[] Elemental CT Iskandra Druid - Why Iskandra Needs A Rework [feedback]


YOUTUBE (8:30)


Welcome. I’d like to begin with a little disclaimer for beginners. If you’re looking for strong Callidor Tempest builds look here. This is more of a showcase to illustrate the shortcomings of Iskandra set, and I’m posting this more as a way of feedback than a guide to a solid build.

Nevertheless, this build is fully functional and can easily clear Crucible - probably faster than in the video as I only gave it one try - and facetank almost everything. If you’re looking a more “meditative” CT fartspam experience then by all means have a go.


Iskandra items before were multipurpose utility options for many different builds. Especially the amulet which offered high cooldown reduction for anyone who could afford to open this slot. Patch brought about an addition of flat resistance reduction to the set completion bonuses which helped encourage completing the set (mostly for aether PRM). It lasted for about a week. Update ruined everything by removing cooldown reduction BOTH from the amulet AND the helmet. Iskandra was laid to rest.

Iskandra was a master of conversion, turning martial weapons into the conduits for the arcane, reads the set description. Alright. I think I get the set’s intent. But what conversion? What martial weapons? The set offers 22% physical to elemental and a few ranks to IEE which can boost it 52% at max level. Wonderful. But what are we even talking about when the set is off-hand dependent and melee is off the table in the first place. True, the set offers quite nice flat damage both aether and elemental both on the items and through ranks in IEE and the set completion bonuses are great. But when completed it makes melee impossible and - after the 7.1 meganerf - there is no reason to ever use it uncompleted. Even if one is desperate enough to try some Malakor+off-hand Beronath’s Fury Mage Hunter weirdness, there’s hardly any attack speed.

What about casters? This is what: there are no 1h caster options in the game to effectively make use of weapon damage (CT is weak without Agrivix). And even if there were Iskandra gives no skill bonuses to anything outside peripheral passives/auras. Other single mastery sets are way ahead: Ultos supports Savagery and PS, Ulzuin gives ranks to Firestrike, Markovian/Warborn boost Cadence and Blitz, Deathmarked is crazy good with wps, Runebinder has rune support. Even Uroboruuk and Dreeg support their respective masteries’ mains. Iskandra is the odd one out. And the addition of flat rr on the set completion is the same design error. This build has to smack each monster in the head with Savagery to make it fully work. CT only carries half of it.

The same goes for the Iskandra relic. It’s great and all - all that flat - but enough said: arcanist has no output for weapon damage.


  1. Remove the offhand completely and make it a 4pc set like Ulzuin or Runebinder or change the book to a melee scepter/wand. What martial artist ever fought carrying a book under her left arm? This would open way for dw and 2h options that can finally utilize the set’s and IEE’s flat dmg bonuses.

  2. Remodel as a PRM set to effectively work with either Slathasar Crest or as an alternative to Invoker by focusing on cold/fire instead of lightning.

  3. Add pet bonuses. Seriously. IEE is the only reason to ever pick arcanist for a pet build so if Iskandra has to support IEE then… why not?

  4. Add a item-given skill to the book - a spammable single target cast with 100% wd that feels like melee or ranged. Maybe something in the tune of conjured blade or something.


Why not mage hunter tho? Iskandra + spelldrinker + invoker rings is just 80% conversion but it should still yield better damage because inquisitor. And you’re tankier that way.


Inquisitor = no Star Pact.

Besides 3 Wind Devils with Maelstrom is supposed to be complementary dmg here. I abandoned that Mage Hunter idea in gt because of health, res (didn’t wanna use greens) and oa/da.

I tried 4 piece set with Stormseer amulet or Aetherbolt Pendant and lightning aar Mage Hunter - it sucked. We already have PRM set and items, I would rather see this set supporting aether or/and elemental AAR.

Right now set is straight up hot garbaggio tier. Still, nice druid.

By the way, have you tried Stormseer amulet? I know it breaks the set but having Elemental Storm with lightning devotions is not the worst thing in the world.

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink:

That would be a different build and there would be no reason to even look at Iskandra. Any set would be better, Trozan, LD, anything. Iskandra is only “good” when completed (for the MoT like proc) and only for PRM spellbinder (still way inferior to Krieg+Anasteria) where you have Bone Harvest to carry the set’s rr. To be honest, there’s nowhere to put Iskandra in current meta.

As for Elemental Storm, all in all this build should also kinda take it… I don’t really know how this kind of flat rr works with Savagery but if it scales down in lower charges then to be honest this 22 rr rarely sees the light of day. Un-Agrivixed CT only carries half of it (11-12rr) so it’s worse than Sacred Strike.

+💯 Yes plz

This is the problem, this set badly needs some focus. Right now I don’t have a clue what to do with it. The last update ruined it, but even before the possibilities were limited. Melee with an off-hand just doesn’t work, and the designers seem to think it does.

My suggestion: change the off-hand into a weapon. A one hander, so you get options like dual wielding spellbreakers, and here’s the kicker: you could make a battlemage with a shield, that class desperately needs some build options. It could actually create a working discord build. It’ll probably never happen, but it’s a nice thought.

I have to point out that neither of those sets has only 4 pieces, but 5 :wink:

Wasn’t clear in what I meant, pardon. I meant sets functioning as 4pc even though they’re 5pc.

Changing the book to a weapon would indeed be the best thing that could happen to Iskandra. It would agree with the lore - the arcane martial warrior - and it would so help build diversity. But I don’t think it will ever happen.

I don’t really know what could make the idea of 1h melee with an offhand work. The set would have to get new ridiculously powerful stats (on condition that melee weapon is equipped) - 20/30 attack speed for starters.

Add a WPS as strong as execution to 5 pc iskandra bonus. And that might not even work.

How about removing the amulet from the set and integrating the effect to offhand?

I don’t think changing the item types of the set (remove off hand ir amulet add weapons ecc.) Is even doable, for sure it’s not a great thing to do after early access.
What would fit iskandras description and bonuses pretty well inho, is a default attack replacer on the offhand, or as a set bonus, or even just other items that give an attack replacer that can only be used with offhands.
You could pair it with multiple masteries (as a single mastery set is probably supposed to) and it would feel more “martial” than any %wd spell, while still being better than savagery or similar stuff by not using tons of skillpoints into them and giving you more wps options with class choice.

Maybe yes. But for what? Discord Cadence Battlemage? Iskandra gives no bonuses to Cadence and blocks everything that would. Same with everything else. To make the idea of melee with an offhand work the set would have to be more overloaded with procs than N&O.

Alternative suggestion: remove all the damage bonuses, replace with all damage %, so I can finally make a viable physical caster. Pretty please.

  1. Making the off-hand a weapon indeed, or:
  2. like Spellscourge shield is the only one that can cast Devastation, Iskandra’s Book could have some shield-like properties: when under xx% life or during Arcane Will; during x seconds after using MoE; small shield block chance but the possibility to use overguard etc.

Lol i was mostly joking but if it’s OP enough it could always work with inquisitor.

I like the concept of a 1h + offhand autoattacker. The concept of the set is great, though something is missing. A strong WPS as 5p bonus, like others suggested, could help. Possibly an autoattack replacer? Something like Runic Bolts but for melee. Maybe both? :stuck_out_tongue:

After days and days of intense meditation it finally came to me. Remember that thread where the guy wanted to dw 2h weapons? Voila! MAKE ISKANDRA HAVE A 2H MELEE WEAPON IN MAIN HAND!!! :smiley: