[]The Spellscourge - CDR Phys Devastation, Stormfire, Flame Torrent/SotH - Content Destroyer

Massive changes with huge dps gain in patch 0.6. Read below.

This set fascinated me. The shield is the weapon in a unique way and playing it CDR based is the best. We use Chillspikes to proc converted fiend and shred up close at over 150% Cast Speed which is enough, converted SotH is a natural with this build since you need Time Dilation. To this we add the unpolished diamond, Deathstalker Relic for very good RR for this build. Use it!. Devastation crits up to 175K and also has life steal. Will elaborate later on as I can’t write this one in one go

Patch 0.6 Major changes to gear, devotion and gains explained. Kill time improved 2x

[i]- Took Hungering Void to greatly enhance Devastation with % crits. Gave up Jackal and revenant to do so but offset cast speed dps loss via squad tactics that has CS & % dmg. New ring also has CS

  • Changed gear to be much more affordable and in doing so also gained a massive total of ~ 520% phys dmg

  • To capitalize on the above build has Oleron’s rage instead of Star Pact. Bare with me. Devastation is a skill that thrives on %crit + OA due to it relying on many projectiles hitting the target to kill. Improving these stats exponentially empowers Devastation. A Single devastation wipes out a Nemesis now or a group of them at very low health (100-165K projectile crit in crucilbe and 75K in campaign). Even without Star Pact we get 2x Devastation chain and Mirror Semi-chain. REally no great loss. Oleron also has % phys dmg now.

  • Deathstalker, an underrated star of the show. The build greatly benefits from -%Phys rr and deathstalker is so so reliable with the aura he has. I can’t recommend him enough, the difference in kill time is visible. He’s super tough. May die at 156(like in my case) or 159 due to RR stacks but can withstand 160 and 170 no worries.

  • Chillspikes instead of Stormfire. The shotgun does more dmg (60K crit per spike) and procs Fiend very well[/i]

[v1.0.6.0]Video: 150-170 Gladiator:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPY402DdAoE (10:25 min)

Grimtools https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkqB5BV Ikrix medal and Spellbinder afffix with +2 devastation is the best, Medal mod is also super but easily replaced with Kalastor(Damage/resists) or Voraceous One (sustain/resists)

Old GT to compare %phys gain and %crit :https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7wlzJV

Auras &Overguard&Hungeriong Void on. DPS is Chillspikes
DPS stats:

Build (gear) Explanation:

[i]Skills and Conversion - Fully converted Devastation is potent. With the added flat mod from the shield and perma Overguard it crits at 75K in campaign and up to 170K in crucible. In there you have the 18% weapon dmg which translates to lifesteal. This is awesome because you can run around, lifestealing everything in Devastation radius. When you add in Flame torrent devo proc with Chillspikes your lifesteal goes hyper

Oleron’s Rage - Just take it. Massively charges 2x DEvastation combo via %OA and % phys dmg

Tankyness - Perma ~lvl 20 overguard, Maiven + 2x Mirror and all encompassing lifesteal is plenty and quite fun.[/i]

Nemeses: Huddle them up and destroy them. A single cast will wipe out Kuba, Reaper, Aleks, Grava. Smaller phys res ones like maiden take 2x casts and chillspike spam. Basic tactic/order of casting at the start of any wave, dangerous or not doesn’t matter, is:

[b]1. Warcry+Overguard(for%dmg bonus)+Devastation+Mirror+CT for TD proc…

…2. Warcry again+Devastation+Overguard(to tank ti’ll 2nd mirror and %dmg)+ 2nd Mirror[/b]

In between casts spam Chillspikes and use a Ground Smash from boots skill for good measure.

!Tip of the day!: Towards the end of the first Mirror cast Nullification on yourself. That way, whether you have Overguard on or not, you will shed some enemy debuffs and not get burst in between Mirrors

This finally concludes this build with deserved results as this set is so much fun and should get much more attention. Easily rivals spellbinder Devastation.

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What am I looking at? :rolleyes:

I made Physical devastation work using Annie Helm, 2x Seals and Torch. I thought Spellscourge wasn’t optimal. Did i misinterpret the skill mod on set completion? Does 18% weapon damage apply to each individual projectile? :eek:

Kudos to creativity, looks really good. Especially 50% Physical Agrivix proc

Yes it does:D It has big damage almaost on par with Aether builds. t’s pretty amazing

Fuck me for not realizing this!!
For some reason my brain thought it meant the sum total of all projectiles would be 18% :undecided:

Dismantling my own build now and committing sepukku :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, I know Stormfire’s Shotgun is potent and all but shouldn’t you go for Seal of Might?

Great job working with that set Superfluff

mark ,will read it tomorrow

Fuck me all the physical sets are officially good now

oh boy, a spellscourge build finally…and a strong one! :cool:
great job as always, fluff :slight_smile:

Wow actually a Spellscourge build :smiley:

damn ! i was trying to build around this set not so long ago and only ended on really shitty builds,
i guess thats the difference between you and me !

Nice one. Heres my version i made some time ago. Quite happy with it but think it needs more CDR like your build.


Wow you’re a genius. I always thought Spellscourge set sucks except for the shield and like Chthon, made it work with Outcast helm, torch and 2x seal of might. And this clears 170 while I wasn’t able to do it with mine. Really great build.

Purely devestation attack ??

this is something ~~


not entirely. It has physical stormfire Spam to proc phys flame torrent all the time + partial phys argivix from relic. This makes him very well rounded in combat. Also lifestealing with devastation is quite amazing

Btw, how come, after activating Might of Beronath, you still have elemental damage on your default style. 100% convertion is not 100% convertion or what? :wink:

I talk about this a bit in build explanation. Try this thread started by Jov where Zantai chimes in too. It’s because Beronath 100% and the % conversion from armor gear that does not total 100% are taken together and weighed somehow. I’d have to have 100% on gear too for full conversion.

Basically the Spellscourge elem> phys conversion is ironically harming the build - in a minor way - if we use bernonath sword. And we have to use it for Fiend full conversion and Argivix. It’s far too beneficial

It doesn’t break the build, it’s just a bit of residual damage but, maybe it could be fixed anyway.

Great build. Been working on a similar one for a while. Agrivix is very creative. Is the damage output from relic actually that significant?

I went a different route with devotions. I agree that Hourglass is essential, but I’m currently testing secondary routes of ulzuins torch (does lots of damage when fully converted), or light of empyrion and obelisk of menhir (quite potent since hourglass synergizes). SotH has good node stats, but the proc has seemed very underwhelming to me over torch’s great shotgunning ability.

-SoTH proc is constantly bashed upon. That’s a high damage low CD proc with high %WD. It’s actually very good it might not be as good as Torch’s shotgun but it’s a strong proc

-If you pick Hourglass then imo picking Menhir is overkill. TD alone gives you 2x OG and Mirror which is pretty solid defense

-Lastly, Agrivix relic proc is a shotgun proc (the chaos part of it is fully Physical due to the sword)

My Aether CT Spellbinder has it and at best it deals 30k crit (This is terrible for Ultimate 100). And i have over -100% aether RR.

My main issue with this proc is that it picks a random target out of a bunch of enemies, where i wish it instead only procced from the enemy i’m targetting. But i guess it’s something the engine can’t do, i think.

Good points. I have a particular fixation with flat damage reduction, so Obelisk always seems to sneak into my blue devotion builds. You’re probably right though, with near perma lvl 20+ OG and lifesteal my defense is probably decent enough.

For those who have used Anasterias helm with Spellscourge Shield, does the shield work as offhand for the helm proc also? Does the helm devastation aether also get converted to physical?

Another idea I’d like to test is a full elemental to physical conversion using gear alone to avoid the weighted loss of mixed conversion with the Beronath aura. I’m not sure though if there’s even a weapon that justifies switching from Beronath.