[] The Great Tactician - Physical IT Strong Box - Facetank All Nemesis - John Bourbon Clones

[] The Great Tactician - Physical IT Strong Box - Facetank All Nemesis - John Bourbon Clones





This is a Tanky Tactician that using Elemental to Physical Conversion + Internal Trauma DoTs + Crit Damage

Speaking of Elemental to Physical Conversion, in this build we’ll have Physical Light of Empyrion, Physical IT Storm Box of Elgoloth, Physical Inqusitor Seal, Physical Arcane Empowerment, Physical IT Lightning Bolt
Conversion is using Weapon / Gear

This was the first time I use Physical Light of Empyrion on a Physical Commando Build (I should have updated this Build)
When AoM released, Crate made significant change that really support this Constellation for Physical Builds (Thanks again Crate)

Internal Trauma Crit Damage is supported with High OA + DA Shred, So there’s a chance We’ll see Red Crit Numbers

High OA :

  • Deadly Aim will gives us around 19% OA + Crit Damage
  • Judicator’s Seal procs : 8% OA + Flat OA on Closed Ring
  • Peerless Eye of Beronath : Flat OA + Crit Damage
  • Beronath, Reforged : Flat OA + Crit Damage + Total Speed
  • Badge of Mastery (BoM) : 4% OA + Flat OA on Procs
  • Chausses of Barbaros : Flat OA
  • Platemail of Octavius : Flat OA
  • Thundertouch Bracers : Flat OA
  • Field Command : Flat OA
  • Fighting Spirit : Flat OA
  • Oleron’s Rage : 12% OA

DA Shred :

  • Storm Box of Elgoloth : -160 DA (25/16)

Crit Damage :

  • Peerless Eye of Beronath
  • Beronath, Reforged
  • Reforged Chains of Oleron
  • Arcane Empowerment
  • Deadly Aim
  • Rending Force
  • Panther

All of that will give us around 3.7K OA + 76% Crit Damage when active

We have good enough Internal Trauma DoTs from Skills and Gear :

  • Octavius Set gives a lot of Internal Trauma Bonus
  • Storm Box of Elgoloth : Lightning --> Physical, and Electrocute --> Internal Trauma
  • Internal Trauma (Soldier Skills) - like it’s name - also a Good Source of IT
  • Doom Force (Relic Skills) - One of our IT DoTs Dealer
  • Lightning Bolt (Gloves Procs) also has Electrocute that will be converted to IT

Also all of that will be supported with Physical RR from :

  • Break Morale (16/12) : 34 Flat Physical RR
  • Open Hand of Mercy : 10% RR
  • Assassin’s Mark : 32% Physical RR

This Build make use of Soldier and Devotion skills for Tankiness
All Resistances are Overcapped (Over Maximum)
We have good enough Damage Absorption, Armor, Shield Block, Health, and Health Regen --> Coffee Break with Kubacabra, --> Facetank Alexander Meteor
Our Toon can get around 3.4K DA with Procs active, and around 3K DA without Active Procs


~~~ Grimtools Link ~~~

I think this build is ready for Gladiator 170… (Who knows)

[b]Video :

>>> Facetank Reaper of The Lost
>>> Coffee Break with Kuba
>>> Several Meeting with Grava
>>> Facetank Alexander Meteor

>>> Facetank All Vanilla Nemesis

>>> Facetank All Rogue Dungeons

>>> Facetank Clone of John Bourbon



Concept looks good



-Lightning Tether is a stronger source of Electrocute meaning it would give you more IT damage through beronath converison
-Clean Sweep is strong, not sure how it will do with low point investment
-Boots give you an extra IT source and DA (not necessary tbh)

I waited for this and been spying you on YT for quite some time.

Thanks good build but when are you posting your DK build, pardon me if it has been posted here already without my knowledge:p

Hmm, nice Boots Chthon, you always have good subtitutes gear :smiley:

Lightning Tether, yup it will give more IT conversion, but for only 2s
I choose maxing Storm Box for it’s DA Shred + AoE (You already know, it’s mainly for Bosses Fight)

Clean Sweep, yup it’s Strong :smiley:
Cool DK

This is why I suggested Tether to you. While DA shred indeed is very good no doubt but Tether is extremely potent against bosses.
Tether strikes three times per tick which makes it good for single target

Really nice build. I think you could use some better boots tho.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Sure, I shall posting that DK, not finished yet
Currently I’m still busy with some works

It’s not posted yet
Need further testing :slight_smile:

Hmm nice info,
btw pls pardon me, how did you know this?

So it will strikes 6 times for 2s ?

Thanks !
Yeah you’re right, any other suggestion for Good IT Source Boots :smiley:
I’m very welcome for gear subtitutes :wink:

Here you go TZ

Also, Mythical Boneshatter Treads help you get more OA

Thanks Chthon for the nice info :slight_smile:

Mythical Boneshatter Treads has Flat OA + DA Shred and +2 to Fighting Spirit
Good Boots :wink:

Heya, Noob here :rolleyes:

Question, why pick up bladearc? i dont see it used in any of the videos (when sneaklooking at hotbars :stuck_out_tongue: )


Would it make sense to run this build with Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire, or Elemental Balance ring set?
You would have physical meteors, from Beronath conversion.

Elemental Balance: 15% weapon damage and Flat Cold and Fire dmg, converted to Physical.

Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire:
33% chance of Fire and Frostburn DoT converts to IT
Flat Cold and Fire Meteors converts to Physical dmg

Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire also only takes up one ring slot, has %OA, %Crit dmg, +2 Artifact Handling.
We don’t get 15% weapon damage though.

I was actually thinking Earth Shatters, for da, phys/pierce/bleed res, petrify res and a decent IT mini-nuke since you are relying on cd-based IT skills in your build.

Yes sure those both sets are good for Elemental to Physical Conversion
They have nice AoE

I use Judicator’s Seal :

  • Nice Flat OA
  • %RR
  • Health and Energy Regen
  • Resistances

Yup something like this isn’t it :
Ground Smashing Kuba

Skills on the 4th Bar is Ground Smash from Earthshatter Treads :slight_smile:

Интересный билд, спасибо.

Thanks благодаря

am i missing something? i dont see grimtools or anything for the build.