I can not kill any mob, what should I do?

After update, Veteran difficulty truly agonizes me.

I died in Putrid Den without killing any mob.

Here is my character:

My Character

I always spam “R” key (Health potion); but those potions can not keep me alive even I use 10+ potions.

So, what is wrong my character? Before that update, farming was fun.

But at the moment this game is like “Prepare to Die Edition” for me.

PS: I also tried other classes and I have completed 3+ hack and slash games so far (not “Easy” difficulty), so I am not a noob.

If Veteran is too difficult then change to Normal difficulty.

I usually go with just one point in the skills I want to use and put the rest into the mastery bar because that helps you to survive.

Veteran is indeed too difficult on early levels (1-10 or so).
It isnt important, if you’re familiar with other ARPGs or not - more important, if you’re familiar with GD mechanics or not. There are some really good starter builds, who can slice through content like a hot knife through butter - for example, an Albrecht’s Aether Ray mage hunter. But still, better start on “normal” at least for 1-10 level, till you get few decent items and skills, at least.
I can explain it more in more detail, if you’re interested.

BTW, a nice comparison with Dark Souls. If you remember, there are 2 paths from the start - one leads to kinda easy starting area, while another - into far more difficult mid-game one. Obviously, if you go the second way from the start, it truly gets “prepare to die”, but if you go the first one, it’s kinda easy.

Can you tell me how to build a dw cold infiltrator (LMB: ABB) in Veteran without dying?

Start with inquisitor only, put points into Word of Pain and Inquisitor’s seal, and play like a caster. IF you start as Nightblade, prepare to suffer.

When should I switch to dw infiltrator mode?

DW build is bad for starters. You should switch to it only when get decent gear. From my own experience, leveling with DW build is a nightmare.

[] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary Here’s my guide about Infiltrator. It’s made before increase of difficulty. Also it’s leveled on normal. But it’s gonna give you basic grasp what to do :slight_smile:

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You didn’t take any damaging abilities. You also started with a class which relies on weapon skills, therefore needs good weapons and gear to become strong.
Pick up Amarasta’s Blade Burst or Phantasmal Blades for damaging abilities. If they start to cost too much energy, you might want to level their passives first. That will increase their damage while keeping their energy cost the same.

Since you’re new, expect to be super confused and mess up. There’s some basics to learn about building. It’s generally a good idea to look up some beginner’s guides. This game’s character building is complex and needs some knowledge before you do things right.

Veteran difficulty is fine. You’ll see that for yourself once you gain more experience. Do some research and don’t give up on it :wink:

Start it out like this:

I level it like this, more or less:

  • Level 2: 1pt Mastery bar, 1pt Dual Blades, 1pt ABB - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 3: 1pt Mastery bar, 1pt Dual Blades, 1pt ABB - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 4: 1pt Mastery bar, 1pt Dual Blades, 1pt ABB - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 5: 1pt Mastery bar, 1pt Dual Blades, 1pt ABB - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 6: 1pt Mastery bar, 2pt VoS - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 7: 1pt Mastery bar, 2pt Pneumatic Burst - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 8: 1pt Mastery bar, 1pt Dual Blades, 1pt ABB - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 9: 1pt Mastery bar, 1pt Dual Blades, 1pt ABB - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 10: 1pt Mastery bar, 1pt Dual Blades, 1pt ABB - Attribute Point: Phys
  • Level 11: 2pt Mastery bar, 1pt BoB - Attribute Point: Cunn

You absolutely can survive in Vet AND dual-wield by being attentive and moving away from shit. Look for gear that bumps resists, at this stage you might want to prioritize Poison res more. Attack speed bumps on both weapons, of course. As you get closer to level 10+, energy regen will become more of a factor as ABB gets more points dumped in it combined with Pneumatic. Wear caster gear on that head and chest to compensate. Spec into Phantasmal Armor to help offset as well (which is what this character will be doing at level 12).

Between levels 10-20 you should then begin finding Veteran begin to become “easier” if you focus on getting/finding resistances built up on your gear. Once you feel like your damage feels “strong” you can also more readily abandon the “1pt Mastery bar” approach somewhat if you like and more freely open up the mastery bars for your chosen mastery’s.

Between levels 20-30 it is very possible to have all your resistances very high or even have many of them maxed as long as you keep a keen eye open for resistances on your drops, at the merchants, in your Devotions and skill trees, and take advantage of resistance-heavy components at the Blacksmith.

Resistances (and strong damage output - AoE) are the key to early-Veteran survival.


This is all such great information!