Demonslayer Phantasmal Blade Reaper - ~220k sheet dps

Safarel has a good diviner build that utilize Rape spirit as one of main dmg sources. Not a pet build :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good with the right setup as a main skill, though as a one-pointer it isn’t worth it aside from being a TD activator.

Also, don’t know if this kinda joke is allowed in this forum so spoiler tags:

Rape Spirit screws dem mobs so hard their entire spirit comes out.

Thanks man! I hope you enjoy the build as much as I do. Was very surprised to see the DPS out of PB.

Can I just say how hilariously ironic I find my build to be? Using a reaper for the demonslayer set when the description for it is as follows:

‘Attire of Oliver Barnstead, pious follower of Menhir and exorcist of demons.’

Can someone smarter than myself advice me if the constellation Revenant is worth experimenting with?

The problem with revenant is that the proc is terrible for most builds and the affinity you get isn’t much. However, the nodes are so good. I say try it as long as it doesn’t force you to take bad devotions.

What’s so terrible about the proc? The way I have my devotions done, I could theoretically give up wendigo for revenant.

Would that be a worthwhile trade?

N.B - Short of using bladespirits, I have 0 experience with player scaled pets.

Solid build! Seen it in action and it’s a beast. Glad my input could help :wink:

Zanman AKA ampd

I’ve never seen the skellies do enough damage, though I’ve never used the proc since the expansion. If you don’t really need the wendigo heal, though you could use revenant.

Was reading through the comments for more insight as to how to min/max this bad boy out. Missed your comment completely the first time I read through it.

@OP you didn’t max PB to 26/16, flat vitality is useless cause there is only 17% WD, as well as life steal from Seals of blades.

You’re right! Must have made a mistake in the min/max process. It’s been changed. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

I’m not sure how you’re getting 17% weapon damage.

It has 85% weapon damage from the first node in PB alone. Goes up to 97% with groble death effigy.

Can you also explain why nidalla’s would be better than impurity? And why deathlord’s band?

I chose my relic for more vitality damage, and the rings for more RR.

EDIT: I stand corrected. I overlooked PB’s -50% WD transmutor. That being said, 35% to 47% seems pretty high to me. Especially when there’s 8 projectiles, we are looking at 280% to 336% weapon damage when shotgunning a single target. Is it really worth forgoing bone harvest?

Frenetic throw reduces the wd by 50%.

Total dmg reduction also apply to wd, so it reduce weapon dmg at 26/16 to 18%

Ok. So would the 12% WD modifier from a groble death effigy take effect before or after this reduction?

I.e. is it 18% + 12%?

Or will the 12% likewise be reduced?

Also, 18% for each projectile…so 18 * 8 = 144% WD.

Is it really worth giving up bone harvest?

Should be 97 - 50 = 47 / 2 = 24.

Ok. But still though. 24% seems mighty tasty to me.

24% * 8 = 192% WD. :confused:

I’m afraid I don’t know enough to make the best decision here.

Unless I’m overlooking a skill which could benefit more from the skill points I’ve invested into bone harvest (and I very well could), I don’t see the need for a change.

What do you guys think?

Circle of slaughter for this juicy fumble if a foe gets in range? Even if you put only three points to unlock it I think it’s worth it.

Was actually toying with that idea…hmm.

The downside is that it becomes another skill to juggle.

As it is, I have PB, ravenous earth, bone harvest, blade spirit, Siphon souls, pneumatic burst, blade barrier, and mark of torment.

I also need to manage the timing of Aeon’s and Ishtak.

Unlike my breaker, I’m playing this without macros, so it becomes quite a fair bit more difficult when you throw in one more skill into the mix.

EDIT: Do you think it would be more efficacious to pump ravenous earth?

It’s not one more skill if you let down bone harvest.

Actually I was wrong about flat damage, and nobody pointed this out. Totally forgot PB is a shogun skill. Yes, you have 17.5*8=140% WD.
Nidalla’s Outbreak+Mythical Deathlord’s Band give you +3 to Heart seeker.

So CoS or Bone harvest?

EDIT: I think I need RR instead of Heartseeker. But will definitely give N.O a try. BUT IT BECOMES ANOTHER THING TO PRESS T_T.