[] The blue monster - budget DW melee cold Infiltrator, Gladiator 150-170 viable


My first build ever that cleared Gladiator 170 was cold DW melee Infiltrator, so I posted the initial version. Now decided to rework it into something different, build that uses mostly blue items, few greens, no random legendary items or full sets.

Credit for the original idea to @malawiglenn also tag here @banana_peel for DW melee fan corner membership :smile:


  • permanent buffs with lethal assault charged, damage for Beronath’s fury

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV97DelN


Where to get the gear?

  • Random blue items are Silver Setinel set, gloves, boots and medal. Blue items pool is smaller and they drop pretty often. Silver Sentinel set is the one I had the most copies of.

  • Crafted gear- Amulet(faction bought), also rings are low level crafts

  • MI gear - monster infrequents are daggers(farmed from bosses Larria and Janaxia act 5 AoM content, pants from Kuba, not mandatory, belt from new FG zone enemies.

All affixes are common yellow one expect daggers that have green suffixes, they are farmed legit in campaign.

Devotion route is standard for cold melee, you can replace Dying God if you hate the health cost in campaign change it or don’t assign skill to the proc.

Also devotions can sustain their cost, for example you need to pick red affinity or Jackal, then take Revenant and remove red/Jackal, this could confuse newer players. Also it’s good idea to bind your auto attack to -RR devotion,in this case Beronath’s Fury.


This is classical DW melee build, auto attack+Nightblade WPS skills, attack scales with attack speed.

  • Amarasta"s Lethal Assault is our main OA and damage buff skills.

  • Shadow Strike for mobility and also is great skill for procing stuff.

  • Ring of Steel is for fumble melee attacks.

  • Renewal+Pneumatic burst for stats and portable heals, don’t let them expire.

  • Seal is for defense here, good way to delete small DoT damage and trash mobs, also can proc devotions.

Passive Skills are Aura of Censure+Veil for instant -RR and also nice debuffs, Coldstone form component for damage, Deadly Aim is always must for 12 points for OA and crit damage, Blade Spirits as 1 pointer too.

So try to isolate enemies 1vs1, put seal underneath you against tough enemies, attack with left button, put Amarasta on right mouse for easy apply and zip around with Shadow Strike. Cool build :sunglasses:


Without being reckless and know some waves you can have decent clear rate, tried in current patch and clear 3 out of 3, times between 6:50-7:15 small margin actually.

Toughest enemy is Kuba for every cold build out there, nasty healing pools and breath attack is dangerous. Also be aware of MadQueen red aura, Anasteria meteors, Korvaak in 169, disrupt enemies.

Video from Gladiator, 6:52!

Leveling Guide

Here’s my tips for leveling cold DW melee Infiltrator.


Reserved,btw mistake on title mostly blues,not greens:o

Nice one, I have thoughts of doing a “blue only” build series at some point. The Silver sentinel set is really good.

I have also plans to make a budget DW cold /pierce infiltrator in the same vein as my other builds so this will serve as a nice benchmark

I am surprised you did not use Inq seal. Not needed?

Ellena necklace is pretty cool too, and has good mods as it is so not need of getting hold of a “fancy” rollh

These faction weapons are good too:

Nice work again! Keep these budget builds coming dude

Sentinel is nice and some of other blue items are decent too.Beronath amulet is way better +1 to all skils,attack speed and flat.This build have nice speed and RR as well-chillstrife mode helped with that so no need of necklace or even Combustion relic.I usually avoid Seal in DW melle build,for survivabilty I rely on life steal,heals and twin fangs proc+damage reduction on Censure.

here is a pierce version I made with the “Blind assassin” set btw


Can become a bit stronger using the new devos I think, the pierce devos in FG look pretty promising

Like it.I have tried belgo Infiltrator and have some energy problems,so good call use on Harp constellation.In my setup also use Crab and like the proc.This is first time I noticed this medal:D,it’s good alternative for Direwolf crest.Btw why two Razors?

I could not find another good pierce based blue weapon. Mythical Assassins calling comes to mind though. And it is pretty easy to farm a decent Dermaperand slicer actually.

The medal is a pretty good faction one.

There are some new faction gear in FG that is related to pierce dmg too.

I think I said that to you in another thread, energy means dps loss and lack of survivability :wink: harp is nice for pierce builds since you need the affinity anyway and you get some +% pierce damage (and nice OA/DA, slow res etc) pretty overlooked devo if you ask me!

Thanks again for posting this great build. 7min 20 sec cruci is very good for a build with 90% blue items

I am the person,who usually neglect energy regen:D,but Harp is nice,cause it is in your devotion points region,but i hate going off track to get it.I have more than 20 builds and used it currently in 1.My cold Infiltrator don’t have any energy problems.The only problem I think is low HP.But test it against some of campaign nemesis-Benni,Moosi and Valdaran and no problems.Actually i record Benni killing and is 10 sec,if my Sentinel proc activates in first or second hit it will be even 2 or 3 sec faster,but acually have no idea how much time it should take,so cant make comparesement.

Yeah, there should be a similar devo to the left side of the tree. Perhaps if Chariot of dead proc gave DA and Energy regen instead of DA and life?

I do like that Mark of Illusion gets DA boost in new patch, should make for a vital option over Runebound topazes in energy hungry melee builds.

Ravager eyes in weapon? Less flat dmg and armor but more health and DA. Well not that much more health. And 8% less wpn damage means 10% less life steal so

In crucible 150-170 use Royal jelly essence-easy and cheap to craft,sometimes see number like 400 possible crafts.I agree with Chariot energy regen idea-right now is just siphon for points 7 for 5 affinity and unless you are CDR stacker the proc will not be used most of time.Even before Mark of illusions buff I used it with Forcewave Tactician,so that is good alternative.

yeah the Jelly potions are really nice budget potions.

I realize you have only been at the forum for a month or so. You have big impact here, glad you joined :slight_smile: Keep up the good work

Thanks,for your kind words!I return in this patch after some time of absence in the game and decide finally to make profile in this wonderful forum.I will continue to be active after FG is released.

Added update for FG,soon will finish build diary!

One of the cool new features is that you can edit title yourself.

Finally is in correct state :relieved:

I still see [] :scream:

I don’t remember what patch was updated,lets say current :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was written greens,that’s corrected to blues :smile:

:bird: :bird: :bird:

does this still work after all the latest patches/nerfs? i mean doing 170 crucible on this low budget with short time.
Also after all the latest patches, what do u think is a better budget build, cold infiltrator, pierce infiltrator, or pierce blademaster?

Hmm, tough question. If you want to play it in Crucible, I suggest using this devotion map maybe? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQOQEjV

DW melee as whole taken some hits, but Infiltrator is still excellent class, probably it won’t be with 80-90% clear rate now, but definetely is one of the cheapest monster melees in the game. And cold DW Infiltrator trumps other options in my mind. Just seal alone+second heal and damage reduction from Censure is excellent. Btw if you don’t have some of the items, write them and I can get you list of suitable replacements.

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I didn’t see this one when you posted it, Nery. Something to consider if I may offer a friendly advice:

  • maybe Nightscorn rings as a cheap purple Alkamos replacement? But I think blue Alkamos is still acting king in the absence of the purple ones

  • I know it’s supposed to be budget but since you got that medal and belt already… maybe you could bend a little further for Hagarrad gloves…?

  • buff to the Throne seems godgiven but I’d still take all points from purple and push for Revenant

  • since you got 1000000% aether overcap I’d sacrifice one Malmouth Redemption (on off-hand) for Ravager’s Eye, that would free some point from Vigor and Shadow Dance overcap. I’d also maybe cancel Shadow Strike nodes and use Beronath for Rumor. And normalize Elemental Awakening. With those points I’d take some RoH (1-12-1). It’s stil 250 da shred and some frostburn for cheap.

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