[] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary


Before FG expansion I made budget Infiltrator and Malawiglenn gave me the idea to connect it with build diary with leveling tips,so finally star to work on it.It’s a two week project,next is going to be the final second part.This is aimed for players struggling to reach end game or beginners in GD.There are lots of topic to discuss mechanics,I will not be doing it here

End Game builds

My budget Infiltrator,MAIN FOCUS >>> [] Chillstrifes Infiltrator on medium budget-mostly blues updated for FG,Inquisitor Seal now is a must

Final goal https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-1-2-cholol-the-breathtaking-deathmarked-blademaster-gladiator-6-08-and-sr-80-viable/47346 build with Deathmarked set by Veretragna


Beronath fury Main attack from Shard of beronath component
Ring of Steel Frost chance,fumble from circle of slaughter
Pneumatic Burst Heal,Shadow dance offers Defensive ability
Word of Renewal Second Heal,also nice bonuses
Amarasta’s Blade Burst Mainly used for Lethal Assault proc,monster buff to our attacks
Shadow StrikeMobility and damage skill
Inquisitor Seal Very good defensive skill,also have offensive compartment


Phase 1
1-20 level

build at level 20

GT link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mPPk0N

Skills&Items-Start with Inquisitor mastery,main attack is gonna be Words of pain,it kills trash quickly and proc devotions like crazy,energy consuming though.I put 1 point in ice rune and biting cold debuff,Words of Renewal to save in tough situations.Is good to use weapon+off hand with energy regen
Devotions-Start with green affinity,then bat and attach twin fangs proc to word of pain.Option is to start with Tsunami.Next start to work with Quill.

Phase 2
20-35 level

build at level 35

GT link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY44R4Z

Skills&Items-We are yet to pick Nighblade,focus on Inquisitor mastery.Max it to reach Censure.This aura will kill trash mobs quickly and will provide tri-elemental resistance reduction for pain and later cold for our skills.You can put more points in Seal,if you are dying.Bosses will be slower,due to lack of single target damage.For relic our first possible is to take from Find lost elder quest,just click lie to keep it,later you can craft Vendetta,if you have the faction recipe.
Devotions-Full quill and we work on elemental storm proc from Rhowan crown

Phase 3
35-50 level

build at level 50

GT link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZw66KqV

Skills&Items-I decide to switch my build to DW melee around leel 40,when pain start to lose power.Beronath requires level 55,so option for DW is Troll Rage from Mistborn relic.Here we choose Nightblade and take a point in dual blades and our second heal-pneumatic burst.Amarasta with Lethal assault to boost our damage.Veil of shadow and night chill for cold damage aura and resist reduction
Devotions-Take hawk for offensive ability,to be able to crit mobs and star to work with sailor’s guide-movement speed helps with quicker leveling

Phase 4
50-65 level

build at level 65
GT link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZw6W4nV
Skills&Items-Finally option is to use Beronath Fury as attack replacer.At 65 start to emerge good faction items,some are useful to warrant place in this build.Got decent shoulders from Log.Also changed relic to faction recipe bought Vendetta.Progress with skill bar to Nightblade,our best wps skill is Execution!
Devotions-finish sailor’s guide and set sail for Murmur.Murmur proc grants cold RR.

Phase 5
65-80 level

build at level 80
GT link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVL0OmPV

Skills&Items-Full green power.So many good MI and also faction gear.At this point elite harvest footpads can cover your resistances.Also at 70 you can start to use augments,I forgot to put on rings,but since Devil’s crossing is easy to reach revered,you can use some armor augments and also ingenuity on jewels.Skills,reached end of Nightblade tree,now is about pumping points in skills we need most.
Devotions-Ultos,Viper,Ghoul.One can argued,that ghoul should be used early,but it depends whether or not you are dying.Amatok+Ultos gives a lot of cold damage.

Phase 6
80+ level

Look for reference updated budget build.You can equip Silver Sentinel at 82.Also most crafed items are available.We start to focus on more stats.OA,DA, also armor are important.To help us,we can count on more components and augments

Leveling tips

  • Is important to increase resistances while leveling,top priority
  • DA,when you fight against bosses,check it,they shouldn’t have the chance to crit you
    -OA,you need enough to hit enemies,if you crit them is even better
    -Use greens that gives you resistances,every few levels replace the gear with least armor
    -Valuable weapons for DW build-Chillstrifes form bosse Janaxia and Larria in act 5,Malkaddar sword-guaranteed drop from that boss,note you should choose Kymon as faction,Spectral longsword,farm undeads or SoT vendor.
    Faction&crafted gear can also be very good.

Other recommend beginners guides

By @Nery (me)

[] [caster] Beginner's/budget acid Sentinel
[] Chillstrifes Infiltrator on medium budget-mostly blues
[] Beginners/Budget Vindicator,lightning Caster/2h Ranged versions
[] Beginner's/budget project-DW pierce ranged Tactician
[] [Caster] Beginner's/budget vitality RE Oppressor,leveling guide inside,Cabalist version added

Builds by @Stupid_Dragon

[DW melee] Beginner’s Virulent Dervish
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[] Beginner’s melee 2H Lightning Elementalist Old but still deserves a mention
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Builds by @malawiglenn
¤¤¤ Fire Rune and Aegis Paladin (Shield Throw) ¤¤¤


¤¤¤ Beginner Spinner "spin2win" - Eye of Reckoning Warlord ¤¤¤


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Build guide is finished.

Maybe will add only faction/farmable version in the future.Also budget setup is updated.

Ps,made a mistake for patch title:undecided:

Nice work!

You miss the “TOP STARTER” and “BEST BEGINNER BUILD 2019” descriptions though :rolleyes:

Looking forward to the FG updated “semi-budget” variant you had with the silver sentinel build

I actually decided to do cosmetic changes only.Removed DG and added Seal.Also was able to clear Gladiator 170 with ease little under 8 minutes.I added that in the other build:)

You’re the first one to comment it.Maybe is the lack of fanfares and misleading information in title:D

It’s because certain someone flooded this subforum, printing out one build in 5 days on average. And a few other people I know kept bumping his threads just to bash him for personal satisfaction.

EDIT: but where are my manners,

Nice build Nery, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks!Your builds and Malawiglenn’s are so good,without them probably will never try doing this kinda guides myself.

As for other I have my own fault.I usually don’t take matters seriously and avoid confrontation most of the time.But there’s one guy,who takes himself too seriously and behavior irritates me,that doesn’t mean my jokes are classy,but sometimes just ignoring shit makes it even worse;)

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You do know we’re not at Not sure if you mean to be backwards or forwards with this. :smiley: Actually on v1.1.2.5 atm.

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If you can,please do it!

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It’s done.

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Thanks again,I hope you didn’t open the Pandora box with this post:D

I guess I can relate to that, since I’m essentially the same. Not going to join you in that since the guy did nothing to offend me personally.

I just wanted to point out that it’s sheer exposure rather than fanfares or actual quality. The number of builds posted in a short time multiplied with cross-linking every guide.

How about sealing a shadowy deal with me? I cross-link your guides in mine and vice versa? :slight_smile:

It’s part of what we’re here for and personally I prefer to be changing thread titles instead of having to take care of exploding threads because people can’t manage to stick to the forum rules.

Shadowy deal with be if you PM and here is exposed:D
So you want to put a links to your Dervish and BM?
No problems doing that!

As for popularity,I think bold statements like top build,faceroll all content and stuff like that attracts more viewers,than just simple titles.

EDIT I add BM and Dervish to OP.
Both have similar styles to Infiltrator.

Great, thank you, I’ll add your Infiltrator to my BM and Dervish later today, since I’m at work atm. Let’s keep it symmetric :wink:

If there are other builds that you’d like to participate in the exchange just pm. I’d do the same.

I really like this kind of diary post, I feel it quite interesting to compare those stats at different levels (OA/DA vs level, %damage vs level, etc.) during levelling. I don’t know much about the maths behind ARPG but is that something like exponential curve?

My first char of this game was actually an infiltrator but I had some difficulty with that char (died too many times in main campaign) and rerolled a binder later. I think as a complete newbie at that time, the hardest thing to me was to figure out how much OA/DA, armor, HP, %damage, etc. was needed at each level, especially for chars that use ADCtH for sustain like Infiltrator (though it also has two heals).

I did have many gear choices while levelling at that time due to literally picking up all green gears on the ground and check them one-by-one, but I felt that getting more DA/HP instead of OA/%damage could actually worsen the survivability so I was confused as hell. Your diary seems a good guide on how much stats one should aim for at different levels, I wish I could see this at that time.

(though I gave up playing that infiltrator mainly due to fighting Mad Queen without knowing she’s a super boss and died like 30 times and completely lost my confidence on that char :rolleyes:)

Edit: is it possible to make a list of this kind of posts (and beginner build posts ofc) and make it sticky? I know there’s some beginner builds in the compendium, but if you click at that spoiler button there you’ll see a super sparse list with like just 5 or so mastery combinations that have builds, and this is actually somewhat terrifying to beginners because it makes one feel that this game is so hard only very few combinations are viable to beginners, which obviously is untrue. It also makes beginners think that that list is maybe not up to date because there’re just so many builds outside that list. Either way they’ll stop looking at those beginner builds and just turn to those end-game builds, although that’s probably not what they need. (I did this at that time)

I’m not saying that there are too few beginner builds, I’m just suggesting that the list there perhaps needs to change the way of presentation…

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Thanks for your feedback!

I have personally leveled around 15 different characters from 1-85,now 100 and have to admit I died a lot with my first few.

I saw some screenshots of Witch Hunter,which was my first toon-32 deaths on normal…But I was not following guides,just play with 80% pierce and 0% aether and chaos:rolleyes:

Afterthat I improved a lot,in my last 6 or 7 characters I have total of 1 death.Basically from experience learn what to do.With my guides I want to help new players not to go in that hole and keep dying,cause that may ruin their experience and quit.

As for stats,I pay attention mainly for resistances.If you know which enemy deals specific damage or have debuff effect,you can react,but if you’re beginner is better to cover them all.OA is important to hit stuff,if you’re physical or pierce you need more than other damages,cause your RR proc requires Crit and not hit.DA you have to avoid crits at all costs.In act 5 there are some enemies that can one shot crit you like Janaxia and EkketZul,so you have to sustain enough DA,bosses to have 0% crit chance.

As for build compendium Malawiglenn had the idea at the time,but it was not realized.Is really good to have easier access than official Compendium.I intend to create more guides in future,if you have ideas or feedback,please let me know:)

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Exactly, I asked moderators if we could have a specific “beginner builds & guides” thread as sticky but the answer was “no, forum will be too cluttered” or something like that.