Help me go further (SR45 Cold DW)

Hi there.

I’m currently playing a cold infiltrator, and just validated SR45, but it’s been a little hard. Actually not that hard, the trash was okay, even nemesises, but I had a painfull boss combo which made me loose the bonus timer, because I took some severe criticals on SR43 for god knows what reasons.

I know my DA is very low for high end game (OA is okayish but can be better), though I don’t know how to improve it without loosing res or damage. I already sacrificed my lovely whirlpool devotion for some defence :frowning:

Anyway, I can’t seem to min-max it anymore alors, so I’m looking for some pro advices here !

My build is the following :

Thank you !

edit : Yeah, I know I should take word of renewal, but man it’s sooooo much of a pain without auto recaster.

You might try smth like this

just have pneumatic burst and word of renewal on mouse wheel

your slow res is bad, that prevents dps and life steal

I didn’t know one could bind to mouse wheel.

@dmt : that’s interresting. A lot of life on hit I see, some greens (finding them might be hard tho) and some…originals devotions I never thought about.

I’ll give that a shot, who knows.

But I see amarasta’s burst is back. I had it before, it was okay, but that made so many cooldown to play with I dropped it. It was also a mana sink with ring of steel, pneumatic and word of renewal

If you wanna play without ABB it’s okay, it mainly for Lethal Assault buff and it increases your damage significantly but you can do SR 65 without it. Try something like this without ABB, get some health and DA affix on the amulet and design augments accordinly which resistance it provides. You absolutely need Word of Renewal and more lifesteal to survive, you also need serenity relic because it’s a squishy build but Nidalla is also okay. You also must fix your component. You can choose to play like DmT suggested, which will be better.

but you kept Reaper’s mark on skill bar? Isn’t the damage from lethal asult more important than that RR ?

I like your idea of both inquisitor seal and WoR, but ring of steel is really a huge amout of dps, so idk. I’ll give it a shot, auto attack is really powerfull in this build, so why not.

So far I’ve tried dmt’s constellation, I like it, but I need to level them a bit. I don’t have the armors in my stash, nor the necessary ugdenblooms to craft all that, but I will !

edit : you removed my other beloved amatok constallation, damn :frowning:

Reaper’s mark is easier to apply. Though I suggested that it should have 3 sec cooldown so it can be utilized by devotion skill binding. I never played Infiltrator but I played Deathmark set with Sabo and Dervish, Dervish has less skill in rotation and even with that ABB on rmb it’s not the smoothest melee play. And if you consider LA buff as atleast %30 damage increase, applying that RR once in a while atleast compensate that lost a bit. And without ABB, infiltrator (which that build has total -%125 RR plus viper) should be able to farm SR 65-66 but health is low so won’t be a piece of cake.

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Deathmark is an Auto Attack set with focused on Weapon Pool Skills, Beronath isn’t the great AA but extra RR you have compensated that loss. So you should focus on that and Ring of Steel without proper investment(I mean modifiers) and with Dual Wield(it only uses your main hand weapon) isn’t that good. But if you wanna focus on that you might need a gear change though infiltrator won’t be the best class combo.

Check my Deathmark Dervish. Infiltrator certainly have more active skill to use.

And check this DM Inf though it’s a bit outdated but you get some ideas. You should focus what you can do best. RoS is just side damage without modifiers. It’s fumble is useful againts certain enemies though.

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Thanks for the insight, much appreciated. I’ll see how game goes without RoS.