Double - Blitz Commando 2.0

Hi guys!

I wanted to make a commando to my thread, that is “PURE”, so i came up to update jajaja Double - Blitz commando, that i really liked, but i never tried, since he has left the community.

Furthermore changes:

Mythical Markovian’s Bulwark: replaced bonus to Field Command with +3 to Blitz. Added 25% Weapon damage modifier for Blitz.
Mythical Markovian’s Platemail: replaced bonus to Scars of Battle with +2 to Blitz

Grimtools 14 - 15 min.

Thx to veretragna i changed the bit the devo, skills weapon, augments. (More lifsteel, dmg, energy cost reduction. )

This is not faceroll, but do the job. tested cruci viable.

Lokkar kill.