[] Cholol, the Breathtaking - Deathmarked Blademaster, Gladiator (6:08) and SR 80 viable

I’d rather use the Ground Smash skill instead of doomforce if I were you. More damage in general, wonder if you just wanted the DoT or you don’t care about the damage. And yes, I read this :P:

Doom. Yes, I prefer this relic over Nemesis. Its flat physical damage gets converted into Cold and its proc provides huge payload of trauma that gets converted to frostburn. I love it.

Tbh I just forgot about Ground Smash :smiley: Earlier versions had Boneshatter treads.
Will fix it

BTW, first feedback - Windshear boots fit this build so much better :slight_smile:

All right, after few failed attempts and going back and forth between different setups I got it to a level where it can farm Crucible in 9, maybe 9:30 minutes with 4 buffs and no banners pretty safely. It’s not Infiltrator levels of safety of course, because, you know, no seal and no censure and no word of renewal (and even Aura of Conviction beats Oleron’s Rage for such build and it’s not even close). But with just minimal piloting effort you can do it. I mean, if I did, most players can.

Few surprising revelations I had when I was testing different stuff out:

  1. Amatok is absolute hot garbaggio for this build. Yes, after I realised that 4 devotions points were spent on 40% cold damage/4% health and a proc that procs once in blue moon I decided I had enough of that weak shit and removed all points from it
  2. Hungering Void is AMAZING for this build. With around ~3400 OA with Ulzuin’s Pact 40% crit damage and 10% attack speed is just sick. Everything melts. No awkward skill bindings to proc it (unlike Amatok’s Blizzard)
  3. Best amulet is actually Executioner’s Judgment. I have tested it with Night’s Embrace and Mageslayer Protector too. Proc from Executioner’s Judgment is really really good, especially in Crucible. I know it looks worse than Night’s Embrace on paper, but just try it out.

8:54 minutes 4 buffs no banners run

EDIT: Did like 4 runs in that final setup. Runs vary from 9 to 10 minutes, with 10 minutes being the worst possible set of mutators plus Kubacabra spawning on every wave he can spawn. Died only once on the last run of the night, on wave 170 when I had only Moosie and Kuba left and Kuba had like 30% hp, lol (so obviously just own stupidity to blame).

EDIT 2: Bonus - 10 seconds Mad Queen kill

I performed a quick test on Mad Queen with my char and killed her in 9 seconds.


I still think my setup is better due to extra safety from Phoenix.

That’s just a difference in one extra lucky execution crit.

Try out my setup, man, it’s as safe as blademaster can be, and it’s effective and streamlined. It’s not a build competition, we are just optimizing a pretty common setup.

Sure, but if you publish some variation I expect it to be better. Is it better than mine with Phoenix?
Send it back to me by mail and I’ll try it :slight_smile:

I think it is. It felt good at the end at least. Sent you an e-mail.

I didn’t forget this char, will test it today.
Witcher III is so time-consuming :slight_smile:

So, I tested your setup with Dying God without any changes. I love it, so I added it as an alternative.

>> Grimtools << alternative (mad_lee’s spec: Dying God, alternative gear)



Nice run, I saw you kited just twice and you just facetanked Grava/Kuba/Valdaran on wave 170 with no sweat. Dying God makes this BM hit like a freight train. I was kinda surprised that it hits so hard with cold with since it’s a single RR class combo and without a single green item, gotta be one of the most affordable close to top tier builds (and deathmarked set is also not that great compared to AoM sets).

Thanks for adding it! :slight_smile:

Actually it’s a very powerful set, and Cadence is unexpected way to make it even better. I found no other builds using Cadence with Deathmarked.
The reason this build is so good is huge weapon damage; my other DW builds have 21-24k weapon damage and I think they are top-tier, but this particular one stacks up to 34k. That’s it :slight_smile:
Oh, and Cadence itself supported by Execution hits like a bus. In 6 strikes you deal 856% WD via Cadence, 554% WD via Execution and 300% WD via regular attacks/wps. It’s super powerful

Since when Cadence work with WPS? It always overrided all WPS.

My calculation supposes that 6 hits include 2 Cadence hits, 1 Execution and the rest are default attacks and other wps. Maybe I should call it 7 hits, 2 for cadence and 5 for others including Execution with 20% chance to proc, doesn’t matter much. It’s a draft for understanding only


I managed to kill Ravager of Flesh with this char.
Total time - 3:47.
Edit: totally forgot about Cursed Tincture. Maybe I’ll use it later, maybe not, who cares

>> Grimtools << dedicated build for Ravager

Stats pane (permanent auras, Deadly Momentum, Lethal Assault up - Ravager spec)


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6 sacred strikes out of 10, need macros

No-no-no, no macros in my swamp! :furious:

but seriously though, good kill timer, I think it’s faster than my Belgo Infiltrator.

Deathmarked rules even without cursed tincture! :smiley:

Avatar of Mogdrogen kill was surprisingly slow compared to Ravager kill, took 9 minutes: I had to sacrifice too much damage for +100% lightning overcap, stun resistance and +8% max lightning resistance.
But still, this kill was very easy and safe.

Deathmarked Godkiller, now certified. Tomorrow I’ll test it on Lokarr.