[] [caster] Beginner's/budget acid Sentinel


Yes,I remember your build was good and it was interested use of Dark One set.That set does’t have Oathkeeper support,but is seems like it’s tailored fo it.And ofc Virtue energy regen can help spam Biting blades.

Nice guide I will now steal the Arrow icons for my own :wink:

Scorpion proc also has DA shred to it, perhaps points from judgment can be spent in Clarity of purpose instead?

When did you transition over to the caster part of the build? Around level 75 or a little bit later? Thanks Nery.

Thanks,will correct that,they don’t stack.Arrow key icon,you can definitely use that.

@Lyrrados At 75 you can use Seal of Shadows component,so you can switch at that time if you want.Also at that point you can have all or almost all devotion procs.

Or perhaps I will use some other Emoji instead like :hamburger:

Yup hamburger layers do stack :ok_hand:

Thanks for posting this build, I think it’s a very good one for farming Vanquisher set so I’ve just added link to this post in the ‘build for farming Vanquisher set’ section of my skater sentinel build post :smiley:

I have one question though: Why Revenant not Manticore? Is it for 6% ADctH and cast speed? Is acid/poison damage from Manticore proc negligible?

All stats of Revenant are useful,cast speed and AdctH in particular.I am not fan of Manticore proc,on my build I can’t really proc it effectively.On DW build I can attach it to whirling death,here is little complicated.

Acid modifier is enough,Manticore in current state is not worth it.

That makes sense, thanks for the explanation! BTW in the GT link you didn’t bind bat to any skills, I suppose it’s biting blades?

Yes it’s biting blades.When I change some details,I may disturb it,cause blades were put in original GT.

Hi Nery
Thanks for the guide! Are there superior endgame Epics/Legendaries for weapon besides the factional weapon and MI?

Just checking database.You need weapon with acid damage and cast speed.

Mythical Plaguebearer of Dreeg is probably the best option.

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I found this weapon looking pretty interesting Mythical Scion of Bitter Winds vit to acid conversion. Not even sure if its an upgrade from faction weapon but it looks kinda cool.

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I saw it too.Conversion,cast speed and RR proc.But it deals mixed cold/acid damage and also not flat.

I think its upgrade,but not as good as Dreeg.

perhaps this https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/11681 for pierce > acid conversion. Lacks casting speed though

I have neither :frowning: I do have Mythical Scion of Noxious Wounds but it doesn’t seem suited for the build.

Since Mala dropped in, do you suggest continuing with the Acid Sentinel or nudge it towards Acid Retal? I just dressed the lady in budget gear today.

Depends on what you wanna do and how you wanna play.

“My” retal sentinel build “the blue ageis build” is not primarly retaliation but uses retal only to get high aegis damage. The idea of that build was to make a build that easy can farm say Dark One set and other stuff so that one can transition into a build like this one that Nery did. Pure acid retal builds require much hard to get items and will not be as sturdy as a retal warlord.

Depends,acid retal Sentinel is viable.But you need the full blue set or Judgment of the tree.Acid Aegis hybrid is also an option.

Dark One set is common,also provides defensive proc.So it solid build,but other than legendary weapon and few other items it has less ground for improvement.

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Quick question: I noticed the build has the Lantern devotion in it, but it doesn’t include a dagger, scepter, or caster off-hand. Is it there just because of the affinity it provides?

The Dark One’s build? It have off hand. If one build don’t have one of the above listed it’s not worth taking whole constellation just for affinity. For example Lotus gives you absolutely the same affinity bonus.