz Tz.

Thank you,
You can put it anywhere, like 1 point to Veterancy (you’ll get 5 then, due to Soldier’s Skill Bonus)

1 skill point unused is from “The Other You” quest.
It seems I haven’t take it yet for this toon.

Well, I’m not tested it yet for v1.0.6.0 :slight_smile:

Forgot to say that this Build has nice Buff in 1.0.6 :

Make this Build Moar Strong :wink:


dont work?

Grimtools site is still down.
I can’t access it too…

Thanks for this build now lvl 39 vet at fort Ikon (not died yet) thats a first.
have just started inquistor can u tell me what devotion u use for sboe? please.

My apologies, what is “sboe” standing for ?

Sorry i mean storm box of elgoloth, i couldnt find it on the devotions sheet.

I don’t bound any devo skills to sboe :slight_smile:
But if you want, you can bound “Assassin’s Mark” to sboe.
Now in recent path, it has longer duration, plus Oleron’s Rage now has % Physical Damage boosting :wink:

A couple of questions if you don’t mind. Isn’t a single point in null field worth it? We don’t care much about casting speed unless I am wrong and 25% projectile avoid ain’t bad. Also, would rune of hagarrad with biting cold and chillsurge instead of storm box be nice for DA shred and dot damage? Biting cold -270 DA shred seems awesome no?

Thx for the build as always :slight_smile:

Yes, you can put 1 point to Null Field.

About Rune of Hagarrad with Biting Cold and Chillsurge, you need to invest more points.
Remember you also need to invest some points into Artifact Handling for reducing it’s Cooldown.

I don’t like the Loading time of the Runes.
It’s not insta apply like Storm Box.

You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

Tz Tz,

Do you think it would be better to put that 1 point into squad tactics? For the +43% dmg increase and 8% attack speed? Veterancy is only going to give you a 16 extra hp regen.


You are right about the rune. Thx again!