[] [HC] Soulrend Reaper - a classic in a Guardian's armor ft. easier to build setups (SR65+, vids)

Time for a classic, time for… the Soulrend Reaper!

This is a very special char for me, because Soulrend Reaper was, is and will always be the most iconic reaper as it is the perfect embodiment of a reaper and even more so because it was the first char I managed to reach lvl 100 in HC with (without a Soulrend). This was in early AoM (late 2017) and since then the build has been through couple of changes. Took me quite a while to make Soulrend actually able to clear harder content aswell as it is really squishy and Soulrend has been quite underwhelming for a long time. After the latest buffs in 1.1.4 I made the latest gear switch (SR set) and finally managed to kill Lokarr and clear Shattered Realm shards 50-51.

^ Shattered Guardian setup with Lethal Assault active.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E0DPjN
Pierce res is maxed out ingame with high rolls on pierce res. If you don’t have those, use one more pierce+x res augment.

older GTs:
beginner: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD46rkZ

advanced: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXg1WkZ

Shattered Guardian: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25JoOGV

BiS (GD stasher setup): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28ejOGV

Pls note: Yes I know bloodied crystal is better than Runebound Topaz and I’d do the switch, but I’m a greedy bastard and low on mats right now. Ideally all GT links should have Crystals instead of Topaz. Also feel free to use purple Alkamos rings instead.

Highlight video featuring all three versions (not the BiS version) and SR 50/51 bosses:


All of the following will refer to the „Shattered Guardian“ set up.

crucible: Haven’t tried this build in it yet, but should be okish.

celestials (except Lokarr): Highly doubt it, but might be possible.


Tier 1:

  • Viper: %OA, %RR, affinites

  • Spider: %AS, OA/DA, affinity (actually good now since the latest buff)

  • Throne: tons of cc res, aether, pierce and chaos res, DA, affinity (really good now aswell)

  • Hawk: %OA, crit dmg

  • Wolverine: flat and %DA, affinity (good if you need lots of purple, kinda makes up for no watcher)

Tier 2:

  • Kraken: good stuff for 2h

  • Murmur: must have for all cold builds, RR proc

  • Amatok: %cold/frostburn dmg, HP, DA, good dmg proc

  • Rhowan’s Crown: %elemental dmg, flat RR proc, ele and chaos res

Tier 3:

  • Leviathan: HP, flat and % cold/frostburn, energy, pierce res, phys res, good dmg proc (actually useable with SR set imo)


  • weapon: Soulrend

  • amulet, chest, shoulders, helm: The Shattered Guardian (insane HP and res, especially cc, phys)

  • pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros (OA, proc; Reaper’s legguards are better in certain set ups)

  • rings: Band of Eternal Haunt (RR proc) and Living Ring, or purple Alkamos rings

  • gloves: Mythical Iceskorn Talons (%crit, cdr chance to BH, AS)

  • relic: Nidalla’s Outbreak (+1 Nightblade, crit dmg, decent dmg on proc)

  • belt: Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard (+1 Nightblade, crit dmg, %OA) or Gargoyle Waistguard (better with decent affixes due to vit to cold conversion)

  • boots: Mythical Greaves of Ill Omens (cc res, skill bonuses)

  • medal: Mythical Dreadchill Mark (necrotic edge and BH skill mods, AS)


  • level using dual whield set up similar to this or Ravenous Earth vitality spec (Necromancer) until you can switch to one of the three endgame specs with Winter King sword or Soulrend.

  • rush Rhowan’s Crown and Murmur devotions


RR = resist reduction, OA/DA = offensive/defensive ability, CS = casting speed, CDR = cooldown reduction, HC = hardcore, HP = health points, %WD = % weapon damage, SS = Shadow Strike, BH = Bone Harvest

Feedback & Final Words

Latest buffs to Soulrend feel very nice, obviously 45% vitality to cold conversion would make it even juicier, but not op imo. Would complement the gargoyle belt nicely!

My setup really could use some more OA, which better affixes on greens or Alkamos’ rings could provide. As most of my builds, it’s a little more survival based and tries to farm not the very hardest (SR 65+), but still reasonably high stuff as it is made for HC after all. You won’t find the craziest records here, but the build is definitely good enough to be called an overall solid endgame char. Hope you enjoy it and have fun reaping souls!

Special thanks to:

@Nery for this beginner build guide. Used it to create my lvl 43 lvling GT.

@afanasenkov26 for making this Soulrend build, motivating me to update my own aswell. I hope you don’t mind me posting this version aswell, haven’t seen an SR version of Soulrend reaper on the forums so far and also none for HC.


Nice build and even better writing!

It’s always esthetically pleasing to see the big DPS numbers. Oh and nice avatar :+1:

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As I said in my video, this build should probably be able to do SR 75-75 in SC aswell (at least inconsistanly), but I don’t dare to try that on HC :sweat_smile: at least not in this char. Would be interesting to see your take on this build aswell.

Thx :smile:

Not in hardcore I bet. This build is very nice, but you would lose it in high SR going from 65 to 75. I’d lose it for sure lol. If you did it in HC, please share a video.

Nice build and guide!
Ofc I don’t mind you’ve posted it cuz your setup is different from mine and you’ve also tried in HC.
(and gone for both SS and BH, since SR set makes it possible).
Btw, I have some questions :slight_smile:
How good is the damage dealt?
Interesting devotion path. Why did you choose to go to Levi instead of DG/Ultos?
Why not Alkamos rings? I suppose it’s because rr prock and lack of stats, but wanna hear you. :slight_smile:
Are Reaper’s Chausses much better than Barbarosses?

Also it would be nice to see Crucible performance.

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Mostly to try out the three freshly buffed devotions, spider, throne and leviathan (trying to make Leviathan great at some point) and also because I’ve had some xperience with a cold dervish, which also used SR set and a similar devotion route. SR set is really tanky but has less %dmg than dedicated cold sets, so you can go for super offensive high %damage devotion route with SR set. I would not use Leviathan without it. That said, I actually haven’t tried DG/Ultos/Revenant on this very char so far.

I think you need insane affixes for them to be better than Barbaros.

Actually, because I don’t have them… after 2,5k hours of gameplay I still only have two of the same one. I never could get myself to do more than ~100 SoT runs at once or repeat that 100 run session again.

Dummy kill is 28s and max crit is 610k, probably in SR with the meds (royal jelly and elixir of dranghoul) in the video, no SR shrines.

I would like to see it aswell, but don’t really wanna play it tbh. Gets too boring too fast for me :sweat_smile: Anyone is welcome to stash and load the char into crucible and try it out though.

I certainly wouldn’t dare it on HC, I can see it working in SC though. The build should be able to make it, but definitely not consistently.

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Doing SR 75 or Crucible HC with Soulrend Reaper even with SR set sound borderline insane. :cold_sweat:

Actually, I tried is even with me old spec, before green belts’ and Soulrend buffs. Too inconsistent for me. Think that 65-66 is the perfect border for this. :slight_smile:

I’ve lost a dozen fully decked semi-glassy toons like this one doing exactly that, trying to reach high SR. Insanity is the line crossed a long time ago, man…

thx for this build :slight_smile:
guess i have no Problem on Normal :joy: sorry.
im still a n00b so … :sweat_smile:


what were your farming routes till you got the right setup to attempt SR with?

As this was my first lvl 100 HC char, it has quite the farming history. First I just did some bee hives, act bosses, etc. Then mostly solael and steps of torment. Then BoC and eventually ancient grove. I didn’t farm SR set on this char, I farmed it on my fire Oppressor and then equipped it on this char, which made it able to kill lokarr and beat SR 51. Without SR set, soulrend reaper is really just a dungeon farmer.

Out of all the things I ran solael -> SoT by far the most on this char.

Doing SR 75 with ANY build sounds insane, since there are certain combos that kill every single build in the game.

Fair enough. But if I can pick a build, it won’t be exactly Soulrend Reaper. I will pick SR set Infiltrator. I played it and until SR 75, with good piloting you can cut through lot of ugly combos like Kaisan+Slathasar or Grava+Reaper. Still being one step from annihilation is not my cup of tea.

Same story as opressor. It’s in your collection but here it’s and GT links are also at best. Since marking it as would put it as a relatively recent build I’ll be marking it as in compendium for a time being.

Downgraded it in my compendium for now. Thx for finding and reporting these errors.

Added SR 65-66 HC run.

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