Demonslayer Phantasmal Blade Reaper - ~220k sheet dps

With more experience under my belt, and given the popularity of this build, I’ve decided to add a little of the ol’ sir spank’s zing to ptir’s suggestions and made what I believe to be a very viable budget PB reaper.

Budget PB reaper:
Original Tank variant:
BiS’d Ptir Variant:

DPS variant is without a doubt the best of the lot, HOWEVER, it is much much much harder to pull off both in terms of obtaining the items needed, and the skill required to pilot it.

First off, my thanks to:
Heatwave, strukto, Zanman, Marzuk, Cryoo, Chthon, JoV, mad_lee, superfluff, seriouscomedy, Ptirodaktill, Mator

As always - your input/insight is invaluable.

As a person who loves the thrill of the crucible, a build must meet 1 of 2 criteria to be considered good by me:

  1. Clear 150 naked
  2. Clear 170

This is a build which can do both.

My own silly standards aside, this is a build capable of clearing vanilla content with ease. The biggest issue it faces is that of energy management, however, this will not in anyway cripple the build.

Getting the first node in revenant, and investing more points into phantasmal armor will easily remedy this limitation. See ‘devotions’ for more details.

While it is by no means a peerless top tier build, it is a very solid build capable of dishing out some serious hurt.

Original Tank variant with 220k dps unbuffed, 62% RR

GT link:
As requested by Okami - a video of a gladiator 150-170 run:

Logic of the build:
Aside from the obvious PB + Blade spirit (BS) spam, this build uses the flat damage from bone harvet to further juice things up. The 30% cold --> Vitality on the demonslayer hat just makes this skill too good to pass up on.

We’ll also use siphon souls for more AoE, and its lovely OA debuff.

Spectral binding/wrath is maxed - the flat hp, OA, damage, and RR makes this the best passive we have at our disposal.

Master of death was chosen over harbinger of souls to better improve our OA/DA.

Comes predominantly from Ishtak’s constellaton and Mark of Torment. When the 2 coincide, we are looking at ~75% damage absorption lasting 5s. When they don’t, we have 45%-50% absorption lasting 11s.

In addition, we’ll take aeon’s to minimize their downtime as much as possible. Should this fail, we’ll always have blade barrier as our pocket ‘OH FUCK’ solution.

N.B - Aeon’s is bound to siphon souls. I’ve found it to be very effective.

There is also an INSANE amount of ADCtH going on - you’ll be able to facetank MQ no problem.

I never bothered timing any kills as I was too excited to get this build out, but she gets DROPPED.

As Mator & fluff astutely pointed out, this spec only has -67% vit resist reduction - a woefully low amount. It is possible to give up scales, ishtak, and obelisk for veilwarden to get more RR. NOTE: I have yet to thoroughly test this change out.

In addition, they also both suggested rocking 12/12 decay which works WONDERS.

Purple crossroad (CR) --> Jackal + Viper
Sailor’s guide
Lion + Yellow CR
Scales of Ulcama
Bottom 3 nodes of obelisk OR (Bottom 2 nodes of menhirs + 1st node in Revenant)

What I believe Best in Slot (BiS) would be:
Pants: Mine come close to BiS. Wendigomane’s is a more accessible option
Shoulders: Well rolled Moo’s pauldrons
Offhand: Groble death effigy


  1. Max night’s chill in the NB line. Max ABB. Profit.
    Or 2) Speed level with a friend in crucy 170. Profit more.

More about the build:
Bear in mind that the sheet dps will show a figure of 25-30k dps. However, this reflects the damage done by ONE of the eight projectiles. Therefore, to benefit the most from PB, this toon ought to be played as a melee character to enable us to shotgun fools to oblivion. (I named my toon Ash Williams for this reason).

Demonslayer Ptir-Fluff-Spanks Reaper (DP Fucken’ S reaper), 600k DPS buffed, 91% RR <-- Hugely inspired by fluff, and Ptirodaktill

GT Link:
^EDIT 19/05/18: The link above is the one further refined by ptrodaktill and features a sub 9 min 150-170 clear time.
Youtube video (Done by ptir):

Perhaps I, as a player, lacked the necessary skills to do so, but I could never find the DPS needed to consistently beat 170 buffed/bannered using the original DPS route suggested by fluff, ptir, and mator.

That is until I made one simple change to Ptir’s suggestion - swapping out master of death for harbinger of souls.

As you can see - this variant dishes out 75000 * 8 = 600,000 DPS from PB ALONE. We also have a grand total of 91% RR, and +40% crit from DG. Given that each projectile has its own independent chance of critting… :slight_smile:

Basically, it fucks. shit. up.

The loss of DA, flat hp, and ishtak is however VERY tangible.

As such, the downside of this build is the lower consistency it has in clearing 170, and the need to be a far more active player (micro-kiting is a MUST).

It is also much more prone to the unfairness of RNG. E.g. mutators can/will wreck you, and if you get kuba spawning at the location of your vanguard site in 170, you are most likely dead as you will be hard pressed to burst him down before the other nems come to shit on your parade.


  1. Chaos crossroad.
  2. Fiend, Viper, Jackal, Sailor’s guide, Eel, Panther, Watchtower
  3. Aeon’s, Dying God
  4. Hawk, Candle, Lantern
  5. Spec out of hawk
  6. Veilwarden

Pants BiS: Bloodletters Grava’thul legguards of insight. I would personally also be happy with the following affixes: Tempest, of kings, etc.
Offhand: Demonic of annihilation is clearly BiS here.
Shoulders: Mantle of the black flame or Deathknight’s guard (Deathknight’s guard is used to convert the flat aether damage from spectral binding --> vitality damage)
Shoes: Formidable of kings. Would also be happy with stonehide of kings

NOTE: Lower clear rate is more than made up for it’s massive decrease in clear time. For farming purposes, I would argue that the DPS route is more efficient.

Attachment: Where Kunai Stick This.jpg

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Saved for more testing should more suggestions come.

Nice job! Thought I won’t see good cruci builds till patch cause everyone’s waiting for it. Good choice of Ishtak to complement Mark of Torment. Blade Barrier is just too clunky for TD chaining.

Why the second seal of blades? From what I know the lifesteal won’t be added when it’s in the offhand. Or is it just for the armor/pierce overcap?

Btw, close the door when you’re playing crucible naked :eek:

Gratz on the build, seems tanky and leechy enough to take down Crucible.

Am I missing something, or are you only running 67% vitality RR? Does your massive DPS make up for that?

Here’s some tweaks you can consider. I sacrificed Scales and Ishtak for Veilwarden. I also moved some points from Blood Boil & Anatomy of Murder to Ravenous Earth & Decay for 25% reduced target’s damage. The result has more OA, less DA (though you had almost too much taking into account the coming nerfs and your OA reduction), and some other tradeoffs. It might be a bit weaker defensively (traded Ishtak’s 45% damage absorption and some armor for 25% reduced target damage from Decay), but it should be much stronger offensively (more damage, 25% more resist reduction, and better OA).

It should be worth investigating.

Why the second seal of blades? From what I know the lifesteal won’t be added when it’s in the offhand. Or is it just for the armor/pierce overcap?

The armor/pierce overcap. I personally like the aura it provides too. Any suggestions though?

I forgot to mention that RR is terribad on this spec. I tried running veilwarden but it just felt too squishy. The constant need for kiting…

I never did try it with aeon’s though. Seems almost intuitive now that you brought it up. I’ll give it a whirl and I’ll post my findings. Thanks mator! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Is 3.3k DA really too much for the new patch?

I’d really try some %CS gloves. You depend on Bloodfury for more CS so I get why no moose shoulders.

Idk if you really need ishtak for crucible.

Have you tried dtying god? More CS more % crits way more lifesteal. Theoretically you should execute a nemesis in seconds at the start of a wave

Lifesteal from off-hand does not apply

Btw, close the door when you’re playing crucible naked :eek:

I like the thrill of getting caught

No. Haven’t ran DG yet. Will also test that baby out. seems incredible now that you mention it too.

Any recommendations for the gloves? I chose valguur’s touch predominantly for the set bonus.

P.S. Completely forgot to throw in your name in the ‘thanks’ section. I slapped this post out late last night. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is how i’d do it, and how I play most Vit builds devotion wise

All or nothing

This way, with DG and rattosh and 12% wp dmg you should rape the first nemesis near a spawn point next to your vanguard in seconds. CS is also ~195%.

PS: Don’t cry for the less absorb you have by replacing ancient armor with ugdenbog leather. You shouldn’t get hit by aleks meteor or stay long enough near reaper for him to charge his AA fully. Left valguur gloves as it should be fine like this.

PPS: :slight_smile: If you decide to test the above, bare in mind 0.6 blessings and monster changes. If the damage feels good but you die sometimes don’t drop the setup just yet

I’d also consider Decay for % reduced target dmg. No need for all that anatomy

Lifesteal on shield applies only to shield damage, but with Off-Hand it works as usual.

You saying that 5% from caster off hand adds to main hand?

If it does then it’s cool to keep SOB but it sounds weird

Off hand also means weapon. And each weapon would have it’s own 5% lifesteal as long as it hits

Yea, I mean only caster off-hand, which is not a weapon due to it doesn’t deal any damage. Main and off-hand weapon’s lifesteal still applies separately to it’s own hand, true.

@OP you didn’t max PB to 26/16, flat vitality is useless cause there is only 17% WD, as well as life steal from Seals of blades. Try to use Nidalla’s Outbreak+Mythical Deathlord’s Band.

Took a quick study break to test out Mator’s/fluff’s suggestions. Findings are preliminary, and inconclusive.

DG/Rattosh/Aeon’s reaper:

  • 280k sheet dps.
  • ~180% casting speed (had to use Moo’s pauldrons to fix resists)
  • But IM’s Blitz + Fabius’ SS ended me instantly in wave 120
  • Energy consumption also became a bigger problem with the loss of scales.

Thus, I’m not sure if this toon will be able to clear 150 naked. Haven’t tried 150-170 yet, but we’ll see how it goes.

PPS: If you decide to test the above, bare in mind 0.6 blessings and monster changes. If the damage feels good but you die sometimes don’t drop the setup just yet

P.S: ^Totally agree with you here fluff. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for the input guys! Keep it coming.

Does naked mean no buffs? If so then my devos might not work. I like damage. I know how the mindset for no buffs needs to go to make it work but I don’t find it very entertaining personally, also takes a lot longer to make a run like that and I have like 1 hr game play these days. And stuff like sacrificing dmg to get mana regen is no fun on a spammer.

Anyway this setup shouldn’t be ended with buffs. Kill your first nemesis at the start of the fight and funnel them to the left balcony, or wherever you can on the map you are playing.

When you hear fabius VoS look on the map and see if a nemesis icon has dissapeared. this means he has SS on. Move intermittently, he moves at normal speed unlike player SS. He misses easily.

Same for maiden. Her blitz can easily miss fire if you move intermittently or walk away right before she hits you

Yes. Naked means no buffs/banners/consumables.

I just find it too wordy. (And I like naked :P).

Anyone here knows if reap spirit is worth a point?

I use i to proc TD on necro chars

personally i like it for that and that alone.

As anything other than a TD activator? No

For an ultimate skill that has such a cool name, it’s quite sad to see reap spirit can only be TD activator… :frowning:
Even in that field, it is still outclassed by horn of gandarr and transmuted CT due to no AoE.

BTW, congrats for the build spanks!
I like all vitality build in general and vitality phantasmal blade is the one that I haven’t build yet. This will be nice as my reference.

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