Reasonably powerful builds without greens

Hi guys!

Note: I fixed the links, but still i won’t update this thread. Just help those, who don’t have the FG yet. I deleted some of the buids cause they were updated and there were no outdated verison of the build. Some of the builds has updated version, but in the discription u can find the outdated version too.

Thx to @medea_fleecestealer to encourge me a bit to do this update to the future once more!

This is thread for those, whoes look for a build without greens and capable for farming cruci or sr for greens. (YaY)

We have already powerfull builds that can do cruci in 7 greens or in 1, but this is for begginers who don’t really have time to farm 50 - 100 hours to get a green. Maybe HC too, but i am not granted that these char are well perfomed in HC too. It can help cause u don’t need to look specific greens to work the build, but it may die too.


I add every build that can do cruci 170 no matter what time is it. U have to prove it too. Pics or video or just write down, if u are a well known builder.

I may add build that contain greens but has to have a replacement too:

Can be replace it with blue items or legendaries till u find that green. In this case, the char have to do cruci in only legendaries, blues too.
Your build description has to contain the replacment. (It’s must) Like: „Ikrix medal and Spellbinder afffix with +2 devastation is the best, Medal mod is also super but easily replaced with Kalastor (Damage/resists) or Voraceous One (sustain/resists)

REPLACEMENT: It can be done with legendaries too.

PURE: Only blue or legendary items.

There can be chars, that use +5 BoM or conduit amulet or ravager helm, alkamos rings, outcast helm.

Apostate (Inquisitor + Necromancer)

[] Radaggan's Apostate - no greens, 170 viable (By Saw) (PURE)

[] Radaggan's Vitality Apostate (By Shopping) (PURE)

Battlemage (Arcanist + Soldier)

The energy leech battlemage (By Nandi) (PURE)

[]The Spellscourge - CDR Phys Devastation, Stormfire, Flame Torrent/SotH - Content Destroyer (By superfluff) (REPLACEMENT)

Blademaster (Nightblade + Soldier)

[] Bass Unit - 2H Leviathan Cadence Blademaster, Gladiator farmer (8 minutes w. banner) (By veretragna) (PURE)

[] Cholol, the Breathtaking - Deathmarked Blademaster, Gladiator (6:08) and SR 80 viable (By veretragna) (PURE)

[] Impaler - DW Pierce Cadence Blademaster, Gladiator farmer (under 11 minutes) (By veretragna) (PURE)

[] Hanalincu, the Snowstorm - 2H Cold Cadence Blademaster, Gladiator Farmer (under 12') (By veretragna) (PURE)

It has the alkamos rings.

Cabalist (Necromancer + Occultist)

[] Blighting Hour Skeleton Cabalist - 5:20 Gladiator (By sigatrev) (PURE)

[] Divine Blight: Reap Spirit + Blight Fiend Cabalist - 7 min gladiator [g3][c+][vid] (By sigatrev) (PURE)

[] Dark Disciple - Bloody Pox Cabalist/ Crucible 150-170 easy clear (By Excelsiar) (PURE)

[] SkeleFamiliar Witching Hour Cabalist - 6:06 Gladiator 151-170 (with banner + 4 buffs) (By sigatrev) (PURE)

[] Familiar/Blight Fiend Cabalist - 8 minute Gladiator 151-171 (By sigatrev) (PURE)

Commando (Demolitionist + Soldier)

Double - Blitz Commando 2.0 (By Nandi) (PURE)

Conjurer (Occultist + Shaman)

Physical Pet Conjurer - The Headless Chicken (By Maya) (PURE)

The Chaotic Shrubbery - Pet Conjurer (By Maya) (PURE)

The Furry WarGod - Pet Conjurer (By Maya) (PURE)

[]Valguur's Wildblood Conjurer - Grasping Vine/DoT caster~6:30min 170 clear/SR+++/very safe (By Valinov) (PURE)

[] Chaos Pets Conjurer - 8 minute Gladiator 151-170 (By sigatrev) (PURE)

[] Familiar Deceiver/Conjurer, 9 min Gladiator 151-170 (By sigatrev) (PURE)

[] Nature's Guardian Physical Pet Conjurer - No MI - 14 min 151-170 - very safe (By sigatrev) (PURE)

Death knight (Necromancer + Soldier)

[] Physical Damage DW Pistols Death Knight [MQ 13s, Lokarr 30s, Crucible 10m] (By Shooping) (PURE)

[] Crimson Soviet: 2H Blood Knight, 4buffs/no banners Cruc. 150-170 in 10 min. (Death Knight) (By mad_lee) (PURE)

[] Warpblade - Krieg DW Aether Cadence Death Knight, Gladiator farmer (9 minutes) (By veretragna) (PURE)

[] Edge of Death - DW Vitality Cadence Death Knight, Gladiator farmer (under 11 minutes) (By veretragna) (PURE)

[] Blackiron Whirlwind - DW Pistols Physical Cadence Death Knight, Gladiator farmer (~12 min) (By veretragna) (PURE)

[] Beronath's Distiction - DW Death Knight (By actuanpanda) (REPLACEMENT)

Deceiver (Inquisitor + Occultist)

[] Runebinder's Mage Hunter, Deceiver, Vindicator [MadQ 5~7sec , Lokarr 14~17sec] (By Shooping) (PURE)

[] Familiar Deceiver/Conjurer, 9 min Gladiator 151-170 (PURE)

Defiler (Demolitionist + Necromancer)

[]DW-Melee Vit FS Defiler ( Crucible 170 Cleared) (By Firegunz) (PURE)

Druid (Arcanist + Shaman)

[] Elemental CT Iskandra Druid - Why Iskandra Needs A Rework [feedback] (By ya_) (PURE)

[] Cujara Cinmoi, the Blazing Spear - Lightning+Cold TSS Druid, Gladiator farmer (10 minutes) (Gladiator farmer) (By veretragna) (PURE)

[1.009] Melee Druid - Lightning God Rises (u) (c) (g3) (vid) (By mad_lee) (PURE)

In mad_lee uses only legends. U can see in the discription.

Elementalist (Demolitionist + Shaman)

[] Elementalist Caster - No Greens 8:45 Crucible - Ulzuin's Cataclysmic Pyroclasm (By Anonymous918) (PURE)

[] Ultos Elementalist (By Shopping) (PURE)

The Lightning Elementalist (By Nandi) (PURE)

Fire from the sky (Elementalist, Pyromancer, Purifier) (Beginner, Hc friendly) (by Nandi) (PURE)

[] 2H Ultos Elementalist (By Vince) (PURE)

Infiltrator (Inquisitor + Nightblade)

[] MEGAKILLER N&O Infiltrator, 5:22 cruci, 0 greens, [g3][c+][vid] (John_Smith (PURE)

[] Timbersaw - Cold Blade Spirits Infiltrator + Trickster for 170 farming (By 1x1x1x2) (PURE)

It has a conduit amulet and the alkamos rings.

[] The Dazzling Guardian - Silver Sentinel Based DW Cold ABB/SS+RoH Infiltrator (By thejabrixone) (PURE)

It has the alkamos rings.

[] ice and fire DW Infiltrator Crucible farm 8m (By Shooping) (PURE)

Mage Hunter (Arcanist + Inquisitor)

[] Runebinder's Mage Hunter, Deceiver, Vindicator [MadQ 5~7sec , Lokarr 14~17sec] (By Shooping) (PURE)

Purifier (Demolitionist + Inquisitor)

[] Barrelsmith's NOT GRENADIER - Autoattack Barrelsmith Purifier, 7:40-8min 150-170 (By x1x1x1x2) (PURE)

[] Purifier Annie - DW Ranged Fire FS Purifier, Gladiator farmer (8 minutes) (By veretragna) (PURE)

[] DW Pistols and Mortar Trap Purifier [MadQ 7sec, Lokarr 16sec] (By Shooping) (PURE)

Fire from the sky (Elementalist, Pyromancer, Purifier) (Beginner, Hc friendly) (by Nandi) (PURE)

[] Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold - Jaxxon/Storm/Stronghold Purifier 9min 170, no MI (By x1x1x1x2) (PURE)

Cold Purifier. Crucible 170 ready. Insane damage output (By Jedi_D) (REPLACEMENT)

Pyromancer (Demolitionist + Occultist)

Fire from the sky (Elementalist, Pyromancer, Purifier) (Beginner, Hc friendly) (by Nandi) (PURE)

Reaper (Necromancer + Nightblade) (By John_Smith John_Smith) (PURE) (By Shopping) (PURE) (By sir spanksalot) (PURE) (By superfluff) (PURE)

This has a conduit amulet and a +5 BoM wich is hard to get.

Ritualist (Necromancer + Shaman) (By mad_lee and MercyMaker) (PURE) (By veretragna) (PURE)

It has a conduit amulet.

Saboteur (Demolitionist + Nightblade) (By John_Smith) (PURE)

Sorcerer/Sorceress (Arcanist + Demolitionist) (vid) (By mad_lee) (PURE)

Spellbinder (Arcanist + Necromancer) (By AyyyLmao) (PURE) (By Saw) (PURE)

It has a conduit amulet. (By tanny26) (PURE) (By Ptirodatkill) (PURE)

It has the alkamos rings. (By mad_lee) (PURE)

Tactician (Inquisitor + Soldier) (By thejabrixone) (PURE) (By Nandi) (PURE) (By veretragna) (PURE) (By Akillon)(PURE)

It has a +5 BoM wich is hard to get. (By Veretragna) (PURE) (By Shooping) (PURE) (By Shooping) (PURE) (By vizix) (PURE) (By Veretragna) (PURE) (By Veretragna) (PURE)

It has the ravager helm wich is not rare, but for fight with ravager u need specific char to deal with it. Anyway i asked veretragna and in the comment u can see he suggested 2 another option to change the helm. (By Veretragna) (PURE) (By sir spanksalot) (PURE) (By veretragna) (PURE)

I think u have options since this is not a +5 BoM, but still can be hard to get. (By x1x1x1x2) (PURE)

Trickster (Nightblade + Shaman) (By mad_lee) (PURE)

[] Timbersaw - Cold Blade Spirits Infiltrator + Trickster for 170 farming (By 1x1x1x2) (PURE)

It has a conduit amulet and the alkamos rings. (By mad_lee) (PURE)

It has the alkamos rings. (By Veretragna) (PURE)

Vindicator (Inquisitor + Shaman) (By John_Smith) (PURE)

It has a conduit amulet. (By Veretragna) (PURE)

[] Runebinder's Mage Hunter, Deceiver, Vindicator [MadQ 5~7sec , Lokarr 14~17sec] (By Shooping) (PURE) (By mad_lee) (PURE) (By Veretragna) (PURE) (By Excelsiar) (PURE) (By veretragna) (PURE) (By Pyroscar) (PURE)

Warder (Shaman + Soldier) (By Saw) (PURE) (By veretragna) (PURE) (By Excelsiar) (PURE) (By Superfluff) (PURE)

This has a conduit amulet and a +5 BoM wich is hard to get.

Warlock (Arcanist + Occultist) (By sigatrev) (PURE)

Witchblade (Occultist + Soldier) (By Saw) (PURE) (By veretragna) (PURE) (By Actuanpanda) (PURE)

Witch Hunter (Nightblade + Occultist) (By sir spanksalot) (PURE) (By mad_lee) (PURE)

It has a conduit amulet.

I didn’t read everything cause I’m about to sleep but I have qualms with the title. It says “Reasonably powerful builds without specific items” yet the first build I see is Spellscourge battlemage which will never work without a specific shield and weapon.

Really? I didn’t know… I mean grenns on specific items, but since i add few, i changed the title.

I think you will need to narrow this list down further.

One thing I find interesting is that while specific suffix/prefix greens are seen as low chance, many low-chance craft legendaries are not.

One such example is a +5 badge of mastery. BoM rolls +3 prefix and +2 suffix, each with 48 possiblities. The odds of +5 are 1 in 48x48. And each attempt needs crafting materials which would mean a fair bit of grinding.

I think by “specific items” he means just unobtainable MI green items. Basically he doesnt want to have builds that are entirely dependent on some specific MI with double rare affixes, which are not possible to obtain without using GDstash. I think thats quite understandable, I sometimes see builds here that proclaim crazy numbers and cruci clear times, but when I check the items I realize there are 5 MI that are basically unobtainable via farming.

@Nandi: Its not even about the fact that some ppl can farm 6 hrs a day, most of those build-defining MI greens are realistically not possible to obtain with just playing the game. For example all those Stonehinde Grava/Alexander pants of Kings or MI weapons with other double rare affixes will never drop no matter how many hours you put into the game. I think you have higher chance to be abducted by aliens. For example I was trying to craft “Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Kings”, using the scumming method. I gave up after around 15 000 tries. If you were to do this in legit way, you can calculate how much gold and scrap that would cost…you would have to farm every day for years to get that lol

Any suggestion to narrow down?
Ther is 1 build that use it, and has a blue replacemant, wich is not hard to grind out.

Thx, exactly! Furthermore i fund out there are build’s using less craftable greens. (Only for resist or just skill modyfier, so that can be here, but not more then 2, cause that gives u headache too.)

Yay, all my builds are here!
Btw you misspelled my nickname :slight_smile:

The other would be the conduit amulets. Although The prefix is ony 1 in 9. Rolling a desired prefix + suffix could be painful in mats and iron bits(300K each, irrc). Such as storm devil druid. Probably a weaker replacement can be suggested.

Edit: with bad luck here, you could be rolling 20 or 30 of these just to get a prefix.

If its for beginner, how do they get all those legendarys? (if they dont trade for them)

Wouldnt it be better to aim for builds that rely on craftable/faction gear and can beat at least the rogue-like dungeons on ultimate (to stock up on legendarys)

I am now nearing the 400h played, 3 chars have beaten the base game in ultimate, still, the only (legendary) set I have completed is the Stronghold Defender (yeah, only 3 items needed) not counting Kriegs or The Dark One.

Maybe I have just bad luck.

I mean something like this:

Sadly I cant comment on how strong it is because I spiced it up with other items I had and switched to Kriegs the moment I hit level 94.

Bro i tried to did lot of build’s till ultimate with “naked”. Now i can lvl up till 94 a char in lokar wich is not a great defensive set. So i am not intend to do such as “Beginner” thread. By the way there is veretragna guide and cruci lvling guide where u can follow lvling tips… I think if u clear only just boss maps u cna get ur set too. There are builds that can be powerful without any guide… just for the skill itself. U have to trade to get some of items in this type of games.

The OP message is so wrong its not even funny.

  1. You never need double-rare greens on any build.
  2. By the time you craft some T6 relic legitely, like Ignaffar comburstion, Ethernity etc you will be swarming in all kind of greens. Cause you need all recipes of relics that exist in the game and absurd amount of mats/iron coins :smiley:
    3)Any full purple set is not so easy to assemble as ppl claim. Head recipe farming can take unreasonable amount of time, after 1600 hours in the game I still miss ~3 recipes and Rimetongue hat is one of them.
    4)+5 BoM is out of question. Any BoM is out of question :smiley:


Sure, are perfect-MIs more rampant in the build forum than they should be? Yes. Are they impossible to drop? Absolutely not. I have 14 (legitimately-obtained) in ~700 hours of end-game gametime.

And Stoneplates are much easier to come across. Your 15000 rolls are patently unlucky. On average, should really only take you 4000 rolls to get one.

how do you define average here?

Sure, are perfect-MIs more rampant in the build forum than they should be? Yes. Are they impossible to drop? Absolutely not. I have 14 (legitimately-obtained) in ~700 hours of end-game gametime.

Not impossible, but definitely improbable.

In my effort to just see how hard it is to get those last few BPs, I think I’m near the 200s in Grava kills. And he has not dropped “of kings” or even a really rare prefix yet (not that it matters for me, though).

I think you got fairly lucky.

And rare luck is a bad guide design, imo, both for those that create from GD stash and those that do not. But it is nice to see some get them legit, though.

However, I have dropped a bunch of “of kings” green non-MI through normal grind. Just never with a particularly rare prefix. I’ve seen some guides stick in a mediocre but useful green that you might reasonably find … but not many guides do this. The very rare green is often notable for multiple high resistances and %stun resist.

*Looking at Grimtools and in the case of pants, there are 150/6 = 25 rare prefix and 216/6 = 36 rare suffix which makes for very very small odds. (I suspect green drops use both the magic and rare group, of which only one needs to be a rare prefix or suffix. So I think it is actually worse odds as there are 136/6 = ~20 magic prefix and/or 467/6 = ~70 magic suffix that get added into the formula.)
I say x/6 as there are usually 6 tier categories and I’m just using a quick and dirty estimate.

I guess we are playing completely different game then. I dont keep count on exact number of hours, but after somewhere between 400-800 hours Ive managed to get around 90% of all legendary and epic items in the game, but havent dropped a single top tier monster MI. After hundreds of nemesis runs and many crucible runs all I got are 2 semi decent MIs (not even double rare affix) Alexander Chauses and Cronley signet. I havent seen a single “Stonehide” or “Kings” of any of the MI items, not a single one.

I am about 500h in, have about 30% of all the legs and epics LOL

Thats super unlucky. How are you farming? Crucible/Campaign?

I am not farming, I am playing. If I wanna farm I go to Diablo II and search for Tyraels might in the Pits 1:350k dropchance FML

Actually the rule for MI drops is that it is not mandatory to even have a rare affix, it can and will often drop with just two magic quality affixes. Also common, even at max level, is just one rare affix and nothing else. The base item always being rare doesn’t mean the affixes always have to be rare, it’s just for identifying MI drops more easily I would guess.