Help me choose beginner dual wield build

i Searched the forum for beginner dual wield builds and there is like 5 of them, so im confused which one to choose. Which one of these do you think is the best if you have 0 items in stash:
spellbreaker: [] BYOB (Build Your Own Breaker)
trickster: [] Beginners/budget DW cold melee Trickster
infiltrator: [] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary
blademaster: [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster
dervish: [DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish

For some reason I thought that a variety of DW builds for beginners is good, but apparently it’s just confusing and there needs to be one to rule them all.

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@Stupid_Dragon earlier we had too few dual wield builds for beginners (and builds in general), now we have too many :wink:

My tip is to look in the build compendium and see what kind of high tier end game builds are and how they play.

The spellbreaker is the most squishy of them whereas blademaster and infiltrator are pretty tanky. Infiltrator and trickster are easy since you can use Silver Sentinel set (though I bet one can use blind assassin set on the blademaster) (these are epic tier sets and have much higher drop chances than legedaries)

cold and acid based builds you can get some extra AoE and spells going on from devotion procs, in general pierce based builds have less AoE.

Dragon’s dervish stacks respectable dot too, which favors hit and run tactics as well. The spellbreaker works in a similar fashion, whereas the pierce blade master is more like stand and tank 100% of the time or kite and deal no damage.

EDIT: we also have the situation that some players already have these class comobs chosen, and are stuck somwhere in say elite or whatever and need something to help them progress. That was kinda my idea with my warder guide. It is not particularity good from an objective standpoint, but many players (still today) starts with warder and need something to help them along the way.

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Compared to the rest of the builds Spellbreaker stands aside, since it’s basically not a full autoattack build, it’s more of a melee caster that sneaks autoattacks here and there. My Dervish is still a full auto-attack build despite the high DoT nature of the build. That’s why Spellbreaker also isn’t obviously most squishy of them all, given Maiven Sphere, Mirror and crapload of CC resistances from Conversion.


so from what you wrote, my pick would be infiltrator cause its tanky + can use easy to get set + has aoe, and no other build from the post has all those 3 things

Choose,depending what kind of damage you want and what’s are your goals.

Infiltrator is excellent for cold damage,but you need to farm Ancient Grove for Beronath fury recipe.But is the most solid defensively build and also variety of end game version.Blademaster is also super good defensively,with higher health and armor.Pierce is recommended damage type.

Dervish and Trickster are currently the fastest DW melee in end game and they have proper auto attacks.They seems to be glassy,though.Spellbreaker or Saboteur are just gonna die,if you look them bad.

I hope that helps you :slight_smile:

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And it is very easy to get.

I got it on my first trip there. And I also read that @malawiglenn mentioned a few times that you only need a skeleton key (provided by the NPC) to get it, because the vendor can be reset without leaving the entire dungeon, only the area. I recall him mentioning that you can powerfarm it in less than an hour.

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If all blueprints have equal change of being in the inventory, its like 1 in 13 chance that he sells it each time. Let’s say one reroll takes 1 min, its like 40 min to be 95% chance to get it there at least once.

One should also look for other useful blueprints like prismatic diamond, empowered essence of Beronath and ugdensalve potion.
(and if one is rich, buy and learn all the other low level blueprints to get higher chance of getting low level blueprints dropping in game due to the reroll mechanics)