[]The Spellscourge - CDR Phys Devastation, Stormfire, Flame Torrent/SotH - Content Destroyer

Thank you for the clarification!

Well I love this build tbh, but I have some energy problem when i’m not doing some high waves in crucible, I am missing something or … ? I’m open for any suggestions. :smiley:

Build concept (not yet optimised) of physical caster inspired by Grim Misadventure #148 and discussion with community:

I don´t understand this, three main attack spells but all only softcapped? What’s the point of that? :confused:

The point is to use multiple skills for physical caster since focusing on 1 or 2 skill is boring. And as result it is not trivial to max out all these skills.

P.S: As I mentioned early - it is a concept needed to be polished. :wink:

So far there were not so much builds of battle mage on physical meteors. Let’s cover this gap. :wink:

[] Skybreaker

Battle mage on physical meteors.

Credits: Autentist, Fluff, Veretragna and other people involved in build discussion.

Damage: Physical
Active Skills: Blitz, Ground smash, Devastation,Apocalypse, Battle cry, Nullification, Mirror of Ereoctes, Overguard, Chain Lightning, Doomforce
Passive Skills: Oleron’s rage, Field Command, Presense of Might, Might of Beronath, Maiven’s, IEE

Offensive setup focused on more damage and DPS

Active buffs are battlecry and fighting spirit


An alternative devotions setup focused on survivability

Active buffs are battlecry, fighting spirit and stone form


Build concept

The core build concept is to bring down on the enemy the wrath of heaven in the form of meteors from as much sources as possibel. :cool:

You can always focused on devastation only and replace the amulet by the one from the set. Max damage dealt I got was 111K with not maxed out procs from constellations.

In my case I got better rolls for gear and as result there are no gaps in resistences. Otherwise I would recomend to replace the augment from amulet by Sylvarria’s Essence.


  • No MI items with rare prefixes and suffixes are required.
  • Can complete campaign content except some super bosses
  • Not bad for mage physical rersistence - 23%
  • Nullification - useful skill in many situations
  • Saves: Mirror of Ereoctes and Menhir’s Will


  • No skill disruption protection
  • Not the highest physical damage and DPS.
  • Many active skills to use - not everyone will feel comfortable playing this build.
  • Didn’t test the build against Avatar, Lokkar and Ravager on Ultimate.

P.S: It is one of rare cases when we can freely use the component in rings other than rune topaz. :slight_smile: In general there no issues with energy. In rare cases we have to use potions to restore energy.

A question: Is the ring component slot really “free” or you’re using ectoplasms because without them your energy regen is basically nonexistent? At least that’s what it seems to me.

Pretty neat concept tho. Not new but still great.

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Nice version of the Spellscourge Battlemage!

I have a question regarding weapon of choice: we can get almost 100% ele > phys conversion from Octavius chest, Spellscourge helm + shoulder (think 96% if max rolls on the conversions?) so why the Beronath Reforged sword? For the OA and +%crit dmg?

Pretty hard to get max rolls on conversion with legit farming tho. Even on my gdatashed chars it can take me more than 10 tries to get a max rolled conversion item with good stats. That’s probably why.

Thanks for feedback!

In case of build variant with no Tree of Life ectoplasms are useful. Otherwise, from my point of view, since we have good DA value we can use any components in rings intead of runebound topaz. For example - bloodied crystal to gain more armor.

Nice to hear you like the build. :smiley:

Yes, mostly for OA, % crit damage and of course sweet bonus in % total damage boost (I got 100%) is really cool. If you have good alternative for weapon in mind I can test the build with it. :slight_smile:

P.S: Last but not least, Beronath guarantees 100% of elemental to physic damage convertion and I like to use it since rolls on items not often give you max values. :wink:

I can see if I can find some more items for alternative set-ups later.

One item that comes to the mind is this scepter. Maybe weird, but the proc and +2 to devastation are sweet. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t Blazing Ruby work better in the medal slot?

No. Current component in medal gives us not only resistances (well even over max), but also flat OA bonus and % crit damage bonus as well. This component can be used in amulets and medals only.

how does to cast devastion without caster off hand ?

The shield of this set has a special mod that enables you to cast Devastation.

hoo thanks !!

Will this build have any changes after FG releases? Almost have all the pieces.

If you read the and patch notes you will see some changes in the gear, in particular the Spellscourge set

pure theorycraft : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62axqbEN