[] Cholol, the Breathtaking - Deathmarked Blademaster, Gladiator (6:08) and SR 80 viable

Hello, wonderful people!
It’s been a while since I seen Deathmarked set and paid attention to it. I think it was in Vanilla.
Today I unexpectedly noticed this set, and considering my love to Cadence I thought - what about?..
Well, I did it. Yep. That’s right.

Meet Cholol, the Breathtaking.

Clears Crucible in ~6 minutes. Completes 80 shards of Shattered Reality (85 for Infiltrator).
With slight refinement kills Ravager and Avatar of Mogdrogen with ease (see Ashes of malmouth stuff).
This thread shares both Blademaster and Infiltrator versions of single concept.

>> Grimtools << Blademaster
>> Grimtools << Infiltrator

[] Ashes of Malmouth GT links

Core of the build

  • Main damage skill of this build is Cadence supported by Execution.
  • Core of this build is Deathmarked set.
  • Other items are pretty much self-explanatory: all items of this setup are focused on adding flat cold and % cold damage, but not miss resistances and secondary resistances at the same time.
  • Executioner’s Judgement amulet is attractive, yet it lacks Offensive ability, +1 to Nightblade skills and super powerful RR skill.
  • Nemesis relic looks more attractive on paper than Nidalla’s Outbreak, but on practice Nidalla’s Final Strike deals huge damage in AoE, especially in shotgun range.
  • This build generally has huge AoE potential, including Blizzard, Hand of Ultos, Nidalla’s Final Strike, Dreadfire and Black Blood of Yugol. AoE component of damage makes him even more lethal than ever.
  • Build’s defenses include moderate ADCtH, fumble from Circle of Slaughter, some dodge and deflect chance, constant physical resistance, big armor, Prismatic Diamond and Ghoul.


  • Aggressive melee combat.
  • Aleks meteors are dangerous, choose the arena wisely and cover under arks when you see him. Especially in Shattered Reality, where meteors start to instantly oneshot you at ~77 shard.

Stats pane (permanent auras, Deadly Momentum/Deadly Aim, Lethal Assault up)



Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, Vanguard Banner)


Shattered Reality

Blademaster - shard 80 is completed

Infiltrator - shard 85 is completed


Blademaster: Crucible (best run 6:08 by John_Smith)


Infiltrator: Crucible (best run 5:58 with Resistant mutator)


[] Ashes of Malmouth content

Stats pane (permanent auras, Deadly Momentum/Deadly Aim, Lethal Assault up)



Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, Vanguard Banner)



Default setup: Crucible (6:34 with banner)

PURE Nightblade - Single Mastery Challenge (7:37)

Infiltrator: Crucible (5:39 run by Mercymaker), uses altered setup

Default setup: Mad Queen

Dedicated setup: Ravager

Dedicated setup: Avatar of Mogdrogen

Dedicated setup: Lokarr



Gotta love Deathmarked… Bring back the classics.


Classics deserve refreshing :slight_smile:

Прочитал как Хтонлох :rolleyes: .
Я смотрю хапэшка у билдов потихонечку ползет вниз =) Интересно когда это дерьмо с лайф редакшеном понерфят? =)

finely u mad it x) well done

Без зеленок любому блейдмастеру очень сложно настакать здоровья, у меня есть еще 2 БМ и там тоже по 11к, кажись :slight_smile:
Да фиг его знает, че с этим делать. Будь у тебя 28к или 18к хп, в горниле одинаково пробивают, только персы с печатью более-менее живут

I tested different devotion bindings, swapped some skill points in and out, added Prismatic Diamond and accidentally uncovered the true potential of the Deathmarked.
Currently it’s my fastest and most damaging build and I’m happy to share it with you.




I changed some components around, swapped some points in and out and unexpectedly uncovered the true potential of the Deathmarked. And now this character is totally not glass cannon.
Now this character is my most damaging one and I’m happy to share it with you.


Stats pane (permanent auras, Deadly Momentum, Lethal Assault up)



hey, man, just a tiny suggestion to that revised classics. Restless remains in gloves + coldstone in weapon would be much better for performance, imo. Your 5% adtch from Seal of Blades makes you leech with just one weapon, when 3% in gloves slot would work for both.

I would also suggest stacking that slow res - greatly increases performance of a melee build in Crucible (I think Decorated Soldier is more valuable than Fighting Spirit).

And since it became a kind of a tradition for me to meddle with your builds when you don’t ask for it,here is an alternative setup from me :slight_smile:

More leech, much more damage, 38% slow res versus 8%, more of everything except armor.

Much more damage? Where? 32k in your variation vs 32k in my, except minus Cadence and minus lifesteal.
First version of my build had double Coldstone and had 34,5k WD, but I came to this one because it’s not a glass cannon anymore.
I’ll complement this reply tomorrow, can’t look at constellations from phone
Edit: no ghoul. I don’t see its ADCtH in 2nd tab. Unacceptable

Edit2: no offense, bro, keep writing :slight_smile:

Not sure where you are looking at, I have both ghoul and more adtch than your setup, no offense taken :slight_smile:

When you are home, give my setup a run or two. By damage I meant more oa and much much more flat cold coupled with slow res. Not sheet dps, sheet dps doesn’t reflect anything.

Much more damage - nope, more leech - nope, 130 less OA, slow res - yes.
As I said, this build had previous version and it was a glass cannon, so I took Phoenix for extra survivability.
Your version is basically my old, but with less OA, less armor, same lifesteal and little lower damage.

Celestial powers were not bound to skills, so 2nd tab didn’t show Ghoul’s ADCtH. Now it’s all ok

Do you mean less OA with Fighting Spirit? Because in GT it shows more OA.

I explained why it has more leech, by the way, because 3% leech for both weapons versus 5% for one in yours.

More damage comes from a much bigger flat cold that applies to both weapons.

Come on, man, at least give it a try :slight_smile: Or send me that save folder, I will give it a spin.

Where do you see that extra cold damage that is much bigger?) In my 1st version there are 2 coldstones too.
Check the email box :slight_smile:

Well, I am just comparing second page, “Magical” part of Grimtools from your post here and my post here.
Your says 9688-12183 and mine says 11231-13966.

You compare wrong builds: my build mentioned here is an updated version where I sacrificed some damage to get Phoenix and better survivability.
The initial version of this build was this.

Did it not work out?

Well, I will test it tonight and see how it goes.

It works well, but it suffers from packs of “little” punches and dots. That’s why I took Prismatic Diamond and Phoenix, they allow to completely ignore such things and character feels really smooth and safe.

Just compare:
Old (2 coldstones + powa) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEYQext7Njg
Updated (Phoenix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnsw7MpKFps

Ye, video with old setup looks dodgy and with a lot more closer moments.

I will report once I’ve tested it though.

I love DPS and power, but safety first :slight_smile:
Okay, waiting for a feedback!