[] Tactician the wall of ice


This came about when i discovered runes and the seal of inquisitor. I have tried some different combinations before coming up with this one with help from the forum especially with the pierce->cold conversion part. Mind you this is my first build that cleared gladiator with so forgive my beginning mistakes. Grimtools and youtube is at the bottom. (there is also a second post with the newer version of this build)

Idea of this build

Mainly the combination of being tanky with shield and seal while doing damage at the same time single target and AoE.


We start with the mythical crecent moon combined with the runebinder set. The crecent moon has some nice RR and the runebinder set gives us plenty of room to build around. Another very important part is items that convert pierce to cold since the runes of hagarrad and chillspikes both have piercing damage. The rings we are using are nightscorn rings. For a medal you could use a mark of divinity, but i chose serenir’s commendation. The reason is that it gave me some skillpoints i can move around.Chilling grip is also crucial for again the pierce to cold conversion. For pants we use barbaros. For a shield we carry the mythical untouchable, because it has a lot of da some boost to da and oa when using overguard and cooldown reduction on top of some physical res. Take any shield you like, but i found this one best suited. The belt is mythical scales of beronath because of the + skills and it fits this build. The relic you could exchange for aegis, citadel or something tanky like that but ignaffars combustion i like best for the extra RR. Lastly you could look at the silver sentinel set as it has great support for this build. I just kept this setup for now. Also boots golembornboots for this tanky setup. Its just great for armor some health and phys res, just great.

Workings of the build and devotions

(see also second post)Through devotions we have hooked up twin fangs to inquisitors seal which gives some sustain(pierce from twin fangs is converted to cold). Lifesteal is not that high but i found in crucible i didn’t need more. Actually one of the ways this build does damage is through res reduction so aura of censure, rumor, elemental storm, ultos, ignaffars combustion and the moonglow all reduce resistances. Also as you might have seen the OA isn’t that high. This is because we shred a lot of OA with the mines so that is why. For some energy sustain during the campaign you have inspiration from the bard’s harp in the devotions.

What was this build made for?

For crucible, I cleared crucible with 4 buffs no banners no extra spawn. You could probably do the extra spawn i doubt it matters. So there is a video at the bottom its just under 12 minutes. You can do the clones of bourbon and lokarr with ease. Ravager and modrogen are a matter of capping the right resistances but i would pick something different if you want to kill those. I didn’t intend to make a godkiller. Just a easy crucible farmer.

Builds Pros and Cons


  • good AoE and single target damage for a shield build
  • easy to play, clears gladiator crucible without too much skill
  • immune to most things due to the seal in combination with the shield
  • no special greens required
  • possible to play tactical with placing the mines


  • boring at times, a bit static gameplay
  • usually no tactics required just facetank and chain-cast
  • some energy restrain is required if you play the normal game, nothing too major

Special thanks to:

malawiglenn for excellent gear suggestions and devotion setup




  • update

so after some suggestions from ya_ I made some changes. Feel free to take points out to overmax word of renewal for the run speed and other good stuff. I like blizzard from the devotions a lot and rumor attached to word of pain is much better.

crucible spec >ya_ 's setup


So this changed a little, you use seals to stand on and steal life(the same), use RoH as it comes of cooldown (its cheap) use word of pain to apply rumor preferably before your mines go off, use storm box to trigger the ultos devotion. Chillspikes are used to trigger elemental storm. Always keep word of renewal up and try to time overguard right but use this as often as possible as it increases oa and da. Some mages you can knockdown with blitz to stop them from healing someone.


After the changes this hasn’t exactly become a simple build and i’m sure there will be better versions of it or maybe infiltrators are just plain better but I hope his properties will come in handy some day.

DPS is shown as Chillspikes with seal, overguard and word of renewal up

Nice build! May be add soem pics about cruci 170. :slight_smile:

I add your buil to my thread too.

Nice write-up dude!

Perfect timing. Wanted to make a Tactician for some time now. I am stealing yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Drools over fat seal

Nice concept. Just a couple ideas if you don’t mind:

  • Have you tried Deathwhisper pants for more rune or simply Barbaros for more everything? I don’t think slow res is so crucial for a runebinder…

  • Your Censure sits at 12/12. Why not max it to 16/12?

  • Chaos res isn’t that important IMO. Mere cap is usually enough. I’d switch the medal component to something like an Arcane Spark for more energy leech from Chillspikes or a Tainted Heart.

  • Devo setup like this would give you some more DPS with no compromises on tankiness. Just that there’s two more buttons to press…

i will definitely try this out, yeah pressing buttons isnt a problem since i have builds to play with a controler and this build which does not work well with a controler (mines dont go where you need them)

I think I am giving this same advice about Tacticians for the 4th time on this forum:
There are Runeguard Greaves that fit any Tactician better than any pair of Legendary boots. Alkamos rings might be better overall too. Gotta hardcap that Aura of Censure as _ya said.

yes i have them somewhere will see if that pierce res can be compensated for on my golemborn boots

Remember that Grim Tools shows stats with average rolls on items so in game you might different values on the resistances.

Also, the item is Called “Mythical Crescent moon” not “Mythical moonglow”, moonglow is the name of the proc. Just a minor detail

i removed the note i know now its the rolls. I made a small update in the second post. I keep the first so you can see the evolution.

Well i made a youtube video so that will be added very soon. Also cleaned the thread up a little bit. There is only 2 variants of this build, ya_s and what is posted in the main post. The try before my actual recording went much better(forgot to hit record), but hey you see my bad days as well. Some combinations are totally fine to facetank but some other combinations like Alec’s meteor in combination with some heavy hitters can become a problem. Also the mad queen hits hard so that combination with others is also dangerous.

it clears in around 12 minutes but better players could do it faster

update hit this build pretty hard but its still ok. The nerfs weren’t that bad that it is unplayable.

I feel the same with my RoH Vindicator. Not sick OP anymore but still powerful and easy to play and make char