[] Timbersaw - Cold Blade Spirits Infiltrator + Trickster for 170 farming

Short Intro:

So when I learned that Blade Spirits got buffed with the patch, unlike many others who just thought that Nightblade got a good proccer, I thought that Nightblade got another viable main skill. I didn’t really get to theorycraft it immediately cause some bad builds got in the way and also irl stuff, but here it is now, just when New Year comes.

I first made a Trickster, cause I’m sick of Infiltrator but I couldn’t make it consistent in cruci with all the lags in my laptop is I gave in to the power of Censure+Seal.



Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0D9nyV (Please press the weapon swap button near the helmet to show the weapons. It’s a double Malakor setup)

Char sheet with all permanent buffs, Pneumatic Burst and Word of Renewal

Items, Skills, Devotions:

Blade Spirit is most effective when you have max conversion, so Alkamos rings, the gloves and the helmet are all required. Put in the whole sentinel set so I get the bonus RR. Best weapon DPS-wise should be a chillstrife dagger, even with imperfect affixes (perfect affix is something like Glacial of Scorched Runes) but green is the most hated color in this forum so we settle with Malakor’s Overbuff and get the extra ~12% RR.

For skills, just max out Blade Spirits then the rest is standard infiltrator stuff. If you could afford to get Lethal Assault you could do it but I personally hate charging it on non-weapon builds. Seal of Corruption over Chillpikes cause it’s more convenient, tho Chillspikes should be better DPS. Devotions I just wanted to try Tsunami and it’s not doing bad so it stays. Weird devotions there are Huntress which I got for beast damage, good against annoying Kupa and bonus against Reaper. Revenant for a similar reason.

Crucible: No videos for now cause build literally gives my laptop cancer but recordings show 10:20-10:40, so on a decent rig you could go 8-9 mins with 4 buffs and a banner. Take note I haven’t played any pet build before so I basically suck as a pilot with this build.


Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jqR6xN (Again, weapon swap please)

Char sheet with all permanent buffs and Pneumatic Burst

Items, Skills, Devotions:

Items are pretty much similar to the Infiltrator version, The weapon is basically a Shaman’s version of Malakor but weaker. No ABB/LA/Savagery cause I hate charging those on non-weapon builds. I got chillspikes here cause I really needed the but of sustain it can provide. Also more defensive devo setup cause we don’t have Censure+Seal.

Crucible: Again, no videos for now but this clears pretty much at the same speed as the Infiltrator (10:20-10:40 on my rig), that is if you survive. I don’t know how this will fare on better machines where you can micro well and the pets don’t contribute as much lag. I’d love to see some output on this one.

Supercharging Blade Spirits

If you haven’t heard of supercharging it’s when you summon a pet, the game only takes it’s stats from the skill bonuses you have at the time of summoning. For example, I summon a blade spirit while I have 26/16 on the skill. If I unequip all the items with Blade spirit on it and end up with 16/16, then the stats of the already summoned blade still stays as if it’s still at 26/16. This is a bug that exists in the game and has stayed for long already but is still not fixed. This build was not created with supercharging in mind but if you do it you could probably shave off 40s-1min of cruci cleartime. If you decide to supercharge your Blade Spirits then you could look at the following faction items so you don’t farm: Elite Wendigo Bladed Headguard, Malmouth Blade Seal.


Overall Blade Sprits is a good skill now not only for proccing but also for being the primary dps of a build. Thanks for reading the post!

Happy New Year everyone!!

It’s 12:48 AM, January 01, 2019 here in my time zone :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought about posting my version, but I figured i would just post my PB infiltrator and leave this one for someone else. Since i always half ass my build posts any more. Lol. I do enjoy blade spirits now. And super charging is very nice because i find that skill points always end up being tight.

Good job :smiley:
Only thing I can say at the moment is that I would try to find a way for more OA so you can make more use of that crit damage. I can look at it some more after work, and before I go out tonight.

Thanks! Supercharging is indeed crazy. The only problem with Blade Sprit now is that all the supporting gear are either pierce/bleed based or Demonslayer, so if you wanna maximize output on cold, you have to supercharge. IIRC, even Demonslayers need to supercharge cause you can’t cap the PB line and spirits at the same time. Crazy cause from 19/16 to 26/16 is around 30% damage increase.

I do have a version with around 2.8-2.9k OA on the trickster. The one I posted is the current one that my save has now that’s more focused on defense. I really wanted it to be consistent on my shit laptop and that’s the closest I got.

Oh man!

I was thinking the same idea on few days ago, but i have not time to figure out, so i thought somebody would make it.

Great build, add my thread. :wink:

Neat build, I hope forgotten gods brings more support for blade spirit for various damage stypes. Would it be too str0nk if crate changed wind devils the same way they did blade spirit :confused: Hmm, that would be a fun trickster set.

Yeah. For now only bleed and vit have decent support for Blade Spirits. I hope they add more cold.

IMO, it would be OP if they do the same buffs for Wind Devil. The only clunky thing about autoattack shaman is the constant casting of wind devils. If you remove that Shaman would be inq-tier broken I think. Keep in mind that Shaman ia currently the best autoattacker with both Savagery and Primal Strike producing top builds with different damage types. All on DW, 2h and ranged.

Yeah, several good points. Gotta keep those one button victory builds at bay.

Ha, timbersaw is my fav hero in Dota2 :slight_smile:
Nice build overall
Would like to say ‘supercharging for pets’ is not a bug; it exists since TQ.

Noone pointed out that Bonds of Bysmiel + manipulation can ‘supercharge’ in the forum, that’s buggy:p


Would like to say ‘supercharging for pets’ is not a bug; it exists since TQ.

Well is it really an intended feature or a “bug turned into a feature” just like pulling and stacking from dota? :stuck_out_tongue:

Noone pointed out that Bonds of Bysmiel + manipulation can ‘supercharge’ in the forum, that’s buggy:p

I mean, I can only name 3 pet builders here in the forum. :p. I don’t know it cause I don’t play pets (tho idk if that also applies to all other auras then it needs to be changed).