[] Elemental CT Iskandra Druid - Why Iskandra Needs A Rework [feedback]

why not make it two!!! We’ll have our first triple wielding character!

I thought replacing component/augment on Offhand by Ranged Weapons would be better …

In all GD history, have crate ever alter a set that much?

I really doubt that crate will do something that drastic. Best they will do is make the off hand, amulet, and head to have CDR again. Which is also what I prefer.

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Thanks to this thread, I decided to try and make a melee Iskandra yesterday. This is what I imagined and tried: a dual wield Spelldrinker Mage Hunter.
<<<< GRIMTOOL >>>>
Damage is quite good and survivability too. Enough to facetank Kra’vall (not possible for a lot of caster/low armor toons) and Aleksander but not enough to safely farm Lokarr while facetanking (doing dances to wait for defensive CD in the middle of the fight is possible for sure). And it surely lacks a mobility ability (FG, I’m waiting for you!).

Interesting idea. Better than 2x M. Malakar? Malakar may see a nerf, though.

I just tried double Malakor on Lokarr. I didn’t see a huge difference though “-30% RR vs +2 inqui, flat and %damage, 90% aether to elem conversion and -2 sec to MoE” shouldn’t be debatable. Malakor Mace and the N&O Set will be hurt by the nerf I think.

Malakors would seem to be better. You hardly have any aether to convert (less than 50 flat) since you’re not using devastation. Points from Fabric could go to IEE. And the rings - unless it’s for the runes no reason to use them when you got EB. A nice build but like I said: in my opinion there’s no reason to use Iskanda when you don’t complete it and even less when you do.

Malakors give way more elemental flat than Spelldrinkers including all converted flat aether. Much less %elemental but 34% rr and %DoT. Imo no brainer.

Yes, that was just a naive and innocent first try, to see if it could be a thing and thus to prove your point on Iskandra. Rings: I just automatically put them on every Elemental test build I do. Fabric: wanted to at least use that elem/aether conversion to justify the choice of not taking Malakor :stuck_out_tongue:
Aura of Censure and Malakor Mace have that “almost always mandatory” label on them unfortunately.

No worries. This whole thread and the build in op is a naive effort to make something out of Iskandra. As for your build with Spelldrinkers I’d try to take Devastation if possible. But without cdr and Time Dilation maybe it’s not a good idea.

I think it is interesting to see a little inventiveness in builds with gear. Often a new build will just be one or two item changes with 10+ similar items.

For 2x M Malakar you’d have to move out of lantern. And this would be my potential take on the idea (tweaked rings, boots, some components/augments + Blessed Steel(Sacred Stike) in lieu of Elemental Storm - for something different.):

  1. Grimtools: Variation using 2xMM and light’s gloves
  2. Grimtools: Variation using 2xMM and ignaffar gloves

*Edit: although, I do admit that using MM here is not very inventive at all…but MM is sooo strong with Aura of Cheese.

i went for spellbreaker with iskandras

I do not like that low DA, even with veil of shadows, you are gonna get hit and crit like crazy

And low resistances, 70% armor absorption.

im not playing it in crucibel and it can clear the whole campaign beside lokar mogdrogen and ravager easy
you have always 30 physikal resist and the only thing that kills you is physikal damage so you are realy fine

ok have fun with that :slight_smile:

mutated scales in shoulders, yay

Even if you optimized it a bit it still wouldn’t be it. Mageslayer or Rimetongue (which isn’t even for arcanist) would still do better for what that’s supposed to do.

It just proves my claim that without its lost signature perk which was cdr Iskandra has very little to offer when not completed. And when it’s completed it blocks too many slots to make any meaningful use of its strengths.

Btw if you wanna improve that build you need a relic with plus one to nightblade and you need wps. And you need different components and devotions and you need… oh jeez… 120% attack speed? You need a link to Mad_Lee’s Olexra PB spammer!

You mean this one? http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80620

Fun and fast build! Fragile as f**k (at least in the hands of moron like me lol)

you dont even get it how my build works and judge it bad funny
you do damag with scource strike elemental strike and wirlpool no need for atack speed just chain aramastas with scourge strike and elemental strike and you do 600 k dps told by griminternals

Yup, that’s probably the best thing you can do with a spellbreaker. But this thread was supposed to about whats the best thing to do with Iskandra. And this question remains unanswered still… :wink:

Don’t forget the Forgotten Gods.:rolleyes: