Infiltrator vs Blademaster

Hello! I was wondering which is better for a new player: infiltrator or blademaster? I only have the Ashes expansion but plan to get Forgotten Gods within the next week or so. Also, any beginner guides on whichever you think is best would be great!

This is super in depth! Thank you so much!

I like Infiltrators better. Here’s my guide :slight_smile: [] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary

Why do you like infiltrators better? And thanks a bunch for the guide! It’s also very in depth and helpful!

Nery is totally a cold DW guy. Infiltrators, Tricksters. Blademaster works as well but worse.

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Both classes can go pierce focused or cold focused. I like cold better. And Infiltrator is the king of cold DW melee. For pierce you want Blademaster. So pick what suits you!

Thank you for explaining!!