[] Shoot to maim - Gutripper Warder / Gladiator Crucible 150-170

So many possibilities with the Blood Knight set, i was incredibly happy with the result of this build it performs great and looks sick, definitely shaping up to be one of my favorite sets in the game.

Setup (without crafted boots): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYK0ylV

Current Setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXzrJkV

(Stats with perma buffs)
-Well rounded build
-Sick aesthetic
-Very easy to play
-Respectable amount of RR
-Manages bleed ticks up to 350k-400k making quick work of nemesis

-Lack of a mobility skill so positioning is important
-Can still die if you get cornered
-No circuit breakers

Play-style/Crucible Strats:
Keep Soul of Nazaran up, coat mobs with Devouring Swam and drop Grasping vines. Keep savagery up for Tenacity of the Boar proc and extra bleed, and blast the rest with Cadence. Avoid getting cornered and watch out for shotgun casters (mad queen, zantarin etc.) and kite mobs until all are bled out.

Crucible 160-170 clear(old setup): https://youtu.be/6iKypU5BwEU
Hit record a little late on this one and messed up a bit at the start, ill see to uploading a 150-170 clear sometime soon.

Crucible 150-170 clear(updated setup): https://youtu.be/kYgX5C4vbBw
Was half asleep when i was recording this so there were a few close calls and brain farts, could easily shave a minute off the clear time with better piloting.

Ravager of Flesh (ultimate) kill: https://youtu.be/-QHB-YdpsrU
Uploaded the last bit since i didn’t think anyone would be interested in watching 17-20 minutes kite session, switched out crafted boots for Golemborn Greaves for extra armor and used Royal Jelly/Ugden consumables, I’m pretty sure you can get the kill without consumables but its a bit safer. I know the kill is a bit cheesy but its my first ultimate ravager kill so I’m a little happy about it lmao. :rolleyes:

Congrats, nice build.
Also fashion is really nice (besides boots, damn, we still don’t have just a fullblack boots for illusion).

Looks awesome, I’ve been working on a similar savagery+cadence build with Bloodrager set . Nice to see you can clear gladiator.

It seems crazy to me not to max out Cadence - at 420+ % weapon damage, all the flat bleed you stack makes for gigantic bleed ticks. Is it really optimal to make it a 1 pointer?

Thanks! I went with cadence as a once pointer since my main source of damage from it is the bleed from fighting form, im not really sitting there dpsing with it and i don’t get too much scaling from phys damage itself in this build. Unless that is weapon damage scales off flat bleed on the weapon or something which i didn’t know.

Thanks man, yeah tell me about it no boots are black enough :S

The flat bleed damage scales with %weapon damage yes.

Good job on the build, cleared 170 without much issue

Thanks, damn cant believe i didn’t know that, I’ve updated the build accordingly, damage is much more optimized now.

Uploaded crucible 150-170 clear with updated setup. :smiley:

Uploaded Ravager of Flesh kill: https://youtu.be/-QHB-YdpsrU :cool:

hello, cool build.

Have you tried using a rylok crest? maybe +3 to FF brings more flat that the mark of comsuption?

edit: also, menhir will dont work on a rifle or im missing something.

Awesome build with bloodknight set :stuck_out_tongue:
i had another Gutripper running in HC mode with Savagery and Bloodrager… manage 100k bleeding ticks on dummy for this one :smiley:

Grim tool link< https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwP1pkN >
Managed to clear crucible till 150 with only Emp blessing and Stone banner, have not venture beyond 150 yet until i clear uti campaign.

~ i just wish Gutripper got more extra skillpoints or more varieties of bleeding weapon

Havent tried farming a nice rylok crest but id say it would definitely be a strong choice for the build, also yeah i missed that menhirs will doesn’t work with rifle, need to change that. thanks!

Where do you advice to put the attribute point ?

Enough cunning and spirit to use weapon and rings/ammy and the rest in physique.

Thanks man, interesting setup, i think you can deal with pretty much all campaign content with it since its safe as hell. I think Gutripper as a weapon is fine, cant disagree on variety im all for more weapons and gear of all kinds tbh. :smiley:

A build I want to try, Do you know a good place to farm the blood knight set?
and also can someone explain what is the devotion route please.