[] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary

You must be a very good player to finish your first playthrough with only 32 deaths with 0% aether/chaos resists because compared to 80% they do 5x damage to you :smiley:

Yeah I knew resists and those stats are important because I saw people saying that in many posts, but I still didn’t know how much was enough for that level and worried a lot at that time like, “Is my OA enough? Is 6% crit chance big or not? Maybe %damage is also too low? Should I get more ADCtH or more %damage or more HP or more DA to increase survivability???”

Resists are obvious because you can just cap them, for DA not getting crits from bosses is a good indicator, but stats like OA/HP/%damage are more difficult to tell, that’s why I think seeing the actual numbers from your diary can be really helpful. It allows people to compare and find out like “okay so at this level I already have higher %damage than the guide, but OA is much lower, so maybe I should try Gear B instead of A, because although A has %damage, B has huge +OA”.

Actually I was speaking 32 deaths in normal.First player ever to be killed by venom stringer…twice in a row:D.I man up and finish 85 with just over 60 deaths combined.

My build is more of a comparison than must.I level strictly self found,every player will find different gear.Actually they should find better,cause I am speed leveling and also not farming dungeons often.Only BoC if I am underleveled.

the post is missing the grimtools link for the build with the silver sentinel set, the budget infiltrator first link is a link to this forum post

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Thanks,it’s corrected now.

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Nery, this format is outstanding for new players like myself. I had just read a thread this morning (which you made an appearance in) that shared my feelings on the lack of early character detail a majority of the build guides lack - which are the details you have here. The gear progression, including examples of stat priorities and MI affixes, as well as class skill priorities and weights, are information that is often neglected.


Thanks,I appreciate your comment! If you have any questions,ask.

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have been really enjoying this build a lot. much appreciate the guide.
is the cadence build you have linked by veretragna still relevant and what to aim for for end game at this stage?

The cadence build is Blademaster, in the same thread you have the infiltrator version.

sorry, dont know all the skills yet. i mean more, is that build thread that is linked still the high end build to go for ultimately from the budget version?

You can find more infiltrators here Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) and this [] Chillstrifes Infiltrator on medium budget-mostly blues is kinda like your “first goal” build

yes i am aware, also not what i was asking.

I didn’t know that, some are not aware of the build compendium :slight_smile: and you can see it this way, if a build is posted there its still “viable”.

I am not aware of any new item or change to veres infiltrator.

Let me be more specific. Is the deathmarked inquis linked here still the end game goal for this?
Not is it viable, but is it still the main thing to aim for as i’m already running the budget version and looking to aim towards the high end version, just want to know if thats the one Nery recommends to go for still as the “final goal”

But i see now youve also been editing your comments with more info after my replies, so i take it thats a yes. Thank you

Perhaps someone is working on an updated version or not. Meanwhile, just the deathmarked infiltrator by vere as your “goal build”. Remember that the build was made with the limitation/restriction: “no green items” so perhaps one could make it a bit more powerful with some dope greens like Kuba pants for +3 Lethal assault, and some dope green boots for slow res. The reason why those two purple legs and boots were used is because they provide slow and stun res without the builder having to rely on fancy green affixes.

Thanks for the additional info, will keep that in mind!

you will get plenty of Kuba pants when you run Crucible, and you can craft tons of Stoneplate greaves

If you want to play cold Infiltrator,Deathmarked is way to go!

But note that pierce with Belgothian set is also viable alternative,so depends what items you’ll find.

Can you please explain why you chose kymon? Is there a bounty specific reward or something? I’m failing to see why kymon is chosen based from what they sell.

The best weapon for this build is Chillstrife.But in leveling or even game is usable Malkadar blade.

This sword is easy available,you need to kill Malkadar in a quest line for Kymon chosen.If you choose Death Vigil,he’s not possible enemy.Further if you already selected Inquisitor class,it’s natural to select Kymon :slight_smile: