[] Everlasting Chaos - DW Chaos Cadence Tactician, Gladiator farmer (~12 minutes)

Hello wonderful people!
You all know that Chaos melee builds seem deprived nowadays: it’s too hard to stack enough RR, enemy resistances to Chaos are badly balanced, Abomination proc is broken AF and finally - we have no dedicated sets to deal damage with Chaos.
But, after ~15 attempts I found out how to make Chaos melee work.
Surprisingly, you don’t need Occultist or Demolitionist to support the damage: Cadence and Inquisitor Seal can carry even poor Chaos.

Meet the Everlasting Chaos.
>> Grimtools << no green items used
Gladiator viable: can complete in 12 minutes. But its success rate is not 100%, I died 2 times from 10 in a row.

Core of the build

  • [li]It’s a Tactician using 2* Mythical Fang of Chthon and Cadence to deal damage.[/li]This build is made around conversions: Cadence mod from gloves converts physical damage to chaos, and 2* Fang of Chthon convert pierce damage to chaos.
    Inquisitor mastery provides good amount of flat pierce damage, so the base damage is good.
    [li]Fang of Chthon’s naturally low attack speed is mitigated by Hungering Void, Beronath amulet, components granting attack speed (amulet, medal, gloves, Seal of the Void), Chausses of Barbaros proc and Belgothian’s Sigil.[/li]Usually Attack Speed is ~180% and it raises to 200%+30% overcap during procs.
  • Incoming damage is mitigated using high armor, high DA and Inquisitor Seal, Ghoulish Hunger serves as a circuit breaker.
  • This build is highly random due to Abomination’s proc nature. Nemeses fights are slow when it’s down.

Key explanations

  • I tried different class combinations including pyromancer, vindicator, witchblade, but only this one is sturdy enough to farm Crucible. Other’s survivability is low.
  • I also tried the version with Manticore included, but taking Manticore closes the path to take other defensive devotions, build’s survivability was too low. Currently I don’t see the way to include 1st type RR and keep the survivability at the same time. Green items are not acceptable for me but you can use Plaguebearer’s Bloodlord’s Blade.


  • Agressive melee combat.
  • The biggest menace of this build is combo of 2 Reapers. Reaper has 96% chaos resist and if the Abominable Might is down you simply can’t outheal fast enough. Kiting is needed.
  • As always, Aleks meteors are dangerous. Anasteria is not dangerous here as we have 60% aether resistance overcap.

(Holy crap!) Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, no banners)

This is not an error: after endless runs I saw the 600k crits, 800k crits and finally this one.

Stats pane (Deadly Momentum, Deadly Aim, Hungering Void, Abominable Might, Inquisitor Seal up)



Nice one! I think the abdominal proc fits the chaos damage theme due to its “chaotic” behavior :wink:

You’re right! Never thought about this :slight_smile:

Hey they won’t buff chaos if you do more of these, you know :stuck_out_tongue:


Chaos melee pyromancer still sucks (even with beastly 260k DPS under Cruci buffs), so #SaveChaos

At last that Pierce to Chaos conversion on a weapon is not useless. Make me think of a Chaos Shadow Strike Infiltrator, hmmmmm.

BTW, 1 point in Word of Agony increases radius of Word of Pain by quite a bit sinceyou have + 4 to Inquisitor skills on your character. Small quality of life improvement.

I remember I used Word of Agony, but dropped it somehow. Anyway, thanks for pointing this! I’ll return it asap

Nice build!

I have similar build, but with witchblade.

i have never imaged taht this van be better then that. Mine is only C, but still decent with greens.

I will give a try, since don’t need any green…

Tactician is a very good support to this concept because Inquisitor Seal, Death Sentence and shitton of pierce damage which is getting converted to chaos. Unexpected synergy with unexpected mastery :slight_smile:

There is any chance to replace the ravager helm? I will add to mine thread too, but that is a serious isue.

I’d probably use the warborn helm, it gives a nice bit of attack speed but you’ll need to do some work on lost resistances.

Basically any helm is good. Myth. Warborn is great due to extra flat physical damage and attack speed, and Myth. Clairvoyant’s Hat provides +1 to all skills. Choose what you like more

Thx, i added to my thread with 2 of your recent builds too. :cool:

Have you tried the bat devotion with this build? Seems to make sense given the pierce to chaos conversion, perhaps more than using fiend yet again.

Yep, I think your suggestion is reasonable, thanks! I don’t see Fiend doing any work, and Bat at least has some ADCtH and healing proc.
Will check it today